Some say that extrodinary things happen to those with a true heart...Me? I didn't belive in a such a thing.. That is, Intill I met Kevin Flynn

Those past few weeks were troubled times for me, as I roamed the grid empty handed, not a soul on my side.
The Perge had left a gash in my memory I just knew I couldn't recover from. Everyone... Everything I knew.. All gone.
Waves of chills coverd my body as I looked at the soaked ground and my feet that slid acrossed it.
My friends, My Family.. all exicuted. I was the only one left. I couldn't help it at times, but all I though of at time was of Clu.
He was waiting for me.
Waiting for me to fall into his sinister hands so he could crush me like all the Iso's on the grid.
I wouldn't have that.
In the name of all Isos that have fallen I told myself, Never give up hope.
I walked along the outlands, barefoot with barley a hood to cover my frost bitten ears or sleeves to cover my chilly arms. How could I ever find sheleter in such a wasteland?
If I keep wandering to the edge of the grid like this, I would freeze to death
My stupid suit needed to be repared after a fight I got into with some black guards back at my old home. There identedy disk blinked a deathly red in a circling motion when in combat, unlike mine that beamed a sharp neon blue that danced along the edges of the blade. My curious mind always wonderd what the diffrent colors ment, but I came to learn that red ment evil, Gold the badest of the bad, and us Blues, the saviors.
Thats when I learned my place on the grid. The split moment a dangerious disk slit acrossed the sleve of my suit, tearing it apart.
Everything around me froze and a click of info bursted into my mind. A knowing of my destony that waved a red flag infront of my very eyes.
To be the last Iso. To save the grid from Clu.

Now I had found myself sitting on a rock, my feet sank into warter to cool my sore toes that throbbed from stepping over mountious caverns.
I looked to the sky that sparkled the normal black and blue, and sighed. The stary nights reminded me of my beloved friends that used to sit around and tell stories. The restling of branches as they lit to life on a firery blade, the chattering of the creator and other myths passed around the grid over the years, and the sweet hum of my closest friend, Marth.
Oh Marth.... How I loved him so. He kept me going for so long back in the days. The way his red hair floofed around his head and his silvery eyes that used to pear into me like an open window.
My fist clench and my eyes tightend in rememberence of his death. I was so close to derezzing that guard, but when my weapon cut into the pixels of him, Marth had already been shatterd into nothingless in pools of cells at my feet. I sank down, my hair covering my emerald eyes, and scooped the green pixles in my palms, rubing then softly inbetween my fingures. I had failed him.. and to this day I regret leaving his side in the first place.
These dark memeories arnt going to help you move on Flana I told myself constiantly, but it was no use to re asure myself when I knew I was being tracked.
I looked to the city again in the scaping distance, oh so near yet kilometers away. Maybe I could find someone there to help me..
Someone had to understand me.
I had a gut feeling that someone was near too, and I froze in awe at the city that rose light in the darkest wholes of this world.
Why are Iso's so diffrent? Why can't we be just like every other program out there?
I knew the answer to my own question, Because the creator didnt desighn us. We created ourselves,
"Why" I asked myself again, this time speaking out and not overloading my brain, "Why the Isos?"
"Because" I heard a low voice from behnd me growl, "Your imperfect."
I spun around, yanking the disk off the holder that clung to my back like an over grown tick, and hissed, "Clu!"