Greetings Twi-hard, and ALL Twilight Fans!

For 10 YEARS me and many others have Campaigned to get "our" Vampire Show back on TV, which was on 4 years earlier than when Twilight came out.

I am in NO WAYYYYYYYY knocking TWILIGHT, for I LOVE TWILIGHT, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But since Twilight Saga has SADLY ENDED, I want to give you all a GREAT Opportunity to watch another Vampire show that IS HEADS ABOVE THE REST!

I am SO HAPPY to Announce that ABC-TV is working in General Hospital, which is supposed to be located in Port Charles, and they are slowly making a Come-Back with our beloved Vampire, Caleb Morley! The rest will eventually be placed.

It truly is an AWESOME Story that first aired Supernatural ideas, and their Tainted Love Vampire show was a BLAST! OMG!!!

I'm writing to you ALL NOW to give you heads up on this development, so that you can Start from the "get-go" with the ComeBack of Caleb Morley, Olivia/Livvie Locke, and a Crew of EXCELLENT Performers and Writers that will SOON lock you into the New Comeback. I want you All to have a COOL SHOW to watch outside of Twilight, and watch Port Charles RE-VAMP THEIR SHOW, one by one.

So, please! Start Taping ABC-TV at 1:00pm CST; 12:00 EST, and 10:00 PST, OR LOOK FOR THE LISTING ON YOUR TV GUIDE FOR THE TIME. And start taping these Monday thru Friday shows! IF you cannot tape the Episodes, you can always catch ALL THE Reruns of the previous week, on that coming Weekend. Check for Listings!

I hope at least most of you will give Caleb a chance, and start out with the rest of this story as it has a "COME BACK!" WOO-HOO!

DO ENJOY!!!!!!! And this DOESN't mean it takes the place of Twilight for you, it just gives you another good Vampire show to watch. It's starting to air Caleb in slowly, but soon, and with time, General Hospital WILL BECOME the FULL-FLEDGED & BELOVED "Port Charles!"

Please start taping today, or watch the Reruns this Weekend. It would be the LAST 2 Tapings of this week, when it Re-Vamped!!


Hugs & Fangbites, ;D