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Article by KidsWishNetwork posted over a year ago
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RICHMOND, Va. - Since she was born, Zh’Nae has been completely dependent on a ventilator because her muscles were just too weak to help her breathe on her own. When she was just 7-months-old, she was diagnosed with having Centronuclear Myopathy, a disorder that completely robs all of the body’s muscles of any strength. Because of this, Zh’Nae cannot move, is completely dependent on her caretakers and must rely on a wheelchair for mobility. Zh’Nae has endured eight surgeries for her condition and will soon undergo another to straighten her feet.

It was a nurse who was familiar with Zh’Nae’s story who referred the little girl to children’s charity Kids Wish Network to possibly have a wish granted. Once her paperwork was received, it wasn’t long before Zh’Nae’s wish approved; she wished to meet her favorite singer, Trey Songz.

“It was real nice,” said Zh’Nae’s mother Jeanette of her daughter’s wish.

A limo arrived at their Richmond home to take Zh’Nae, Jeanette and Zh’Nae’s grandmother to the Landmark Theater to meet Trey Songz in person.
Opinion by iluvtreysongz posted over a year ago
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trey is the man
and im his biggest fan
he is so smooth with his songz and
everything he say is right and not wrong
you thank he cant sing id like 2 hear you sing better i love trey songz dont be afraid 2 send me a letter i luv ur music and also u ,ur my life and i hope u luv me 2
everything u do and every thing u say is beutifful not in 1 but yes everyway so just be who u are and no one else cause everyone just makes a fool of their self theres a whole lot of ladies u can choose from pic the right choice and i know u will cause ur awseome keep this poem and cherish for the rest of ur life oh and dont forget u best show it 2 ur wife lol oh and dont forget UR THE MAN baby wooooo


Article by VONiE posted over a year ago
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All of us, the fans,
Remember when
You just had
to make it
and all you wanted
Was to be Successful
We all want you to be
and you Need A Girl?
Well we all would kill
To be you Wonder Woman
Wanting you to sing
'Yo Side of the Bed' to us
I mean who doesn't?
Do you look in the mirror?!
and I know you know how you sound
And we all wanna
Be Where You Are while you perform
But until then
We'll be blasting your CD
Never skipping Songz,
Always repeating them
So I bet all the
Neighbors Know Your Name
And if we don't know by heart
that Say Now number, (804) 335-0051,
than its in our phone book
Waiting for Thursday night ((6 PM))
Hoping and waiting
for you to answer our call
To hear that voice of yours
say "What's up (enter fans name here)?"
So we could brag
to all uStream viewers lol : )
But whatever, there will never be