[Edward POV]
I know I'm impatient,no I'm getting angry with the plane where my Isabella is riding.'No,no,no, she is not mine.She is my sister now'.Finally,the plane has landed.Alice is jumping up and down now.She is annoying but I love her.She is my favorite sister.I got worried because there is still no sign of a girl name Isabella.'Edward,please calm down'Jasper thought.'Hahaha,Edward is in love with our new sister'Emmett thought.'Isabella shopping shopping dress up'Alice thought.Then when I'm about to ask Alice where is Isabella.A beautiful girl came out the door.She looks so fragile.She is looking around and the she tensed up,when she saw us but quickly composed yourself.I'm confused so I tried to read her mind,but I can't hear anything.Like her mind is in fm and I can only read am.
Again she turned in our direction.Now,she is reading the sign Alice is holding.Now I can see the shock in her face,she stop breathing and moving.I'm very confused why did she do that.Then I read Jasper's thought' what's wrong with her.why is she in so much pain and sorrow.She's also afraid and angry'.Alice started to walk towards her,we all followed her to.She's still not moving,her beat is irregular.What's going on.Then she turn around and started to run when we are just 5 feet away from her.'What is she thinking'.She tripped over by her own feet,If it wasn't Isabella I would have laugh hard but I remembered that she will get hurt.I run towards her with inhuman speed and lock my arms around her waist.Her eyes were close and her body tensed ,her heart beat is running.'What's wrong with her'.Then I heard Jasper's thought' She is sad very sad and she is in pain,what happened to her'.I put her into her own feet but she doesn't have her balanced yet,so I supported her.Few seconds later,she relaxed taking a deep breath and then she opened her eyes.After a few seconds later,she closed her eyes again.She is even more tensed than before.Her heart is racing,her lips are pressed together as if forbidding a scream.I will not notice that she trying to removed my arms if she hadn't say please.I removed my arms and take a few steps back.She relaxed herself taking a few deep breathes and then she opened her eyes.She has a very beautiful chocolate brown eyes.
"Sorry about that",she said,her voice is beautiful but there is sign of sadness in it. "Are you okay",Alice asked her. "EDWARD",Alice growled 'you, how could you hurt her'she thought.I'm angry now,why would she think that I would hurt my Isabella."NO",Isabella shouted,me and the others look at her.She blushed,she is so cute."Don't blame him,It's not his fault.I just don't want anyone touching me",she said with an incomplete smile but it was still beautiful.Alice did not believe her 'like I believe what you are saying I know Edward have done something 'she thought."Really",Isabella said while laughing.To hear her laugh brought me to heaven or even better."You are so funny Isabella"Emmett said.'How could you Edward' Emmett thought."Bella",she said seriously."Your a klutz",Emmett said.'I think I will love my new sister' he thought."Enough Emmett",Alice said.'I want to talk to her' she thought."Selfish",I whispered to myself.I know Bella will not hear it.Alice look at me and smiled that evil smile of hers.'Look who's talking.Let see,who is selfish after a few days' she thought.Now I'm confused,what did she mean?. "Hi",Alice said while walking towards her "I'm Alice"."Hello,I'm Bella"she said.'Hhahaa, so do you like Edward cause he really like you a lot' That's what Alice is thinking."So---",Alice said,I cut her of by saying Okay let's go.Alice glared at me."Okay",she said defeated.'I will asked her later' she thought."Don't even think about it",I whispered.Then Alice turned to Bella",let's go before mommy Edward get more angry",she said.'Edward come down' I thought.Alice put her hands at Bella's shoulder but Bella push it away."Sorry",she said.

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