So, I totally forgot I even wrote this story to begin with. This is my first fan-fic where everyone is the way they are in the books, so bare with me through this.


"It's beats for you, Ness." Jacob whispered in her ear.
She giggled and snuggled closer to him. "How come Seth didn't come see me?"
"He wanted to." Jacob ran his fingers through her curls. "But Sue wanted him home for supper."
"Speaking of supper." Esme walked out from the kitchen holding a large plate in on hand, and a tiny pink one in the other.
"Yum!" Renesmee jummped up and sat beside Jacob, letting Esme hand her the plate. To me, the chicken, potatoes, and green beans looked gut wrenching, but if Renesmee would eat it, I was all for it. It was rare she actually ate solid foods.
I heard Bella's laugh of bells beside me. "You know," She wrapped her arms around one of mine, holding my hand. "You did eat that at one time. It's not poliet to curl your nose at our daughter."
Me unbeating heart would jump in my chest when Bella refered to her as 'our daughter'. It was always a reminder that Bella and I made something of a merical. That, that little girl was a part of her and I. We had done it together. (No pun intended).
"I would never." I chuckled. "It was at Jacob."
She laughed aloud, making my mind swim with the sound. I loved making Bella laugh and smile. She brought out the sun in Forks when she did.
"I'm done!" A tiny muffled voice came from the couch. I looked over to see Renesmee to see her holding up her newly clean plate.
Bella let go of my arm and walked over to her. "Renesmee, you know it's not good manners to talk with a full mouth." She gently took the plate from her hands.
"Yeah kid." Jacob poked his fork at her, making me want to growl, his mouth fuller than her's had been.
"You too, kid." Bella jerked his fork from his hand before he could react. "Poke at her again and see what happens." She chucked it back at him and I could help but smile toward him. Don't get me wrong...I still didn't like that fact that he imprinted on my daughter. Freakin' new born daughter and he thought he had some claim on him. I scoffed.
What's wrong?" Bella's voice flooded my mind.
I shook my head and quickly got a wet cloth to wipe Renesmee's mouth.
I sat down beside her, and she stuck her smiling chin out at me. She began to sing in her head the song I sang to her when giving her a bath. Little, grimmy, dirt a bugs, I wash away with soap and suds, to get my baby sqeaky clean. I chuckled and wiped away the potatoes. Get into her warm pajama's, then go say goodnight to Mamma, because it's time to go to sleep. She laid out her hands, and I wiped the chicken juices off. "Thank you, Daddy." She smiled and kissed my cheek.
"You're welcome, Little Love." I kissed her nose.
"Can me and Jake watch a movie Nana Esme?" She asked.
"Of course." She smiled. "If Jacob is up to it."
"I'm up for it." He yelled from the kitchen. I heard him set his plate down on the counter and walk back into the room. "What do you want to watch?"
"Um..."She bit her full little lip, a habbit from Bella, and thought. "Oh! How about Tangled? That's Repunzle."
"Sound's good to me." He shrugged.
"Hey!" She yelled. "How about everybody can watch the movie."

We all laughed at the corny jokes made, giggled at Renesmee laughing from in between Bella and I. Jake sat infront of her as she played with his hair. She fell asleep before the movie was over, so we all said goodnight and Bella and I took her to the cottege.
I changed her into her blue nightgown and laid her in her yellow sheets. I kissed her head after Bella, tucked her in, and closed her door after she breathed in deeply.
Tomorrow, she would be 1/16th of an inch taller, her hair would be 1/12th of an inch longer, and her tiny hands would be 1/22nd of and inch wider. If only I could keep her little forever. I guess, since I do get to keep her forever, small or big, it's was a farely nice trade from losing her later.
I felt Bella's arms wrap around my torso, her lips placing light kisses on the middle of my back. "Come read with me?" She asked.
"Only read?" I looked over and cocked an eyebrow at her.
"Mm hmm." She grind. "My antomy." She was gone in a flash, but my eyes knew exatly where she went.
A growel rose from my chest when I heard the heavy denim of her blue jeans hit the hardwood. A crooked grin spread across my face. "Oh, Bella?" I whispered, knowing she could hear me. I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it into the room. I heard her gasp when she saw it and the groan. I chuckeld. "Were you planning on hiding?" I asked, unbuttoning my jeans as I walked, unzipping the zipper loudly. "Because I can smell you anywhere. I can hear your heavy breathing, I can feel your need radating. You can't hind from me, Love."
A body slammed into my back and her legs wrapped around my waist. "I may not beable to hide." She whispered, biting my ear. "But I'm pretty damn good at running."
I slid her around to my front. "And you ran to me."
She smile lightly. "Well, I wouldn't want to run away. Not unless you were running with me."

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