Hi! As a treat, I have a Jacob and an Edward POV for you. Enjoy!

Chapter 17
Jacob's POV

I couldn't believe what that bloodsucker did. He lost her. In the past, I couldn't stand him but, this was unforgivable. But, I still loved Bella. "Give it a rest, Jacob.", Leah thought. "You didn't imprint on her so, she's not your mate". "Shut up Leah. Sam didn't imprint on you so, YOU give it a rest". She howled. "I'll get you for that"., she thought. I ran back to the Cullen house and phased back. There was an entire outfit layed out for me on the doorstep. I changed and went inside. "Ew, who let the dog in?", Rosalie asked. "Bite me, Blondie. Actually, don't. I don't want to get turned into a blood sucker like you". "Your blood would probably taste like Kibbles 'N Bits anyway mongrol". "Can't you two be nice to each other for one minute"?, Alice asked. "No"., We both said at the same time. "Actually Alice, I came to see you"., I said. "Me"? "Yeah. I wanted to ask you if there were any new leads in Bella's disappearance"? She heasitated. "Well, yes but you cannot, under any circumstances, tell Edward". "That bad huh"? "Yes". "Ok. I'm listening". She took a deep breath. "I saw Bella kissing James. And it looked like she was willing. And when they stopped kissing, her eyes were red". I started shaking violently. "See, I didn't want to tell you because this is what I knew you would do. Jasper!", she called. Jasper came running downstairs. I suddenly felt calm. Edward, on the other had was fuming. "Why didn't you tell me"?, he yelled at Alice. "Because, I knew you would handle it this way.", she calmly replied. "Well this means that we need to find her faster!" "We're trying Edward. But, your moodiness isn't helping". I just got an idea. "Did anyone think that maybe James isn't hiding Bella in Washington"? Edward looked at me. "That's a great theory Jacob"., He said. "I'll get the pack on it". "See? You two are finally working together"., Alice said. "And to think, all it took was the woman they both loved to go missing"., Jasper said.

1 day later
Edward's POV

"So, have you found anything yet"?, Jacob asked. I sighed. "Not that I know of". Then, Sam burst in. "We found something". I ran down to La Push. I was allowed down there now. I smelled it as soon as I got there. James had been here. I followed his scent over the mountains. I would find Bella with this scent, I was sure. I ran back to the family. "I found his scent. I'm going to follow it". "Jasper, Emmet, Alice, and I will come with you"., Carlisle said. We left with Jacob immediately. "I'm coming Bella. Don't worry"., I thought.

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