TV Female Characters Favourite brunette character?

Pick one:
Jadzia Dax [Star Trek Deep Space Nine]
Max [Dark Angel]
Lisa Cuddy [House]
Gabrielle Solis [Desperate Housewives]
Ellie Bartowski [Chuck]
B'Elanna Torres [Star Trek Voyager]
Betty Suarez [Ugly Betty]
Blair Waldorf [Gossip Girl]
Cameron [The Sarah Connor Chronicles]
Cordelia Chase [Buffy, Angel]
Monica Geller [Friends]
Prue Halliwell [Charmed]
Echo/Caroline [Dollhouse]
Brooke Davis [One Tree Hill]
Piper Halliwell [Charmed]
Emily Prentiss [Criminal Minds]
Faith Lehane [Buffy, Angel]
Winifred Burkle [Angel]
Inara Serra [Firefly]
Phoebe Halliwell [Charmed]
Wilhemina Slater [Ugly Betty]
Katherine Janeway [Star Trek Voyager]
Rachel Green [Friends]
Paige Halliwell [Charmed]
Lilah Morgan [Angel]
Tru Davies [Tru Calling]
Sarah Connor [The Sarah Connor Chronicles]
River Tam [Firefly]
Susan Delfino [Desperate Housewives]
Lorelai Gilmore [Gilmore Girls]
Sydney Bristow [Alias]
Savannah Monroe [Hellcats]
Summer Roberts [The Oc]
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Katherine Pierce [ The Vampire Diaries ]
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Helen Magnus (Sanctuary)
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Lexie Grey [Grey's Anatomy]
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Molly Hooper (Sherlock)
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