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Opinion by BlondLionEzel posted 1 day ago
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Okay here are some speculation/theories on Transformers 4.

On Lockdown: I think that Lockdown is working for some third party, maybe Unicron. I think that Lockdown will re-program or do something to Galvatron that will make him a Decepticon.

On Cyclonus: I don't think that Cyclonus will be in it anymore.

On Stinger: I think that Stinger is not a clone of Bumblebee or just a drone. Stinger might have the same personality of Wasp in Transformers Animated.

On The Dinobots Robot Modes: I don't think the Dinobots will transform in this film.

On Pretenders: I think that Kelsey Grammer's character is a Decepticon pretender is making Transformers to be Decepticons.
Review by SentinelPrime89 posted 2 months ago
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In just 30 seconds, I could tell right away that Transformers 4 will most likely not be a perfect movie but it has the potential to be better than the first two sequels (though I approved Dark Of The Moon for trying).
No Shia Labeouf (thank God because he annoys the hell out of me in most of his films)... Mark Wahlberg's character seems more mature, less Witwickety.
Looks like there'll be a big lack of military involvement this time around which is fine with me since they took so much time away from the Autobots, especially in Dark Of The Moon.
The Decepticons appear to be an actual threat again and look like they won't be too easy to get rid of, not like the Cons in Dark Of The Moon.
Lastly... Fucking Dinobots! YAY!

Super Bowl trailer rating: 9/10
Hope the movie promises as much as the trailer did.
Guide by 3xZ posted 4 months ago
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- There is a robot who speaks Mandarin all the time. He's Cybertronian in origin.

- Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) is very protective of Tessa Yeager (Nicola Peltz) because of the loss of his wife.

- Shane (Jack Reynor) is an Irish race car driver and is Tessa’s boyfriend despite the "No Dating" rule by Cade.

- Shane saves both Cade and Tessa's lives very early in the movie and gains the trust of the Yeagers.

- Cade Yeager and Optimus Prime become best friends. They both live with their own code of ethics.

- Cade must make a choice between his life and his daughter's where Optimus must make a choice between doing the right thing what must be done and the safety of his own life.

- Li Bingbing's character is an owner of a very special "Factory" in China.

- Third act of the movie takes place entirely in Hong Kong.

- A conference is attacked and the officials call for help from a special group of individuals.