It wasn't the beaming rays of the sun that work nor was Izzy and Gary wanting breakfast, but a nightmare instead.

Sitting up I felt sweat tripping from my forehead my breathing raspy and my throat dry, I blinked moving hair from my eyes I swolled some spit hoping my throat would clear, and it did.

I sighed as a flash of the dream accured.

A dark figure loomed over me looking closer I saw that it was a male wearing all black he wore a hoodie and held a silver dagger in his hand. He began to bring it down and I screamed of fear.

I brought my knees to my chest and lay my head on my knees. I finally managed to breath regularly and so I whipped the sweat away with the back of my hand. I looked out the window and saw that the sun was up, high too. Then my eyes moved to Izzy's bed and my mind cloud with worry. Unforming myself from my ball postion I losed my legs over my bed and called Izzy's name, no answer.

I quickly made my way for the door-causing a few cuts to strech and ach. I looked up down the hall way "Izzy?" I called again deciding it was safe-without thinking really-I moved out of our room and walked-left-towards the kitchen. Observing the scence I saw noone I moved on to the living room "Izzy, where are you?" I said looking behind the couch. Yeah behind the couch I found there twice ofcourse either trying to escape Danil's grasp or just hidding because she'd slept walked into here by accident and was to frighted-of waking Danil- to walk back.

Panic surged through me and I half ran half jogged to the bathroom. No Izzy. I ran upstairs and checked every, closet, room, and bathroom-calling her name as I'd done so while shouting 'Where are you?' Still there was no Izzy. Deciding it would be best to check my room one last before heading to the boys for help. I found her sitting on her bed. A wave of calmness flooded over me but also anger.

Leaning against the wall as I closed the door I stared at her sudden my anger grey, "Why didn't you answer when I called your name? And where were you exactly?!"

"Calm down I was in the shower." she smiled pointing to her damp hair and her worn out rope but I still questioned her despite the facts.

"What? I didn't hear any water running and I checked all the bathrooms."

"No you didn't. You didn't check the one right next to the guys probably."

Thinking I knew she was right my head had been clouded with panic and I had forgot about that bathroom. "Well just don't scare me like that again. Okay?" I sighed and went lay down on my bed starring at the ceiling.

She laughed and said "Ok I'll be sure to write down and stamp it on your forehead next time. Maybe then you won't go around acting like a maniact." I chuckled at her joke.

"Are your wounds ok?" she asked while dragging her fingers through her blond hair. It was long and beautiful matching her face all to well. Without a doubt it would be straight after a good combing.

"Uh yeah their great just scretched them out a little while running."

"Oh well do you need-"

"No Izzy trust me I'm fine promise."

She studied me to make sure I wasn't lieing like in the past she nodded and got up going to her dresser she pulled out the old comb and began raking her hair with it. The comb was missing a some teeth but because she'd found it on the beach-we'd gone to as a feild trip with the Instuite- it held a lot of sentamental value for her. It was a cream color with sparkling fake jewels on it that glemered when held to the light-another reason why she carred so much for it.

I'd closed my eyes resting-sense I felt as if I didn't get much sleep- some mintues had pasted and she'd goten most of the water out, she walked over to my bed side and I opened my eyes she smiled and asked with that sweet voice "Will you do my hair?" she didn't need to use those eyes on me- she some how made them larger-which made her appearence seem so inoccent-as if she already wasn't-but she knew what joy they brought me and she like the look on my face when she does it.

I sat up in reply she took the sign and climbed onto my bed sitting Indian style while smiling like a ninnie. "French braid? Two bangs and a several braids or the usual?" "French braid." she answered. I smile that was her favorite. I took her hair and placed it all behind her neck. Yup her hair was straight as a railroad but soft like silk.

We hadn't a said a thing to each other when I finally was half way done when she came out and confessed "I heard the scuffle with Aaron, Danil and you." I stopped wondering how much did she hear or had she watched the whole thing. "Really now?" I asked starting back on her hair "Did [i] hear [i/] or watch the whole thing?" I questioned her further.

"Well I was in bed the whole time, I awoke to a crash" she ment my fall "and I saw that you weren't in your bed I was going to go looking for you then I heard Danil and Aaron arguing so I stayed put, I heard the whole thing. And when you came in I just played sleep." she explained.

"Smart, Izzy just smart. But you didn't nesicarly hear the whole thing."


"You see it was moments earilier that I woke up to Danil and Aaron arguing on how he beat us-"

"So that's why you were you out of bed. I thought you had to pee and got caught in the cross fire." she said.

"No well yea I did get caught in the cross fire when Danil threated to slash Aaron's throat." she shivered at the bloody thought, and I contiuned "You know I couldn't let him get away with that to yelled stop and that's when I ran and Danil chased after me but because of me being so weak of the wounds before and the lack of sleep I fell. That's what's woke you, and you know the rest."

She turned and looked at me and started "What do you think really happened to Aaron's mom?" I opened my mouth to respond and but just them Gary stepped in followed by Aaron. Gary grinned excitedly and asked "You girls ready to get the hell out of this hellhole." Izzy and I exchange questioning glances and asked in unison. "What do you mean?"