A/N: first TF:P fanfiction!!! YAY!!! This is mainly about my OC Electra. Hope ya like it!!!

Summery: Electra is a Decepticon femme with a sarcastic attitude and is quite a prankster. But when Megatron tells her to preten she's an Autobot and earn the Autobot's trust, she questions herself about her role in this world. Will she go on the good side and join the Autobots? Or will she go back to the Decepticons? Read to find out!!

Chapter 1: Prologue

Location: Jasper, Nevada

It was a rainy day in the little town of Jasper. A 16 year old girl was walking through the town. Her rain coat hood covered her midnight black hair that had a single neon blue streak in it. She wore her normal outfit, a black tee-shirt with blue trim, and a pair of blue jeans. Over her outfit she was wearing a rain coat with blue lines on it. Her neon blue eyes looked up to see a man across the street. This man appeared to be somewhere in his mid twenties, he had a tall and skinny frame, and his hair was a dark gray color. And... Blood red eyes. The girl knew who he was instantly. "oh no... Not him..." she whispered to herself. She started running. He started running after her. She ran through the town we the man always after her. And was gaining on her. "stop running Electra!!" the man called after her. "NEVER!!" she yelled back. Pretty soon they reached a fleid. She stopped for a second to catch her breath. He caught up with her. "long time no see Electra." he said in his raspy voice. "likewise Starscream." she said to him with hate in her voice. "what do you want with me?" Electra asked him. "I don't Megatron does. Come with me, join us again." he said to her. "or else." he said. "or else what?!" she said. He pulled out a handgun and pointed it at her. Her eyes widened. "or else I finish you." he said. "you wouldn't dare..." she said. "I think I would." he said still pointing the weapon at her. "it's a shame really, having to kill you not even in your true form." he said. He came closer to her and she fell to her knees. "so... What do you say?" he asked her. "I will never go back to you Starscream. Never again." she said harshly. "very well then. Say goodbye." he said about to pull the trigger.

To Be Continued...

A/N: ooooooh!!! I bet your wondering what's gonna happen next? And also who the heck is Electra and why is a human Starscream bout ready to kill her? You'll just have to wait. Trust me, the story will make more sence as you read into it. You'll see. ENJOYZ!!