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Opinion by Marth911 posted over a year ago
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the fusinon
hi I am trunks I am three and I am going with my dad to meet goku and his son as daddy pitted me up and flew in to the air I could see everthing it was a seen I was going to have to get use to as we land I saw a little black boy wearing orngen and blue "oh hi vegeta and trunks its good to see you would you like somthing to eat I konw I am starven" said goku the little waked rigth up to and said "hi I am goten want to be frinds" and he heled out his hand and I gerbed his hand witha simle "so who is hungery" goku said "we are can we get icecarm"? me and goten said at the same time "I do'nt see why not well ok lets go" from that pont on me and goten were not just good frinds we were all so good figthing team mates we grew up to getter and we also use the fusen dance and so that was the frist time I meet goten
Guide by poddo posted over a year ago
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The ones that are "(???????????)" are other
In other words:
They are not avelible,
(Please Note: that I did'nt write this Article, this is for the ones that do not know about him, I copied and pasted this from somewhere els),
And if it says "Here is a image" or "Here is a image of Trunks", Please see it on the bottom.

First appearance Manga:
Dragon Ball chapter 331
Dragon Ball Z episode 118
Last appearance Manga:
Dragon Ball chapter 519
Dragon Ball GT episode 64
Created by Akira Toriyama
Voiced by See voice actors
Aliases Future Trunks
Chibi Trunks
Present Trunks
Time Patrol Trunks
Gender Male
Date of birth 766 A.D.
Known relatives Vegeta (father)
Name:Trunks,Future Trunks,Chibi Trunks,Trunks Brief,Prince Trunks