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List by BlondLionEzel posted 9 days ago
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TAV01 Bumblebee
TAV02 Grimlock
TAV03 Strong arm
TAV04 Steel Jaw
TAV05 Fikushitto (Fix-It)
TAV06 underscore bytes (Underbite)
TAV07 Road block (Roadblock?)
TAV08 Strong Arm (Strongarm)
TAV09 Suwapu (Swoop?)
TAV10 Senart (Snarl?)
TAV11 Knockout (Knock Out?)
TAV12 Dread Wing (Dreadwing?)
TAVVS01 Bumblebee VS Steeljaw
TAVVS02 Grimlock VS Strong arm (2pack)

HA01 Bumblebee
HA02 Grimlock
HA03 Sideswipe
HA04 Prowl
HA05 Junkion

Now...why is there a Prowl and Junkion? I don't know.
Fan fiction by BlondLionEzel posted 15 days ago
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Chapter 1

*5 Years After the Incident*

Nick: *Fixing up an old 1923 Ford T Bucket*

Brianna: *Walks in and kisses Nick* Good morning Nick.

Nick: *Blushes and kisses back* Good morning, Brianna.

Brianna: *Looks at the car* Nick, what'cha working on?

Nick: It's a 1923 Ford T Bucket. Some elderly couple is paying me $5000 to finish it.

Brianna: $5000?!? Wow! Maybe we can go on that vacation we've always wanted to go on?

Nick: Maybe.

Brianna: *Giggles and goes back into the house*

*Inside of the House*

Brianna: *Starts to brush her hair, letting her brown hair flow*

*Outside, a car drives up to Nick's House*

Nick: Fontana! You're late!

Fontana: *Comes out of his car, has blue hair, surfer glasses, and facial hair* Duuuude!

Nick: Fontana...you're late again!

Guide by BlondLionEzel posted 15 days ago
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*Somewhere near Davis, California*

Mother Kitsune: *Has black ears and tail, green eyes, and five tails, is running through the rain, carrying her young child*

Young Brianna: *Crying, running with her mother* Mommy, where are you taking me?!!

Mother Kitsune: Brianna, we're almost there!

Dropkick Drones: *A group of Chevrolet Silverados with different colored paint jobs, chase after the Mother Kitsune and Young Brianna*

Mother Kitsune: *Changes to fox form and shoots fireballs at the Dropkick Drones*

Dropkick Drones: *Dodge and transform*

Mother Kitsune: *Looks at Young Brianna* RUN!

Young Brianna: *Runs and hides*

Mother Kitsune: *Growls at the Dropkick Drones*

Dropkick Drones: *Surround the Mother Kitsune*

Mother Kitsune: *Growls more*

Silas: *Comes out of a military truck*