Rose P.O.V

No. There was no way my baby, no, my CHILD is going to go through the unbearable transformation. I know the kind of pain that it is. It awful. There is no way she is going through that. Those were the thoughts that ran through my head when Alice said her vision. When Emmett stood up he startled me, he had no nervousness on his face. He escorted me outside.

" Rose, its OK, It was going to happen. I was figuring way worse than this." he said. I stared dumbfounded at him. He stared back at me. "what?" he said.

" She can't go through that, No. It will never happen. Never." i said to him. There was no way i would let her go through that. No way.

He walked towards me and embraced me. I sighed into his shoulder inhaling his scent, even after all these years it was amazing.

" Rose, imagine it. She would grow old, she would get sick, or she would get hurt, then we would loose her. You wouldn't want that would you?" He said.

I sighed he was right. The pain all though unbearable would let me keep her forever, selfish i know, but even though i barely knew her i loved her. I sighed. It was going to happen. I groaned.

He pulled back and looked at me. "I love you." he said. I smiled at him and kissed his lips.
" I love you too." We walked back together

Sydney P.O.V

I think i was dreaming. I was in the house, but everything was so much more clear than it had been. I could see so far. See with so much more clarity. Then it disappeared. It was gone. It was so dark. It was very curious. There was nothing. Only darkness. Then i felt it. A sudden jump and i woke up to a dark room. MY room. I breathed quickly, weird dream.

Then my mom came in with a warm smile She flipped on the lights. I was blinded for a moment then saw straight again. I smiled back at her.

" Get dressed. Then come downstairs. OK?" she said. When i nodded she flinted downstairs. I threw off my P.J's and grabbed a pair of nice jeans and a tank top with a punk jacket. Then walked down the stairs.

They were all at their stations computer, games kitchen, together ect. It was cute. But then again a 15 year old did find a lot of things cute. I walked into the kitchen still thinking to myself about cute things. Edward laughed at me.

I rolled my eyes at him. I walked over to my mom. I smiled at her. She smiled back and hugged me in her smooth cool arms. I hugged back. I love it hear.

She looked at the table and i followed her gaze. Wow. There was so much food.Layers upon layers of food. The table was at least 12 feet long and all of it stuffed with food. My mouth dropped. Edward laughed again.

" it's not all for you so its OK." my mom soothed. I stared at her then the table.
"Then who else is coming?" i asked. " The wolves" she said, her nose wrinkled a little as she did.

I tilted my head to the side. Wolves? That rang a slight bell. OH! Dad had mentioned them. A wolf pack, who turn out to be werewolves? Wonder how that's going to work out...

Then the doorbell rang. The wolf pack here? huh, this was going to be good.

They strutted in. Yelling and booming. They all stopped in the kitchen doorway and stared at me.

"um...Hi?" i said. They kept staring. " you know it's rude to stare..." i said. My family laughed. The wolves didn't move. I looked at them too. They were all huge, shirtless too. With shorts dark complexion too. I stared.

Then one stepped forward he was huge, big too. Short hair. " What is this he said? A child?" he asked squinting at them, I coughed.
"I'm not a child," i said annoyed " I'm fifteen" i said. They all laughed this time.

I rolled my eyes. The wolves were already annoying. Ugh. Edward laughed. " Get outta my head hacker" i said to him. I walked towards my mom again she held me close to her. Note to self: wolves are annoying.

"we will talk about Sydney's stay with us later," Carlisle said " For now, please eat." The wolves all charged for the table. "Animals" i muttered. My mom laughed.

I walked over to the counter with bar stools and ate there. when i finished i turned backwards in my chair and watch the wolves eat. How can the eat so...much?! My mom stood next to me. She studied my face as i watched the wolves. Occasionally the wolves would steal glances at me too.

Edward, Carlisle, and Dad were all talking. " What are they talking about," i asked my mom. She only shook her head. They would tell me later.

When the wolves finally were full, they all turned to me. I sighed annoyed. Why were boys always staring at me? It gets annoying.

" Ok i will explain the situation to you," Carlisle said. Then he told my story how i got here, my mom and dad. " So, she is now one of us," He finished. The wolves nodded. Alice looked nervous, like she knew something i didn't....Then realization hit. They DID know something.

I stared at Edward and tilted my head slightly. " WHAT is it?" i thought at him. HE shook his head slightly. I frowned," I will find out," i thought at him. He shrugged slightly, i glared. Ugh so difficult.

Once the wolves were down with their questions they headed for the living room. Siting back on the couch and their feet up on the table watching TV and talking to each other, or rather yelling at each other, everything about them was big even their voices.

After a few hours they started to file out. Patrols or something. We were finally alone. I was in the kitchen working on dishes with my mom. " You don't have to sweetie, I can do it." I shrugged and walked into my room. Looking at the books. I found one that sounded interesting. Then immersed myself in it.

A few hours later My mom came up " We have something to talk about." she said quietly. I stared at her confused. " It's alright," she said.
I followed her downstairs, my family was in the living room with their pairs. I stared at them and sat next to my dad. My mom sat next to me too.

" Sydney, we have something to talk about..." Esme said. I looked at her with curiosity. " What would that be?" I asked.
" I had a vision...."Said Alice.

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