He glared at me with his hypnotic blue eyes, his brown hair swpet back over his head and golden beam of light that gave his suit its character. I jumped down from the rock and stepped away slowly, eyeing him with my disk held to my own neck.

"Miss me?" He chuckled and fallowed me as I walked backwards. The black guards that accompained him stood there ground with there tall sword like weapons implanted in the ground, there eyes watching me closley through the thickness of there mask.

"Definetly not." I replyed with a sting in my voice. He laughed and kept walking toward me, taking his disk off his back and clenching the ring with his fingures. "What do you want?" I asked, unsure of howelse to ask him to back off.

"Must I tell you the answer to that, Iso? Your exicution will mean the grid has reached its full perfectness."

"Should have known" I barked, "Thats all your old self talks about."

"Like a youngun like you would knos better."

"I know better alright. You dont have a strand of intelligence in you."

"You think you could run the grid better?" He growled.

"I know so." Clu stopped in his trackes, and threw his head back in laughter,

"Such a fiestly youth! Your energy could help our army very much.. Too bad you must be deleted."

"Im tired of games." I ran and flipped over him, landing on my cold hands, and made a run for it at my full speed acrossed the outland rocks.

"Get her." I heard Clu order to his guards, then I heard the WOOOSH Of many lightcycles bursting to life.

Lightcycles, Dang I need one

I sprinted for life, cursing loudly at the enemy that too easly was about to exterminate the Isos for good.

"NO FAIR" I yelled back over my shoulder to Clu who led the team on me with his lit up ride.

"Life isn't fair, Sweety!" He cackled and zoomed up to me. I kept sprinting, but nothing could match the powers of the grid cycles, so they cought up to me. I huffed and skid to a stop, panting and holding my hand out.

"Okay! Okay! You got me!" I yelled. All the cycles circled around me like some messed up show as they awaited the word of there ring master to tear me apart.

"Wait." Clu's voice rang in my ear, "I want to take her out myself."

The fool I laughed, Ill derezze him in an istant!

The other cycles faded out as Clu flipped off his own and approunched me. He clinged to his disk as I clung to mine, and smiled a friendly grin as he came up to me. I wanted to move, I wanted to Run as far is I could go, but my feet were like bricks that barley moved an inch no matter how hard I pushed on them. I huffed, still failing to catch my breath, and glared through my hair that coverd my face at him. Instead of slicing me down with his disk, he curled the hair out of my face, So I could see him better I guessed. "Im going to ask you one more time," He whisperd to where only I could here him, "Join Me."

"Never in a million cycles Clu" I growled, "The Isos diserve better then your team."

"Then" He said, raising his disk, "They shall all be dead!" He flung it down, and in the split secound before it cut into my neck, My hand flew up and over my shoulder, and down to meet his blade with a loud CLANG . He skid back afew feet, neon yellow sparks flying up from his coverd feet. "Id give you a house" he said, charging at me with his disk posed to strike. I jumped out of the way. "Id give you a family!" I throbed and ducks as he realy dehead me. "Id give you food and water!" The ripples in my outfit blew with the wind along with my razor tipped hair "Id repair your suit!"

"I dont care what you would do" I ran at hm and kicked him to the ground, "I wount betray my own kind".

Clu jumped up and roared, flinging his disk at a high speed at my face. I flipped mine, seneind his hurtling back to its sender . He cought his as it returned, then ran up to me. I slid acrossed the icey rock and he jumped over me, slicing his disk down. I blocked it once again. He growled and ran back over to me, a hint of deadly rage in his eyes, and threw his blade for my head. I ducked and it fanished out of sight, coming back like a boomerang after I had kicked him down again. He slices his disk to me and I fought back, turning this disk war into something out of a crazed Sci Fi movie. Sparks of Blue and Gold flew arund as our disk united with bolts of energy unknowable, leaving us both gasping for air to restore our lost breaths.
He growled, then sweep kicked me,tripping me onto my face. I nearly at the ground as I smacked onto a rock hard, my disk coming out of my hands. I struggled to stand up, my arms like jelly as I tried to push off the rock. All I could manage was to flip myself over onto my back. My body ached from smacking the cold ground so many times with no protection, and my eyes started to blur from a blind light that coverd my vision. I faintly saw Clu as he held both mine and his disk in his hands, holding them together about to strike me out. My whole life raced across my memory, and a cringed as the disk cam to contact my body.

But Then, Something weird happend.

I green light hissed by, wacking the disk clean off of Clu's hand and landing into my posestion. My eyes fallowed the anaomiss flying disk as it left a ribon of bright in the sky, then was cought into a held up hand.

Behind Clu stood a program with dark skin to match his brown eyes and black hair to cover his head. His suit blinked the Iso green and I nearly cried out in joy. I noticed behind him were all the pixles of the black guards came out, spread out in piles of Black and Red. Clu stared at the mysterious figure, a look of alittle fear in his face.

"Let her free." My mysterios savior said with an accent I couldnt quite identify. He was holding the green disk in between his fingures with a look of pure seriousness in his eye.

"And who are you?" Clu asked, turning around to where I could move without hitting him.

"Name's Ryder."

Are you an iso!? I nearly cried out, but I stayed silent.
"Hmph. Well Ryder, As being your leader, I command you go away before I derezze you."

"Is that a challenge?" Ryder scoffed. I stayed staring at him in awe. Clu growled then went to attack, then relised I had his disk in my hands now. I was just relising it too, then I jumped up holding both disk to his neck from behind, Ryder posed to strike to his front. We had Clu surrounded good, but yet he got away. He dived down, grabing my ankle and throwing me into Ryder with a clash. Once again I dropped the disk, and Clu scopped his up, then made a run for it, activating his cycle and heading back into the city.

I growled and flipped off of Ryder, brushing the mud off of me and clicking my disk back to rightful spot. Ryder jumped to his feet and watches as Clu drove away, clenching his fist.

I could tell he was furious, as was I that my arch enemy escaped me. But I couldnt help but wonder.. Was this guy an Iso too? Had he thought we was the last one left?

I wasnt going to wait around to ask him either. I wanted to know now.