Wilting rose petal lying in the water
Water tries to devour it
Rose petal too weak to fight back.
Alone in the darkness in deep slumber
I walk in the halls unaware of the flight of stairs below me
I walk in deep slumber to get away
They stalk me
They grab me
They want me.
Why am I so important?
Ever since I returned from Fogg's Asylum
I haven't had a good night's sleep at all
Just people
Odd looking people
Wanting me
Begging for me
Killing for me.
I don't want to see
I don't want to look
I don't want to harm
But they make me.
Blood on my hands and I do not remember.
I scream,"It's from my sleep! My deepest slumber! To dare to let a dead stranger's blood on my hands is the last thing I would ever do! I am a pure, beautiful woman that respects all form of life. To let human blood, human life to die from my purpose or reason shall never happen!"
They never believed me.
I never sin.
I never curse upon the name of anyone.
I do not inflict pain upon humanity.
The people do.
The people living in my head.
Only in my sleep
In my sweetest escape, my mind and slumber
They make my thoughts impure.
They try to make me hurt others.
Blood should be on their hands.
Mine should be clean as whistle.
They want me to get in trouble.
I would rather burn at the stake or to be ordered to The Gallows than to harm life.
Why me?
Why me?
I'm innocent.
Murder never runs in my family blood-line.
Or predicting death or suicide about others.
It just happens.
Those tiny evil people in my head are ruining my life and others'.
Sleep was my only escape
Now it's my worst enemy.
The flight of stairs.
I start to notice them.
The people in my head try to push me further and further.
I lose my balance.
I can't awaken.
The people are now gone
I maybe in terrible pain and difficult for me to get up.
But I dust myself off
The people are gone
And I can sleep again.