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spivian posted on Nov 28, 2008 at 08:53AM
Ok, I know there's very many posts explaining why they didn't like the movie. But I feel as though I need to express why I too dislike this movie.

First of all, completely separate from the storyline I must say the camera work was very shotty, and the blueish tone that was present throughout the entire movie doesn't seem as though it was to set the atmosphere considering it is present in Thirteen, and Lords of Dog Town. I highly doubt that these three movies required the same mood to be portrayed since none of them had much of a similar theme, rendering the cold tone unnecessary. Which is unfortunate since that tone made me feel almost claustrophobic in a sense and hostile I suppose, it's difficult to explain, but to sum it up I find it casts a depressing feeling.

I think Catherine Hardwicke failed to capture what this story is about. Storyline wise, too much emphasis was placed on the chase.
It seemed to me as though Edward and Bella had a total of 2 minutes conversation while at the half hour point of the movie when he claims "I'm sorry, Bella.. We can't be friends". I don't think it was made very clear to a viewer (who hasn't read the book) that they were friends in the first place, it seems to me as though they are really hostile, make casual conversation, and stare at each other an awful lot.
The story resides mainly on the relationship between Bella and Edward, however it isn't really developed in this movie. As I was watching I got the feeling that they were just really weird people who stared at each other constantly like an artsy couple that no one really understands.
It was almost as if the love was replaced by an obsession, a random one at that.
There were parts in the book that should have been represented in the movie, such as conversation between Bella and Edward in which they actually get to know each other, as well as the intimate moments where they held each others faces or Edward testing how physically close he can comfortably be to Bella. Specifically the "meadow" segment.

I also found the relationship between Bella and Edward's family members significant and belive it should have been included in the movie. Specifically the growing bond with Alice that occurs at the hotel. As well as the compassion that Jasper shows Bella when Laurent questions her worth.
Basically I thought the connection between characters was barely present.

According to the Story, Bella is a bit anti-social but that is all I saw in her within the movie. I think she was lacking the personality that make her character.
She is supposed to be funny, sarcastic, clumsy, and get really angry, really embarrassed and really upset at times. All I saw was an apathetic girl, who is not very memorable at all, a flat character.

Edward was disappointing, in the book he seems so suave and confident, Similar to James Bond. In the movie he seemed nervous often and the pivitol moment in the book, (the meadow part), where Edward becomes completely comfortable with Bella and from then on laughs and gets excited and is happy doesn't happen. This too seemed like a significant part.

Overall I'm sure the actors did the best with what they were given. I just believe Catherine Hardwicke was a terrible choice for a director and I am disappointed the magic that was created in my mind as I read Twilight, was not even relatively apparent in the movie.

Oh and another thing I just remembered is the fact that there was music constantly playing, and for the most part it distracted me and made me feel like too much was going on at once. Plus it wasn't very fitting since most of it reminded me of the music in Silent Hill, which is a video game about demons.
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over a year ago aanniiee_ said…
oh. my. god. EVERYTHING you just said was EXACTLY what I was thinking throughout the entire movie!!!

My cousin and I both agreed that there really wasn't any development of Edward and Bella's love - all of the sudden they just WERE. But for pete's sake, they barely talked! That was my biggest ish with this movie. And I noticed the constant music too, SO annoying. Uhmmm what else. And yeah, I don't think the problem was the actors, it was definitely the writing/directing. They had so much to work with, and they disappointed.

AHA I really can't say any more, since I agree 110% with literally EVERYTHING you said. Bravo!

Oohh, also, I didn't think the rest of the vampire family got enough screen time! I think if you added up their appearances it would total 10 minutes. I wanted more of my baby Jasper
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over a year ago spivian said…
Oh right!! That's a good point too.
I just finished reading New Moon and the Cullens' have so much affection for Bella right from the beginning, which means that their relationship in Twilight must have developed a lot, which is not shown very much in the film.

By the way, I just remembered the baseball scene. I must say I thought that scene was amazing! It was so entertaining, however they could have kept with the original way James' clan approached, but it was such a good enough scene that I can't be bothered.
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over a year ago aanniiee_ said…
Oh definitely, Bella was practically part of the family by the end of the Twilight. She still seemed like a stranger in the movie. AND she and Alice were supposed to become best friends!

Yeah the baseball scene was really well done, I especially liked how graceful Alice looked when she pitched! I think it was probably the best part of the movie.
over a year ago Seleh said…
LOL! The music was TERRIBLE!
And they really did play it during the most random scenes, and it was really odd music.
my boyfriend was like "WHAT THE HELL, COULD IT GET ANY GAYER?!"

The answer is no, it couldn't. Even if I hadn't read the book, I would probably still think that Twilight is one of the worst movies, EVER. I honestly hated it that much.
over a year ago currry said…
CORRECT!!i hated the sound effect so much so much.........
over a year ago snoznoodle said…
Did you guys really expect it to be good??? I've learnt my lesson with book-to-screen adaptations. You have to be objective. You have to think what would be the easiest for the audience who haven't read the books would understand. The problem with adaptations is that the books have so much more detail than movies do and that's the main reason why it is most movie adaptations aren't really liked by fans. You can't GET all those little details about the family and all those special moments Edward and Bella shared in the book. You have to make do unless you want the movie to go for 5 hours.

Frankly, I was expecting the movie to be horrible. Honestly I was sure it was going to be so trashy. Yes there were parts that annoyed me (there always are). Bella and Edward and Jacob didn't seem quite right to me but that's because its the director's interpretation not your own. You just have to accept it. Be objective and you might know what I mean.

Overall I think they did a much better job than I thought they would have. It was a MILLION times better than Eragon! I would have never expected that!

Really though, were you expecting to like it??
over a year ago spivian said…
That's the thing though, they put stuff in the movie that they didn't have to. Instead of that stuff they could have put in the details. They also could have made it flow better, which would have made more of it make sense.

I watched the movie first and then read the book, it didn't make very much sense to me until I read it.
Of course it's the director's interpretation, it's painfully obvious. If you talk to others who have read the book it's also obvious that some sort of scene for each part of the book can be agreed upon, because while the author's description can only do so much it -at the very least -gives you something to paint the picture with.
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over a year ago angeljayne said…
I grew up a huge book and movie lover and know all too well the disappoint of when a book isnt turned into a movie correctly. I mean seriously - how hard is it really to follow a story and apply it to screen (much of my youth spent pondering this question)?? but in being a a huge film junkie I did learn a lot about these types of processes. So when a stunning book such as this one gets turned into a movie I remember that firstly, if you are lucky, the author will get 'some' say in the 'direction' flow of the film (if you are lucky). Then you have the Director & producer & screenwriter who also have different ideas and interpretations of how it should all play out. Then there is editing to appease 'test' audiences - and of course then the marketing to draw in the crowds. Oh - and dont forget budget and actors as well which also can either make or break a film. So naturally, at some stage in the gigantic money hungry process its no wonder the essence and true magic of the authors words get lost. Im not making excuses for Twilight. But I know how to disassociate myself from a book I love and a movie being made from it. I am well aware that nine out of ten times, it will not live up to any kind of literary masterpiece...and its no wonder with all the different hands in play! so I never go into a movie thinking it will be the book exactly. I know it will be changed for commercial purposes. Keep in mind a book is written by one person. A movie is made by hundreds. Knowing a lot about different directors and knowing the budget of Twilight - I went in expecting art/indie style of filming with basic special effects and probably lower then usual actors. So I was very prepared. I was happy Summit attempted to bring Twilight to life with what little money they had - I also heard Paramount passed on it first - ha ha silly them but you gotta wonder what they may have brought to the table. All in all - I was highly impressed with the movie. Its better then most previous movie adaptations from books in my opinion.
over a year ago angeljayne said…
Oh and I thought the soundtrack was spot on with the directors style and interpretation. Loved the songs by Muse, Paramore and Iron & Wine! actually one of the best soundtracks Ive heard in a while.
over a year ago italiangirl976 said…
I agree, but I still liked the movie. I think that they should of put the meadow scene in. thats a really important part. and the part with jacob too, where he was telling bella the story about vampires. that part was important because then jacob and bella become friends

also the part where he was playing the paino. i think for people who did not read the book that part would of been confusing because it never says that he wrote her a song in the movie but just shows him playing the paino.

i know it cant be exactly like the book but it was still kind of disappointing.
over a year ago TypicalSquint said…
spivian , i so agree with you.

i reckon this film was made to garner attention from everyone and not just the fans of the book. but in doing so they have created an absolutly crap movie, with no resemblence to the book and have disappointed a lot of loyal fans of the series.
over a year ago BeSafe said…
Personally I loved the movie & the soundtrack, but I see all of your points...
over a year ago sineadxocullen said…
Wow i couldnt have said it better myself lol you pretty much hit everything. I want to love the movie because they only thing better than reading twilight is to see it visually on a screen. However the movie just ruined it

What you said about the connections between the characters is completely true. The relationship between Bella and Edward was very poorly portrayed. It just seemed like Edward was just this creepy guy and Bella was just a quiet boring girl and all of a sudden BAM theyre in love. And I'm just like ok when the hell did that happen. Catherine didnt spend enough time on the little details, like really emphasizing Edwards struggle when he first meets Bella. And the whole questioning aspect of their relationship is crucial as well! They're constantly trying to open each other up and understand each other, but they never even did that in the movie so it makes so sense. I too would have liked them to show the relationship between the other Cullens as well, and have been given an explanation of the significance of each of the Cullens.

I know that directors like to change things around a little, and sometimes its for the better, however not in this case. Vital scenes were changed and left out. I liked the way Bella figured out Edwards secret in the car ride, not just in a random forest next to the school. And what makes me livid is that Hardwick completly changed, if not eliminated the meadow scene. For God sakes thats the turning point in their whole relationship! She shouldve copied that scene directly from the book because it was abs. perfect. And the first kiss shouldve remained after the meadow scene as well. Also all the little instances where Edward touches BEllas face, like hes testing his desires. Its so cute and well...There was one frigen kiss in the whole dam movie. Finally, what about the goodbye kiss when Bella has to escape, Bella talks about it in furture books!! so clearly its important and truly signifies Edwards love.

In a nutshell--The movie failed to capture the complicated, adorable romance between Bella and Edward. Its a shame that one of the most amazing books ever written was visually captured so wrong.

I can only pray that new moon will be better lol
over a year ago Ali_love_Porshe said…
this movie dissapointed me alot and i think everything u said is true and im very thankful catherine wont be the director in the next movie because she didnt get along with the actors!
over a year ago spivian said…
That's a really good point sinead. I never considered why Edward touched Bella's face so much, but that reason defiantly makes sense they really should included that, but I guess there's no point in saying that since there's many things they should have included that they didn't and everyone knows it. Even people who liked the movie.
over a year ago cloudandzack said…
u lot r mad. its a awesome fim. its my favourite film ever.
over a year ago loveishard said…
Crap, you guys do a lot of hating for a movie that I thought was brilliant. You need to give them some credit. They had to fit a 500+ page book into a two hour movie. The music was there to create a feeling. To be honest, I didn't hear the music half the time because I was so zoned in with what the characters were doing. I think the love that Bella and Edward come to have was built up. And you have to remember that their love DOES become obsessive because she becomes obsessed with this guy and he becomes obsessed with protecting her.
over a year ago amaleela said…
I did like the film but I thought that the begining of the film was a little bit slow starting!
over a year ago vickyy said…
I only just saw the film a couple of days ago but havent read any of the books as i am not a fan of reading (though i might have a go at reading it). I thought it was amazing but i do agree on some of the points you have mentioned. I was quite confused with how Bella and Edward were all of a sudden in love and the bit when Edward says 'I dont think we should be friends anymore' that kinda was confusing too as i couldnt recall them actually being friends before that. And the way they stared at each other was a bit weird, i just thought the relationship was kinda bizarre.
As you said about the music, i thought it was pretty good but i couldnt remember it being through the majority of the movie as i was so into it.
over a year ago jackie5starr said…
yes!!! finally!!! i agree!
over a year ago lmw2887 said…
I saw the movie then decided to read the series. This is how I feel, I did think the movie was good I wont lie,I thought the actors were perfect and a some things were done well. There were quite a few things left out that shouldnt have been. Such as I did think there was some chemistry between Bella and Edward in the movie but I felt it WAYY more when I read Twilight. There was so much more passion and things between them were so much more intense. In the book you get to read her friendships develope with his family so much more. In the movie you barely see that with any of them, her and Alice become best friends in the book in the movie its like there strangers. You can tell his 'mom' and 'dad' approve of her in the book, you dont see that in the movie. Theres so many things that happened in the book that didint happen in the movie. If I could only list 4 I'd have to say, the way the meadow scene was done in the book was SO much better then it was in the movie. All they do is lie there and stare at eachother in the book its a promise he makes her to show him why he cant go out in the sunlight and he comes out into the open meadow for her to see him and everything that happens in the scene evetually leads to him testing how far he can go with her and just everything was so amazing in this scene(which is why she considers it "there" place in New Moon). The other 3 things they shouldn't have left out are in the book they express there feelings such as saying 'I love you' to one another that is huge, it helps show how strong there bond is becoming, they should have NEVER left that out of the movie. I mean in New moon towards the end when he comes back he says to her how much she knew he loves her and how hes upset because she should have never believed so easily that he could leave her like that. How are they gonna have that in the movie New Moon when in Twilight they never say I love you? The last 2 things are the way she finds out hes a vampire. In the book she sort of puts 2 and 2 together based on things Jacob tells her amoung other things and Edward and her have a long discussion in the car ride to her house after they leave the resturant and everything in detail comes out. In the movie its lets see I'll go in the woods you follow me and I say I know what you are 'vampire!' and thats it we'll run up a hill and you can show me what you look like in the sun and try to scare me. The last thing is in the movie it shows him vist her a couple times in her room at night and he admits to always being there since day 1 but in the book is so much more explained. She makes him promise he'll come back once her dad is asleep and makes him stay all night with her. Like the time she wakes up and is so happy hes there she jumps on his lap and whispers in his ear how she loves him. This becomes an everyday thing him being there all night, then driving her to school and walking together to all there clases, driving her home. The whole school thing also isnt explained well at all like in the book. In the book they actually sit together at lunch eventually, and start the game of 20 questions. I am a realist I know they cant have the movie 100% like the book or it'd be like 7 hrs long(which I wouldnt complain about lol) but theres quite a few things that shouldnt have been left out and things that should have been done differently. Like I said I still like the movie but I feel so much more passion when I read the book, I couldnt put it down I read through the series very quickly. So anyways thats how I feel about the movie vs the book.