Chapter (10):
Abbie reached her bedroom door, and wrenched it open she stepped inside slammed the door shut and all of a sudden she let out a scream, on her bed sitting cross legged, a girl with with bloodstained blond hair, pale skin, wide blue eyes and she was wearing a bloodstained blue dress, there were shadows under her eyes and her lips were slightly purple, The ghost of Lily Gellar was sitting on Abbie's bed, "L-L-Lily" she stuttered, "She's a lier" replied Lily in a creepy half whisper, and she disappeared leaving Abbie swimming in confusion, Abbie walked to her bed and sat on her bed, "Who's a lier?" whispered Abbie to herself, She lay back staring at her cieling, she closed her eyes and immediately fell into deep sleep. She was walking in a strange hallway, she stopped when she heard noises from a door on her right, she reached a hand for it but she noticed that it wasn't her own hand it was someone else's, she touched the door knob and just before she could open it, she heard a familiar voice, "Abbie" it said, "Ab, wake up", her eyes sprang open, and there she saw a face a boy's face, he had Light brown hair, and light Hazel eyes, "Noah" said Abbie sitting up, "Yeah...who else" he said sarcastically, "there's something I have to tell you-" she began, "Mom told me" he cut her off, "Congratulations" he continued, "Shut up" said Abbie resting her head on his shoulder and grinning, "wait mom told you right did she tell you about the murder?" she asked, "That I saw on the news, oh you and Leo were featured by the way" answered Noah, "What?" said Abbie getting to her feet, "Yeah, mom also said you've seen Lily twice" he said, "Make three times" said Abbie, "I saw her last night in my room she told me that someone was a lier and she disappeared" , " That's a clue Ab," said Noah, " Have you had any dreams?" he asked, "Two" replied Abbie taking out a pair of jeans from her closet, "Care to tell them to your dear brother" he said now getting to his feet too and heading towards a chest of drawers, "One was about how Lily got attacked, and two Lily was walking in a hallway she heard noises coming from a door, she tried to open it and then you woke me up" she said, "Well, that's strange, what T-shirt do you want?" he said opening the first drawer, "I don't want a T-shirt I want a camisole" she said closing her closet door and heading towards the chest of drawers, she pushed Noah aside closed the first drawer opened the last one, and took out a Purple spaghetti strap Camisole with a picture of a teddy bear holding an, 'I wuv you Beary much' sign, "Wow,very mature" said Noah glaring at the teddy bear, "Shut up and leave I gotta change" she said pushing Noah to the door, "Okay, Okay sis I'm leaving" he said smiling, she smiled back and closed the door behind her locked it and, changed into her jeans and Camisole, she headed to her dressing table sat down on her stool and glared at her own reflection for a moment, she grabbed a hairbrush brushed her hair and tied into a ponytail, leaving her fringe to cover her forehead, she put on her silver watch and a pair of hoop earrings and headed out of room, "Morining everyone" she said as soon as she reached the living room where Noah was sitting on the couch a piece of buttered toast in his hand, "Morning, darling" said Abbie's father, kissing her on the cheek, "Where's mom?" she asked, "in the the kitchen" replied Noah, Abbie darted to the kitchen there she found her mom standing near the sink and washing the dishes, "Morning mom" said Abbie smiling, her mom turned and smiled weakly at her, "I'm sorry" said Abbie, "About what?" replied her mother, "Last night" said Abbie her eyes focused on the ground, "appolgy accepted" said her mother, they both smiled at each other, "grab something to eat, Noah is gonna drop you of to school" said her mom, "I'm meeting Leo" said Abbie, "Tell Noah to pick him up on the way" said her mother, "Okay, I will" she said, she grabbed and apple and headed toward the living room, "Come on Ab, you'll be late" said Noah who was standing near the door, "All right, let's pick up Leo on the way" she said, "sure" said her brother, she put on her coat and grabbed her messenger bag, and they both left after saying goodbye to there father, "you should call Leo" said Noah hold the car door open for her, "Okay" replied Abbie as Noah closed the door, Abbie grabbed her cellphone out of her bag and dialled Leo's number, after two rings he answered, "Hey" he said, "Hi Leo" replied Abbie, "What's up?" he asked, "Not much, hey are you still at home?" she replied, "Yeah" said Leo, "okay stay there me and my also Psych bro Noah are gonna pick you up" she said, Noah gave her a glare, "it's okay bro, he knows" she said, "Awesome, Noah is a psych too" he said, "yeah, but I'll be seeing your ghost if you tell anyone" she added sarcastically, "ha ha" said Leo, "I'll see you" said Abbie, "me too" said Leo, and they both hung up and at the same time, Abbie hadn't realized that they started driving yet, she sat quitely the whole journey to Leo's house.