Twilight Movie Wow! The movie was horrible!

kjfrncs posted on Nov 22, 2008 at 12:01AM
I have to say that I'm more then disappointed in how the movie turned out. I'm a die-hard fan of the books and have even made a mission of getting all my gal-friends hooked on them too. They're that good! But the film was a huge disappointment. The acting was so bad! I felt like I was back in high school listening to my monotone English prof.... not a stick of emotion to the acting... and that's from a book so full of emotion it had me laughing, crying, and on the edge of my seat at all times.
I took a friend with me to the advanced showing of the movie - she hadn't read the books yet- and now she never will.
Even more sad is the fact that the script didn't stay true to the book. It skipped, in my opinion all the key points of the book that made it great for me. I don't see how anyone can like it unless they're just there to view the eye-candy and not pay attention to the actual movie.
I know the movie will make tons at the box office b/c we all fell in love with the book and want to see the screen version. So it's no doubt that tons of money will be made. However, I think at least 80-90% of the people will refuse to go to see the sequel b/c they walked out of the this movie wishing they didn't waste their time nor their money and just stayed at home with the book.
So disappointed.

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