This one is a short one and so will part 8 but the i'll try to make the rest a little longer :D

Bella's pov

Edward carried me to the car while my head was laying on his chest, he put me on my seat and he was trying to get the seatbelt around me.
“Edward, stop it “ I sort of screamed at him “ I can do that myself you now” still looking at him.
“alright, he said back and walked around the car and is just a few seconds he was sitting next to me in the car.
“What’s wrong” I asked him while he started the car. “ I want to help you but … and I interrupted him “but you’re getting overprotected again” finishing his line.
“yes” he said back and we drove off.

During the hole ride we didn’t say anything I was staring out of the window getting lost in my thoughts again
*How could this happen and to me Again?
*Am I going to die giving birth to this child, like with Renesmee?
*How is the baby doing right now?
Questions are running thru my mind and I didn’t even realise we were home till Edward put his hand on my arm.
“were home” he said.

I opened the car door and walked out. Edward was already opening the front door from our home.
“Renesmee is staying with Jacob for a couple of days” he said while we both walked thru the door, suddenly I felt his hands grabbing my arms and turned my face towards his.
“Are you mad at me” he said with pain in his voice,
“No of course I’m not mad at you, why do you even ask me that” I said curiously
“Because you didn’t say a word to me in the car” he said again with that pain in his voice. It made me swallow just hearing it.
“I’m sorry, I was just so lost in my thoughts, I’m really sorry, I’m not mad at you” I said now with pain in my voice because I was scared I hurt him.
“it’s okay, I know it’s hard to swallow all of this right now” he said looking at me, I think he could read my face right now. He dragged me into the bedroom

“You should get some rest” he said while he was holding my hand and still dragging me to the bed. I sit down on the side of the bed and he let go of my hand.
“Don’t go, please stay with me, I said while I stood up and grabbed him tight, he kissed my forehead and we both laid down on the bed. I turned myself towards him so I could look at him and I kissed him so passionate and he kissed me back with that fury kiss of him that I could never resist.
“We should stop” he said abruptly
“why” practically begging him
“Because you need to rest, Bella, that’s why” he said with a strong and determent voice.
“I can rest later, I want you now” I said in the same strong and determent voice as he did and I kissed him back. My hands were in his hair pulling his face, his lips closer to mine.
Now he didn’t stop anymore, he kissed me back and I heard his shirt ripping
“Bella” I heard him say, but I kept kissing him so he couldn’t say anything else. I crawled on top of him and kept kissing him while I took of my top and then we turned and he came on top of me and we start of kissing without even stopping. Pregnant or not, I always love our passionate time together.