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-The Camping Trip-


Will looked at Zach and said,"Zach, put Rogue's old Nick Magazine down and help us pack the stuff into the R.V!" Zach replied,"Will, it's a Teeny Weenie comic! They're the greatest ever!" Rogue walked towards him and said,"They're good, but the Impy and Wormer comics are ten times better. Now gimme my comic book, Zach!"

Zach gave it to her and said,"You know, you could've been a whole lot nicer." She rolled her eyes and said,"Yeah to the kid that reads my comics more than I get a chance to read them! Thief!"

Magenta walked towards them, carrying four purple and black bags and said,"If only it were night right now. It's too hot!"

She looked at Warren and said,"Lucky!" Warren rolled his eyes, as Layla asked,"Who's driving?" Will nearly flailed his arms around, when he told Layla,"Warren's probably driving, since he has his driver's license before any of us!!! Didn't you hear us talking about this last night?" Magenta replied,"Or didn't you read the script that Ethan slipped under your noodles yesterday for this very scene?"

The directors all whisper out loud,"Shh!! Stick to the script!" Magenta found a potato (what the heck? Random tater!) and threw it at them.

Iah and Ethan were cooling off in the R.V, as everyone started to walk in. It was a nice cherry red R.V, and inside of it had a nice flat screen t.v, air conditioning, tether felt brown furniture, plenty of food and drinks, a pretty big room with beds and other furniture in the back to sleep or relax in, and of a course a navigational system.

Layla said,"I'm really impressed Will! How did your parents get this?" Will smiled, thinking, Man, Layla may be beautiful, but what a nosy person! as he said,"Mom and Dad won it at a real estate contest. It's very nice, I'll give ya that!"

Will walked up to Warren and said,"Wren, my dad and I were talking last night and he is putting all of his trust in you to take care of this on the road."

He gave Warren the keys, and Warren went to the driver's seat to start the R.V. Will sat in the passenger seat and said,"If ya need any help, just ask me!" Warren rolled his eyes and replied,"I know how to drive, Stronghold. I'm not stupid."

Will gave him a pitiful look, making the readers go "awww!!", as Warren rolled his eyes and growled,"Fine! You can sit up here." Will replied,"And have control of the radio." Warren chuckled and replied,"Hell no! We're not listening to any Aquabat tunes!"

Will gruffed and replied,"Fine, have it your way." Warren started driving, as Will turned on the GPS system and told it where they were going.

Magenta asked,"Isn't there a haunted cemetery near Maxville Forest?" Ethan replied,"An old 1800's cemetery does exist there, but it's highly doubtful that it's actually haunted."

Zach replied,"No way! I know for sure that it's haunted! My older brother who's in college, had this friend, right? Well, his friend heard from a friend, who heard from a friend, who heard from a friend, who heard from a friend's cousin's sister's brother, who heard from a girl in first grade that she saw the ghost of The Yellow Cow there."

They stared at him in silence, as the audience rolled their eyes. Iah asked,"The Yellow Cow? What the? Huh?" Zach told the story;

"Okay, so like back then and stuff, there was this farmer dude who had these really rare and ancient yellow cows who had these golden utters that gave out milk that looked like dollar bills and stuff, and when he got rich, he ignored his cows. So then, one time, this one yellow cow ate him and guess what happens next?"

Everyone shrugged, as Zach said in a stupid monotone way,"It died!" Layla replied,"That poor cow! Wait a minute, golden utters? Zach! That's completely false!"

Rogue replied,"Yeah and all of those people got that information from a first grader! That could be a story she made up for homework or something."

Warren replied,"Yeah, I think Zach's just begging to be thrown out of the R.V!" Zach ducked his entire body and whimpered,"No sir, I'll be a good boy!"

After a few minutes from Zach cowering from under the cabinets, Layla chirped an idea,"Hey, I brought my guitar! Anyone want to a sing an R.V song?" Rogue asked,"Wow! Those guitar lessons were quick!" Layla replied,"Actually, I only know two chords. That's it."

She slowly put her fingers on a chord and played off key, as she started singing,"Sittin' 'round the campfire, listenin' to our campfire song! C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E campfire song! It will help, if you just sing along!"

"Shut up!" Warren yelled, as Layla stopped. The directors whispered to her, as she said,"How in the heck did you get in here. They whispered in her ear, as she repeated,"I'm making a what out of myself?"

They whispered a little more,"The most embarrassing thing you've ever seen?" They whispered a little, as she repeated,"I'm making a bigger what now?" "Oh for crying out loud, we'll get sued if you rip off Spongebob! So no campfire song! And no repeating lines from the Spongebob movie! We already owe Nick for Doug as it is!"

They left, as Layla put the guitar away. Warren plugged in his Mp3 to the stereo and played "Love Gun" by KISS. Apparently, everyone, including the readers enjoyed it!

Chapter 11876: Campsite

The trip was long and hard. Zach took out his Ipod, plugged it into the stereo, played the Macarena, and started to dance to it. Magenta kept hitting him with pillows to get him to stop, the GPS started acting up and Ethan had to fix it. Warren started powering up and nearly melted the wheel off, Will freaked out, and nearly started flying. Layla tried playing her stupid guitar again, and Iah kept telling her to stop. Yet Rogue was in the back room, napping and sleeping like a baby.

Warren found an R.V parking place, so everyone (especially himself!) can sleep and rest up for tomorrow. Will fell asleep in the passenger's seat, as everyone else went into the back room. The boys slept on one side and the girls slept on the other, just because it felt more comfortable that way.

Warren chuckled at Will sleeping, murmuring and slightly drooling. Warren unbuckled himself and Will and carried Will into the back room. Though Will had super strength, the one time he never had it was when he was sleeping, and surprisingly for Warren, Will was as light as a feather.