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Fan fiction by BlondLionEzel posted 13 days ago
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Episode 2

*Bodega Bay, California*

Jolt: *Driving down the road, whose vehicle mode is a 2009 Chevrolet Volt, along with Mayu*

Mayu: *Sleeping in the backseat*

Jolt: *Notices a group of black helicopters being followed by a news helicopter* Mayu, do you like flying?

Mayu: *Wakes up, yawning* Yeah...kind of...why do you ask?

Jolt: Then let's get to the skies! *Scans a Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin news helicopter, and then converts into it*

Mayu: Hey! Tell me when you're about to change vehicle modes!

Jolt: Sorry. *Flies alongside the other helicopters*

Black Helicopters: *Start to fire at a silver Chevrolet Cobalt*

Jolt: *Watching* Oh my gosh!

Mayu: What's wrong?

Jolt: They're firing at Camshaft*

Camshaft: *Transforms and starts to run*

Mayu: *Watching, horrified* Jolt, we have to do something!
Fan fiction by BlondLionEzel posted 13 days ago
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Episode 1: Bumblebee

Narrator: It's been one year after the Battle of Tokyo, and now the humans, in alliance with Professor Kakuzawa and Kurama have been hunting Autobots and all remaining Diclonius...

*Rio Dell, California*

Bumblebee: *In vehicle mode, which is a custom 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS, along with Nana, a young Diclonius*

Nana: *Sitting in the back seat* Bumblebee, I think you need a new vehicle mode.

Bumblebee: Why do you say that? *Drives over a bump and smoke starts to come from his engine*

Nana: That's why...

*Suddenly, a Police 2010 Concept Camaro drives by*

Bumblebee: Hmmm...that should work *Scans the Police 2010 Concept Camaro, and then changes to be the same vehicle as the Police Camaro*

Nana: Wow! That was so cool! *Smiles*

Bumblebee: *Starts to listen to Police Communications* Hmmm...

Police Radio: Attention! We have spotted an Autobot by the name of Brawn has been spotted in the Six Rivers National Forest! We need all forces at the Six Rivers National Forest!
Guide by BlondLionEzel posted 22 days ago
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Rodimus Prime with Nick (Repaints of PCC Huffer and Caliburst)

Manta Ray with Kendra (Repaints of PCC Undertow and Waterlog)

Bluestreak with Mike (Repaints of PCC Leadfoot and Pinpoint)

Tailwhip with Willow (Repaints of PCC Searchlight and Backwind)

Hosehead with Carson (Repaints of PCC Smolder and Chopster)

Eagle Eye (Repaint of PCC Skyburst)

Landfill (Repaint of PCC Sledge)

Smokescreen (Repaint of PCC Double Clutch)

Hydraulic (Repaint of PCC Heavytread)


Galvatron with Rogue (Repaint of PCC Skyhammer)

Snow Cat (Repaint of PCC Icepick)

Dropshot (Repaint of PCC Bombshock)

Breakdown (Repaint of PCC Mudslinger)

Jet Vehicons (Repaints of Energon Skyblast)

Car Vehicons (Repaints of Cybertron Clocker)

Helicopter Vehicons (Repaints of Energon Stormcloud)