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Endless Story demo, Traci Hines SayNow 949-287-4952

Mannequin, Katy Perry cover-Traci Hines SayNow 949-287-4952

A Change in Me, Traci Hines as Belle

Traci as Belle and doing what she does best!

Cinderella on

Traci as Cinderella the first princess that she'll be dressed up as and that you or your little one can chat with but shhh don't call her Traci ;) that time!!

Something new that Traci has been blessed to do so please check her out!!

Traci's Britney impression...Oops Karaoke cover

The sillier side of Traci :D, I still think she sounds great!! Oh also she wasn't trying to make fun of Britney she just sang this song for fun and her friend record her!!

My Inspiration-Jack of All Trades, sung and played by Evelyn Wandell

This is Traci's beautiful Grandmother back in the day she’s Traci's biggest inspiration, she was such an amazing talent may God rest her soul!!

Once Upon a Dream!

She's sorry for the sound she says she's not a mixture only a singer lol she's adorable she didn't realize till after that the music was louder then her!!

Thinking of You Katy Perry cover!!

Someone to Watch Over Me!!