I opened my eyes, I moaned once I saw Alice peering over me. “You sleep like that dead” She told me. I rolled my eyes and got up, Alice pushed me back down. “Edward said that I had to make sure you got your sleep” She said, I couldn’t help but smile. “What time is it?” I asked. She rolled her eyes. “He’s not home yet” She said. “Well you’re the one who can tell the future when is her coming back?” I asked she crossed her arms on her chest. I rolled my eyes and hugged her, she didn’t hug me back. “I’m sorry, Alice you are the best babysitter ever” I said, she then signed and hugged me back. She let go and then pulled me off the bed. “Where are we going?” I asked. She signed and then started pulling my clothes out of my bag. “Well Jasper didn’t go hunting, and he knows how to grill” She told me. I thought about it for second Jasper working the grill. “Alright” I signed. After I got dressed Alice dragged me down to the backyard to eat. And she was right about Jasper and the grill; he was a master at it. I ate silently, while Alice watched Jasper clean up. “You could help” I said to Alice looking at Jasper. She scoffed and smiled at Jasper. “Bella, in your days, woman help, but in his days they do what I am doing now” She answered me. I scoffed, mocking hers. “Kidnapping me?” I said she shot me back a glare. Jasper was then done. I went to get up, but as I did my leg didn’t move with me, letting me fall, I slammed my hand down on the sharp rock I was sitting on, I felt the rock go into my hand. I screamed in pain, I felt someone’s cold hands grab me, but they weren’t Alice’s . I looked into Jasper cold dark black eyes. He snarled, and then Alice got him off me. I watched as Jasper ran off into the meadow. Alice came to my side. “Bella, are you okay?” She asked. She helped me get up. “Yeah, is Jasper?” I asked she then looked down. “Yeah, he just smelt your blood” She said, looking at my hand.

Alice took me inside to put some ice on my hand. Alice walked over to me. “I should call Edward” She told me, I could see in her eyes she wasn’t looking. “No, he will be calmer if I tell him” I told her. She signed in relief and passed me the phone. I opened it and started to dial the numbers...I knew I was going to regret this. The phone didn’t even dial once. “Hello Bella are you okay?” He asked his voice was both confused and concerned. “Yeah, I am really but...Jasper kind of lost it” I said, I closed my eyes; I didn’t want to look up at Alice. “Lost it how?” he asked, his voice was louder. I signed. “I cut myself and he smelt my blood and...But I’m okay” I said. I could hear him snarl, and I could tell so did Alice. “Edward I’m okay” I assured him. He didn’t reply Alice grabbed the phone of me. “Don’t” She pleaded, her eyes were full of worry. Was Edwards going to hurt Jasper? Is that what Alice had seen? Alice then closed her eyes. “Edward, she is okay” She said this calmly. She then signed and passed the phone back to me. “Hello?” I answered nervously. I heard him sign. “I will be back as soon as I can” he told me. I signed; there was something about his words that made me cringe. The phone was then dead. I looked up at Alice she was looking straight out the window at the fields; I put my hand on her shoulder. “He won’t hurt him, he wouldn’t” I told her, it didn’t fell right telling Alice that things would be okay, she would know. She turned to me and smiled. “I know, Bella it’s just” She said, but before she could finish the sentence she was hugging me. “I love you, Bella” She told me, I smiled. “You are one strange vampire” I laughed, she joined it but her laughter sounded off.

I had fallen asleep on Edwards couch. I opened my eyes, I saw Edward he was staring out the window just like Alice had. I got up and hugged him. “Your back!” I said, hugging him tighter not that it made a difference to him. He turned around and smiled lightly. “Let’s go for a walk” he said, I smiled and nodded. We walked out to our usual beautiful meadow, I smiled, and he leaned on a tree. “Bella” He said, I turned to him and smiled, a chill went down my spine. “Yeah, Edward” I said, I was now shaking. I tried not to look obvious as I held on a tree for support. “We’re leaving, Bella” He told me, I signed. “What...No” I said, I looked at him with a confused face, “It’s time Bella, Esme and Carlisle are barely fooling anyone with 30” He told me, I smiled. “I’ll come with you” I told him, for a second I felt calmer. He frowned and shook his head. “No, it wouldn’t be right” He told me. I didn’t feel so calm anymore. “You....don’t...want...me?” It was a question that regretted asking as soon as he shook his head. “You’re no good for me Bella” he told me, I was practically hugging the tree now. “That changes things” I said, more to myself then him. I looked up at his perfect features then finally I reached his face, I couldn’t argue. “If that’s what you want “I said, he nodded. “Yes, oh and Bella could you do me a favour” he said. I closed my eyes; please let this be a dream. “Sure, anything” I said. “Don’t do anything too reckless, for Charlie and your mother of course” I nodded. I looked back up at him, why was he doing this? “And in return, this will be the last time you will see me ever again, it will as if I never existed” He told me, I cringed at the words. I looked up, he was gone.

I fell on the hard wet ground. Tears were running down my cheeks. “Bella are you okay?” I heard a husky voice say, I looked up. “Jacob, what are you doing here?” I asked, as soon as he realised that I was crying he jumped to me to lift me up. “Bella, what happened?” he asked, he helped to lift me up, I fell on him, he hugged me. “They’re gone” I sobbed into his bare warm chest. “Who is?” He asked. I closed my eyes, I tried to make myself say there name. “The Cull....Cull” But he stopped me. “Shh, don’t do it if it hurts so much” he whispered in my ear. I opened my eyes, it was real, and I closed my eyes tighter. But then I drifted off.