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Chapter 34: The First Night of Forever (Amore’s POV)
It was so odd to be up all night long not even so much as be sleepy by morning. Aunt Bella and Uncle Edward returned after a few hours and informed me that they found Seth and spoke with him and he had headed home agreeing to come and see me in the morning. I drew all night long. At first I could only draw myself with the mystery guy and then it started to freak me out so I forced myself to focus on other things. I drew my mother as she sat and watched TV. I saved it for a present for my father for the next holiday. I had to say it was pretty good; I had spent the better half of the night on it. Uncle Edward had watched me draw for awhile, he smiled at me, “You are quite the artist,” he commented. I smiled at him, “Thanks, it is the only thing that I have ever really been good at,” I smiled sheepishly. He nodded in understanding, “I know how you feel, music is the one thing that I have always felt absolutely sure of myself in doing.” He looked at my progress and commented, “It looks so realistic it is almost as if she s going to step off of the page.” I smiled bashfully knowing that if I were alive I would be blushing. I looked at him gratefully, “thank you for letting me have your old room.” He smiled at me, “you’re welcome. It has a great view, I hope that you like it. He smirked, “I know Esme, Alice and Rosalie are planning to make it frillier for you.” I laughed, “Really it’s perfect the way it is I don’t want them to go to any trouble. He smiled at me, “believe me, it is no trouble they love decorating.” Before I knew it the sun was coming up and Aunt Alice came bounding up to me, she had disappeared upstairs for most of the night. “So I have set some clothes out for you upstairs. We still have to paint your room but I did the closet come on! She practically dragged me up the steps. My mother was already in my room sitting on the couch looking amused as her goofy sister dragged me into the room like a kid on Christmas morning. She opened the closet door with grandeur and stepped back, “So what do you think?” She asked. I had been mildly annoyed with the clothes she had selected for me yesterday simply because I was so discombobulated. I hadn’t had a female to show me the ropes with style when I was alive which was why I had shied away from anything girly back then. I was actually really excited about the prospect of finally having women to do these things with. I squealed in response, “This is so awesome! I never really had anyone to go shopping with, I am so excited.” My Aunt hooked her arm through mine, “Well you will never be without a shopping partner again.” She beamed at my mother, “Finally someone around here appreciates my fashion sense.” She turned to me, “There is so much that I will teach you!” She led me into the closet and showed me the wide array of shoes, dresses, shirts, skirts, and in the very back a few pairs of jeans. She grabbed a mini skirt, leggings, and a tight fitting t shirt out of my closet along with a pair of flats and piled them into my arms. “Here get dressed and then meet me in my bathroom for hair and makeup.” She looked at me eyes, “oooh creepy, you need another pair of contacts your first pair is long gone.” I looked at her in confusion. “They dissolve in your eyes after a bit.” She explained. She smiled brightly, “Come on hurry up I want to have enough time to work on you since you are going to see Seth today.” As soon as I was dressed my mother rolled her eyes at me and said, here we go again,” as se led me into Aunt Alice’s bathroom. She smiled happily though, so I knew she was only kidding. When I saw my crimson eyes in the mirror I gasped. I knew why Aunt Alice had commented they were startling to look at. I definitely had to fix that before I saw Seth. I put in my new contacts and Aunt Alice curled my hair at the ends again so that it fell past my shoulders perfectly. My make up was reapplied and once again I stared at the beautiful stranger in the mirror in wonder. All of a sudden it hit me, “Oh no,” I whimpered. They looked at me in concern, “What is it Amore?” My mother asked. I looked at her in a panic, “What if Seth isn’t attracted to me anymore. I am a completely different being now, I don’t even look the same.” She hugged me, I am sure that it will be fine, don’t worry. From what Bella and Edward told me he was so upset when they found him because he missed you, he wanted to be with you. He told Bella that he doesn’t care that you are a vampire and he doesn’t care if you look different; she already warned him last night”. I breathed a sigh of relief. He was the only thing tying me to my past and the only positive part of my old life. I couldn’t lose him. Aunt Alice put the finishing touches on my make up and stood back to admire her work, “Wow, I even impress myself.” She said seriously, my mother and I burst out laughing and she looked at us bemused, she didn’t get the joke. We headed downstairs. My mother gave me another cup of blood, “I don’t want to risk you being thirsty with everyone coming back today.” I looked at her in excitement, “Is Nessie coming back too?” She nodded, I squealed. I missed her so much and I couldn’t wait to show her my new powers. Before I could do anything my father came up behind me, “Happy Birthday” he said quietly as he handed me a small box. I looked at him in awe, “how did you know?” He winked, “don’t worry about it.” I giggled as I opened the box. I took out a necklace that was identical to the one that my mother wore. “It’s beautiful”, I gasped. My mother smiled, “It’s the Cullen crest. Turn it over. I flipped the necklace over on the back of it, my new name was engraved I read it aloud, “Amorita Esme Cullen, our beloved.” I was at a loss for words. “You are a part of this family now and this is just something to remind you of that fact”. I smiled at them gratefully as she put it around my neck. I looked up and noticed my grandmother had her hand to her mouth, “her middle name is after me?” she asked. My mother nodded and my grandmother came up and hugged us both. “Thank you,” she whispered. My father looked at me critically, ‘Are you sure that you are going to be able to handle seeing Seth?” I remembered my little incident yesterday at the school and swallowed hard. I looked at him and nodded, “I’m sure.” I sat back down to work on some more of my drawings and time seemed to stand still. I noticed that Aunt Alice, my mother, Grandma Esme and Aunt Bella were talking in hushed tones and spending a lot of time outdoors, but I was so absorbed in my work. I worked intently until a shadow fell over me I looked up and into the face of a dark haired guy his features were blurry I reacted so fast that I didn't see them clearly. I was startled and snarled and landed on top of him. I looked into Seth’s startled face. I knew that I should stop but something about the way that he had snuck up on me lead me back to an unpleasant place. I couldn’t tell if it was a dream or a murky human memory, but I knew that I was in danger and it involved a guy. I felt myself being lifted off of him. My father and Uncle Edward held me back while my Aunt Bella rushed to Seth’s side and helped him up. “What happened?” My mother demanded as she rushed into the room. My father spoke up, “Nothing babe, he just surprised her and she reacted that’s all.” My mother looked at me worriedly, “do you think this is too soon?” She asked my grandfather who was appraising the situation. He nodded his head, “perhaps we should hold off on this Seth.” Seth looked at me his eyes pleading, “Sienna, it’s me... please snap out of it. I love you, I have been so worried. I am sorry that I let you down that night please forgive me…” Something about his tone made the murkiness of my memory fade until it was crystal clear. It wasn't Seth who was the cause of my fear. It was Nahuel. I remembered us fighting about something and then he threw me against the tree. As I lay dying he bit me. Nahuel did this to me..."Sienna please!" Seth screamed. He pulled me out of my scary flashback. I realized that I wasn’t in danger with him he was my protector. I got down from my father and Uncle’s grasp. I ran to Seth. “I remember…” I gasped I fell into his arms and sobbed tearlessly. He held me close. “It’s ok,” I looked up at him my eyes wide with fear. “No! I remember what happened to me I remember how I died!”
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