Twilight Movie Production Costs

SpunkyOne posted on Jun 08, 2009 at 05:54AM
I have just posted on the 'Movie Sucked' thread and thought I would post this for interest.

As I stated on that thread and especially for all those who complained about the poor quality of the movie, production costs do play a major part in making a movie. Because this was a low budget production we got a low budget show.

Compare these production costs:

Twilight - $37 million
Harry Potter (the first one) - $100 million
LOTR(FOTR) - $109 million
Titanic - $200 million

If 'Twilight' had received a budget like any of the other 3 mentioned we would have seen a totally different take on the movie. Hopefully now that they realise just how big the 'Twilight' series can become they will budget accordingly and we will see a marked improvement in the next 3 movies.

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