TV Female Characters → your favorite TV brunette?

Pick one:
→ brooke davis
→ blair waldorf
→ katherine pierce
→ elena gilbert
→ erin silver
→ zoe hart
→ summer roberts
→ rachel berry
→ adrianna tate-duncan
→ allison argent
→ emily fields
→ aria montgomery
→ spencer hastings
→ emma becker
→ sutton mercer
→ bonnie bennett
→ kate austen
→ kate beckett
→ santana lopez
→ ziva david
→ lyla garrity
→ annie wilson
Haley James Scott
Added by alemenmann
Victoria Flynn
Added by retrolove83
Lexie Grey
Added by MpourmpiLM
Lorelai Gilmore
Added by rorymariano
Lois Lane
Added by XNaley_JamesX
Gretchen Morgan
Added by T-cup
Helen Magnus
Added by tonyziva1234
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