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Ripper Street Opening

HIMYM Theme Song (performed by cast)

Psych Theme Song

Happy Days

Laverne & Shirley

I Dream Of Jeannie

Bewitched Season 3 Opening

I Love Lucy

Firefly Opening Theme

Bones Opening Theme

Dollhouse Opening Theme

Sturm der Liebe Opening 5 (Sandra & Lukas)

CSI Opening Theme Season 7

Hannah Montana Forever Season 4 Opening

Kirby right back at ya opening

Lucky Star Opening

8 Simple Rules Opening Theme

The Suite Life On Deck Season 2 Opening Theme

The Suite Life On Deck Season 1 Opening Credits

Sonny With A Chance Season 1 Opening Credits

One Tree Hill Season 4 Opening Credits

Friends Season 10 Opening Credits

Friends Season 9

iCarly Season 2

Hannah Montana Season 3

Good Luck Charlie Theme Song

Life Unexpected - Opening

The TV Theme Medley

Sons of Anarchy Opening Theme Song-This Life

The Sopranos Theme Song-Woke Up This Morning (Full Version)

Josh Groban sings over 30 TV Theme Songs

MADtv Season 11 Slightly Altered Openings

MADtv Opening

MADtv Opening

MADtv Opening

MADtv Opening

MADtv Opening

Smallville Season 7

MADtv Opening

MADtv Opening

MADtv Opening

Beverly Hills 90210 Theme (Season 1)

MADtv Opening

MADtv Opening

Radio Free Rosco Theme

Cupid - Intro

Early Edition Intro

Animorphs Theme

Grosse Pointe theme

Breaker High theme

The L word theme

Big Love theme

Dawson's Creek Theme

Big Bang Theory theme

The OC Christmukkuh Credits

Family Ties Theme

Power Rangers Theme

Happy Days Theme

The Golden Girls Theme

Green Acres Theme

Mary Tyler Moore Theme

Grey's Anatomy

One Tree Hill (Season 3)

One Tree Hill (Season 2)

One Tree Hill (Season 1)

Futurama Theme Song

Alias Theme (Season 4)

Care Bears Intro

Everybody Loves Raymond Theme

Gummi Bears

Desperate Housewives


South park opening Season 10

Half and Half


The Game

Dead Like Me Theme Song

The New Adventures of Old Christine

Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends Opening (1981)

The Amazing Spider-man TV series intro (1977)

Mystery! Intro

The West Wing Intro

The Scooby and Scrappy Doo Puppy Hour intro

The Munsters Intro

Ugly Betty

Popular -Theme Song

Batman: The Animated Series Intro

Entourage Theme Song

Flash Gordon - Intro

Rainbow Brite Opening

Greatest American Hero Intro

Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels Intro

Beverly Hills 90210 (Season 5)

What I Like About You (Season 1)

Spiderman Unlimited intro

Married with Children theme

The Nanny theme song

Grey's Anatomy theme

The Emperor's New School Theme

My Secret Identity Theme