And I Care Why?
By: moolah
Chapter Four
(Edward and Bella’s P.O.V’s included)
(Normal Pairings…ALL HUMAN!)
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Bella’s P.O.V:
    I screamed, loudly. “What’s your problem?” I yelled at Alice. “You hate me?” I tried to shut the door, but Edward had his hand, holding it open. “Bella.” He tried. I wouldn’t let him. He was not doing it again. I was crying now, but angry tears. “What?” I yelled. No matter what he did, it wouldn’t make anything better. Nothing. He ruined it. He ran away like a scared child. “What Edward? Want to tell me how much you can’t?” He looked at me with his green eyes hitting against my skin. “N-no, I’m sorry.” He said. Alice barged in between me and him and went up to my ear. “I threw glass at him for you. He’s ready to become responsible.” She said. I looked at him with distasteful eyes. Whispering, “Let him save himself. He doesn’t need his younger sister throwing him the life jacket.” “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to run off.” I pushed Alice into the kitchen. She was staring like a little girl with big eyes. “Ali, leave.” I said, “Well you did leave. I’ve been sitting on the couch for days, hoping you would come back. Now…I don’t know.” I folded my arms over my chest, then retreated because they felt sore. “Ugh.” I sigh then regret it because now he’s looking at me like I’m crazy. “Sorry...” He says when he looks at my chest. I cover it up again, so he can’t get a peep show, and I sigh doubtfully and let him in the apartment. It’s a mess, but I don’t care. He can decide now. He hands me a white box with a red ribbon tied around it. He’s holding a red Gatorade with about 3 swallows left in it. “Thanks.” I put the box on the counter, untie the ribbon and see it’s chocolate. I shut the box, and put it in the fridge then. Whenever I’m done, we stare at each other for a few seconds, whenever I finally speak. “So, can I have a drink?” He looks at the Gatorade and shrugs. “Sure.” He hands me the bottle, and I open the cap. “You can drink all of it.” He says. I place my lips at the top, and taste, not only red Gatorade, but a sweetness, like honeysuckles. It’s the taste of his lips I realize, and I long for more. I drink the Gatorade, then lick up some of the honeysuckle lip taste. He’s staring at me, but not like I’m crazy. He has a little smile on his lips, as if my messy hair, and ratty Pajamas are cute. They’re not. I smile back, and throw the bottle in the plastic bin I keep beside the glass bin. I’m a recycling freak. Then I go into the living room, and turn the TV on. I’m really bored, so I throw the remote to Edward, who’s sitting close to me. I get up and go out into the front room where my laptop and desktop are. I grab the laptop and take it over to the couch where Edward found that episode of Celebrities Underwater. He’s watching it, when he yawns. I get on the laptop, where I go onto my box where my e-mails for work are.

From: (Rachel)

Subject: Sick

Dear Bella,
Hope you are feeling better. You’ve been out for a few days. Tell me if you need anything. Anyways, when do you think you will be in? Soon? I hope so, we need you to get some work done, sweetie, unless you’re taken off for a few days. These are sick days. Tell me an estimate of time, and so on. I need to know. Accurately as possible, please. We have a few books to edit. I can ask Alisa to do some minor books, like some new Sara Shepard (author of PLL) books;).
                                                             Rachel Finley.
                                                        Questions for a new book you have? Call 1-444-886-1056

    I read the e-mail over and over again. It’s weird. I’ve been so alone, not even checking my e-mails. I sigh as I look at it again and open a reply to the message.

To: (Rachel)

Subject: Re: Sick

Dear Rachel,
Sorry I couldn’t be in lately. I’ll tell you later. It has just been some personal issues. I’ll be in, in maybe a week. I have a lot of stuff to deal with. Please send me my work, because I am not feeling good, and don’t want to gross anybody out. Ha. Sara Shepard?? YES!! I love her…please don’t give Alisa them…please send them to me, or I could have Alice (maybe) pick them up for me. Thanks….
                                                                         Isabella Swan-Editor in Chief.
After sending that I decided I was hungry. I walked into the kitchen and got in the fridge. Alice was sitting at the counter with a tub of cupcakes in her hand. They had blue icing, of course, with red marks striking the blue. Marble, as well, but they look better and reassuring than the stupid blue ones with smiley faces. I don’t care though, cupcakes are cupcakes. Unfortunately baby does not want cupcakes. So I look in the drawer where I keep the cottage cheese with the fruit singles to put in the cottage cheese, I also keep the yogurt in there. I have a lot of yogurt stocked up, so I pick one of my favorites; Chocolate. I usually don’t freeze them, because they taste really weird. I grab a spoon and open up the tab. I stick the spoon in the silky goodness and say to Alice, “Why aren’t you in with us?” She looks up from a magazine she’s stuck too. “I’m having bucket loads of fun reading your Writer’s digests, and ALL the other digests.” She bats my hand away, so I walk back into the room where he’s absorbed with the television. Whenever I’m done with the yogurt I decide I’m tired, so I curl up in a ball and close my eyes.

Edward’s P.O.V:
    Whenever I look over to see Bella, she’s in a ball with brown stuff on her face. She has a spoon on her shirt. I realize then, she’s adorable. She’s normal size, so she should get bigger in the later months of pregnancy (I know this because of Alice, who is petite, and didn’t get very big, and Rosalie who is normal got bigger than Ali) She’s normal too. She’s got beautiful long brown hair that she goes down her back swiftly and beautifully. Her lips were a light color which went with her naturally pale skin. Alice had talked fondly of her best friend, how she’d spent 16 years in Texas, where she had the opportunity to come a darker shade, but hadn’t, spending days inside cooped in her room, reading her e-reader. She’d moved to Georgia where she met Rosalie and Alice, and eventually her ‘big brother’ Em, and me. Whenever Rose had decided she wanted to go to college as a teacher. Alice had opened her own bakery, bought her own apartment and a month after buissness was open, Jazz proposed. Tagging along, not wanting to be left in the dust, went to NYU and succeeded greatly majoring in editing books, newspapers, and other reading. She also took science classes, because she had loved them in high school. She also majored in that, but apparently took the lane to the books, where she belonged. I didn’t know I had actually listened to Alice’s ranting until then, whenever I realized: she was mine.
    I shook my head. Edward Mason Cullen loves Isabella Marie Swan. I smiled at the thought of loving someone. I smiled at the thought of finding that I belonged with her. I grinned one last time and whip out my iPhone. Whenever I check, it’s on silent, so I check the text messages just in case. There are only 2.

hey bro. ware r u? having prty 2nite. Would invite u, but w/ the Bella terms. Unless there is sumthing diff w/ u n her. Txt me bro. ~Emmett Samuel Cullen <3 Rosalie Eliza Hale Cullen~

I sigh and text him back. This time smiling with the sigh, because I can go to the party, and I can go to the party with her.

Hi!! @ Bella’s ironically. So, yes I can come to the prty 2nite!! Bye. Very busy!! ---EMC

I pressed the send button on the iPhone. When I’m done I check the other text. It’s from Alice, and only from a couple minutes ago.

Hey. R u going 2 that prty @ Emmy’s? I is w/ Jasper. Wat u doing? I want u 2 cum. Txt rose, and mayb she’ll DECIDE to let u in!! ---Alice…

I read the text and then I open the click on the respond bubble and begin to type.

I’ll go if Bell goes. So, mayb. IDK…wat r u doing? ---EMC
    I shut my phone off and then turned on the Nickelodeon station. Spongebob was sitting with Patrick, who was singing his heart out. I kept looking over at Bella, who was sleeping beautifully. Her brown hair was going down her shoulder, and her breathing was regular. Then my eyes directed to her flat stomach. It didn’t even show any signs of holding my baby; our baby. I tried imagining the baby. A girl first was what came to mind. The baby had my green eyes and Bella’s light lips. She had auburn curls complimenting her roundish face. Then I saw a baby boy. He had blue eyes and short brown hair, that was straight as a needle. I smiled as I thought of the boy. Then I wondered, what would we name the little boy or girl. My baby. I was going to be a father. I sighed. I was a wine maker. I wasn’t even a picture perfect bed buddy. I put my head in my hands. I was really going to have to do this….

    About 20 minutes later, Bella woke up, and my eyes were feeling heavy. She just woke up, with a start. I was wide awake after she gasped. She was breathing heavily, struggling. I moved quickly over to where she was laying. “Bella.” I said rubbing her hair with my thumb. She looked at me her brown eyes wide. “Edward.” She whispered as she woke up fully. She grabbed me and hugged me. I hugged back as she cried into my shoulder, making it damp. “I had a horrible dream.” She said after that little crying fit. She was sitting closer to me, with her shirt off exposing her plain white bra with lace around the corners. I’d also taken off my button down shirt, and wrapped it around her shoulder. She was laying her body up against me, completely comfortable. She was the one. She was having my baby, and I was completely ok with that. If this was Victoria, I wouldn’t be so…comfortable. If this was anybody but Bella, I would be totally uncomfortable.

2 hours later…
    I looked uncertainly at Bella. She had actually discussed her fears, and what she wanted to do. She wanted to keep the baby; our baby, and she wanted me as included in the pregnancy and birth and life of the child as much as I wanted. She was afraid of the birth, having seen Rosalie go it, and screaming orders at her and Alice was too much for Bella to handle, at 7 weeks pregnant at least. She had also told me she was scared of having a baby. She had said these exact words, “I don’t want to do it alone.” I hadn’t said anything. I didn’t want her to do it alone. “Are you sure you want to go to this party?” I asked her knowing we were going to have about 1 million questions that had to be answered. “Yeah, they’re my friends, and they’re your family.” I was holding her hand, in a friend like way, that I was hoping would turn into a, I want to get married to you way. She let go of my hand, probably because I was squeezing. She smiled at me and knocked on the door to Rosalie and Emmett’s house. I had texted Rosalie earlier saying things with me and Bella were going great. She had immediately sent me a smiley face and said I was to come on over tonight. I had said thanks but nothing more, ending the conversation with bye. I followed, and the door opened. There stood a very pregnant Rosalie, even more pregnant than a couple of days ago. She was wearing a white dress which had weird designs all over it. Her hair was twisted weirdly down the left side of her body. Bella hugged her awkwardly, the big baby bump getting in the way of everything she did. She handed me a glass of wine that she had somehow managed to carry along with a bottle of water for Bella. I took the glass of wine and said, “Thanks.” She smiled back, and it wasn’t a forced smile, it was real. I smiled back, because that made me happy, that my sister-in-law didn’t need to force a smile. Whenever we walked into the house, Ella-Mae was crawling around with James as if they were racing. If they were, James was cheating, by standing up and running. I knew Ella couldn’t walk yet, but she was a heck of a good crawler. I smiled and picked her up, scooping her into my arms and placing her on my hip. She giggled and kissed my cheek. “Uncie Edwar!!” She stumbled along the words, but I didn’t care, kissing her forehead, and putting her on the ground, but not on her belly, on her feet. She stood up and held onto my jean legs.

And guess what?
She walked….

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