Mezzogiorno Mulatto: Russet Noon in Italiano
Dear Bella and Jacob Fans:

My name is Lady Sybilla and I'm the author of link. I'm dropping by because I've seen a few questions posted here about what's going on with my novel, so I wanted to give whoever is interested an update.

Have I been sued by Stephenie Meyer for publishing my novel? The honest answer is no. I did get a letter from her publisher, warning me to take the novel down from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and that was the end of it.

Basically they wanted me to change the cover so it wouldn't be so similar to the rest of the Twilight Saga Books, and they also questioned whether or not Russet Noon could be considered a parody to Twilight.

So I told them I would go ahead and change it and would also send them a copy of the book so they could determine whether or not it was a parody.

However, after a long period of reflection, I decided I didn't want to deal with them because I suspect they will nitpick the book to death in order to force me to keep its sales on hold. In other words, they can't unpublish the book, because it's already been assigned an ISBN, but they can stop it from being sold in stores or online.

Fine, let them do it. I wrote the book for people to read the story, so that's more important to me than selling the book. That's why I made it available for free online and I'm currently working on the second volume of Russet Noon.

In the mean time, all my haters have been silenced. No one has hated on Russet Noon for a really long time, which is really working in my favor because they stopped creating negative links about it.

All the sites that used to post all kinds of bitter claims against me, judging me for publishing a book that they considered to be fan fiction, are now full of broken links and are no longer updating their articles. They gave up, and Russet Noon prevailed in the end. So where's the epic fail now?

So I'm really glad for that, because the viral hate campaign that was unleashed back in 2009 is no more. They all surrendered, and I outlasted them: Peter David's round robin satire of Russet Noon, Potato Moon, bit the dust. Lee Goldberg, some used-to-be screenwriter, finally shut up about anything related to me or my novel.

Same goes for Laura Hale and her hysterical fixation on documenting my "kerfuffles." And let's not even get started with some no-name teacher who goes by the name of Caito, who had become a real crusader back in March 2009, when Russet Noon first came out. She was the worst online stalker I've ever had to deal with.

And the list goes on and on to include the harpies of Twilight Lexicon, who still have a disclaimer on their site proclaiming that they do not "endorse Russet Noon." OMG, seriously? They must be senile. Or maybe it's menopausal hormones. Who knows and, honestly, who cares? Beats me, why would they even acknowledge me?

Anyway, so yeah. Now that the haters have gone quiet, I've decided to bring back Russet Noon, and this time I will be adding yet another translation to the mix.

While the first volume of Russet Noon has been translated to Spanish and Portuguese, the second volume will be translated to Italian as well. I am working closely with a translator to release Mezzogiorno Mulatto, the Italian version of Russet Noon.

So if you want to learn more about Russet Noon, I'll leave you some chapter summaries to give you an idea of what the story is about. Please feel free to write on my wall if you have an opinion, comment or question.

What is Russet Noon about?

Russet Noon Vol. 1


Jake talks about an extremely powerful enemy that is threatening to wipe out the Cullen-Quileute alliance by using Jake's mind as a doorway. It is neither a vampire nor a werewolf, but it seems to know an awful lot about them. Jake must avoid phasing at all costs if he wants to save
his alliance.

Chapter 1: Fireworks in La Push

Jake tells us about a recurring dream he's been having. He's worried that it might be a premonition of impending doom, so he goes to see Sam Uley to get advice. As it turns out, Sam has also been having the same dream. In the dream, a strange girl is appearing to them. Sam tells Jake the girl is a hybrid who can invade people's thoughts. The only clue they have is a mysterious talisman around her neck.

The pack reunites to go to the woods and find a magical blindfold that will protect them so they can phase safely. Without the blindfold, it is much too dangerous for them to phase, since the hybrid is trying to infiltrate the minds of the entire pack.

Meanwhile, the Cullens are expected to arrive in La Push the next day to celebrate Nessie's fifth birthday with fireworks and bonfires at the beach.

Chapter 2: Renesmee's Party

The Cullens arrive as planned, but Bella is not happy at all. Jake asks her to dance so they can talk about it, and Bella tells him that Edward wants to send Nessie to the Occult School of Vampires in Paris. Jake is very upset and wants to know why. Bella explains that it is to keep her safe, since something really wrong is happening to her. She has no self-restraint, and Edward suspects she may have drank human blood.

Chapter 3: Vanished

Jasper warns everyone that something is wrong with Alice, so they all head over to Leah's house, where Nessie, Alice and Blondie are alone. When Jake gets there, he finds out that Alice and Blondie have been attacked. Alice is lying on the floor, screaming her heart out because her mind has been invaded. Bella is too weak to use her shield because she hasn't been feeding, so she can't help Alice.

But the worst part is that Nessie has disappeared into thin air. Bella fears she may have left to hunt humans, but Jake refuses to believe it.

After the Blindfolded Hermit (owner of the magical blindfold) helps stop the attack on Alice by letting her wear his blindfold, Jake, Edward, Emmett and Jasper go to the forest to look for Nessie. Yet, instead of finding Nessie, they run into an evil creature that leaps down from the trees and attacks Edward.

Chapter 4: The Hellhound

The evil creature turns out to be a hellhound sent from the underworld to weaken the Cullen-Quileute alliance. It drains all the blood from Edward's body, leaving him unconscious.

When the pack surrounds the beast, it shapeshifts into the hybrid girl of Jake's nightmares. She then tells Jake that Nessie was the one who summoned her because her parents have refused to turn her into a full vampire. Nessie feels like a
freak, unable to fit in with the vampires or humans, so she wants to be turned into a full vampire.

Jake is furious when he hears this and refuses to believe it. Then the hybrid uses the talisman to attack the pack, and Jake discovers that the talisman is the source of her power. He decides to take it away from her.

Chapter 5: The Talisman

Jake consults with Sam again to find out how he can possibly take the talisman away from the hybrid. Sam tells him the only way to do it is by spirit-traveling, same as the Wolf Ancestors of ancient times did. Jake knows it's forbidden because whoever spirit-travels might end up stuck in the spirit world just like the Great Chief Taha Aki. Still, Jake is so desperate to stop the hybrid that he agrees.

In the mean time, Jake is forced to donate several pints of blood to Edward to save him from the attack. Once Edward opens his eyes, Jake announces he must go find Nessie.

But before Jake can even try to do it, the hybrid unleashes yet another attack, this time on Sam.

Chapter 6: Journey to the Spirit World

Sam Uley dies as a result of the venom that the hybrid's bite released into his bloodstream. Now, on top of having lost his pack brother, Jake is left hanging without knowing the first thing about spirit-traveling.

To make matters worse, Carlisle decides to take his clan away from La Push. When Jake sees that Bella and the rest agree with Carlisle's decision, he confronts Carlisle and demands that he explain his decision to him.

Carlisle confesses that the hybrid is actually after him and that she belongs to a very powerful group called The Order of
the Dragon. He insists on leaving La Push because it's not fair for the Quileutes to have to endure any more deaths when it's really Carlisle that the hybrid is trying to get to.

After the Cullens leave, Jake is devastated. Out of desperation, he asks the hermit to teach him how to spirit-travel. The hermit warns Jake about the terrible dangers of spirit-traveling, but Jake will stop at nothing. He's determined to go consult with the Wolf Ancestors so he can save Nessie. The hermit then takes Jake to the Hoh Rain Forest and sends him on a journey to the
spirit world while he remains behind, watching over Jake's body.

Russet Noon Vol. 2

Chapter 7: Valhalla
This chapter is still in progress. link to read the first part.

So far, the only thing Jake knows is that he must find Valhalla in order to go consult with the Wolf Ancestors. Valhalla comes from ancient Norse myths and it means "Hall of the Slain." It is a realm of the spirit world where warriors who have died on the battlefield go after their spirits leave their bodies.

Yet, before Jake can get there, he must save Bella first. Her soul is trapped in a most awful place full of tormented spirits who can't rest in peace. Jake is heartbroken when he realizes the consequences of Bella's decision to join the undead.

He decides he will bring her along to see the Spirit Warriors and find out if her soul can be saved from eternal damnation.

link (To be released this Summer 2011)

After Jake and Bella make it to Valhalla and finally get to see the
Wolf Ancestors (Spirit Warriors), Jake journeys back into his body and sets out on a mission to get the talisman and rescue Nessie from the

Meanwhile, Bella calls Jake and tells him something awful is happening to her husband after the hellhound's attack. Edward has become like a zombie with no will of his own. But what's worse, Bella feels terribly conflicted. Every time she goes near Edward, all she can think of is Jake and sucking his blood. Since Edward's body is now full of Jake's blood, Bella has to exercise a lot of self control to keep from biting Edward.

When Jake asks her to come with him to a Gothic castle in Romania to hunt down the Order of the Dragon and take the talisman, Bella decides to join him.

Only problem is, now Bella has become completely fixated on the idea of sucking Jake's blood. Will he let her?

Find out by reading Russet Noon Chapter 8 this Summer 2011.
Vampyress Bella Cullen in Russet Noon