I always thought I would want to be a vampire, until I got the chance to become one. I was scared out of my mind at the fact that I would become a vampire in less than a 4 days! I didn't want to tell anyone but I knew they knew cause of Edward and Jasper. When ever they were trying to talk about me being a vampire, I would always change the subject or act like I needed to be some where. I hated that they knew my fear! I got up jumped in the shower and got out and dressed. I didn't feel like drying my hair so I left it wet. I went down stiar and just sat on the couch. I was bored and I didn't know were anyone was. It was storming outside, it looked kind of bad so I turned on the weather channel. I was wrong it wasn't bad enough to be on the wether channel. I couldn't hear anyone in the house. I just said is anyone here in my regular voice? Edward, Bella, Nessie and Jacob were here. Edward can into the room so fast that it scarred me when I looked up from the tv remote. Hey Edward, where is everyone? They all went out hunting before the big day. It not going to be a big day. All I want to do for my birthday is go play baseball, spend as much time with the fmaily as possible, and well yuo know the rest. I just look down at the remote acting like something was wrong with button. Edward bent down to my level. "Zoey, it's going to be okay Edward was saying" Edward it's not gonna be okay! I am going to be a vampire in 3 days! For the first time in 16 years, my birthday is acually going to have true bad luck.My birthday has always been on friday the 13th and i had never had bad luck but I think my luck was about to change, big time. I was planning to have the best birthday ever, not any more since we broke up and I am becoming a vampire. I got a great idea, I could talk to Jake and ask him to tell the Cullens that they can't change. Zoey, you can't do that. Edward, do you have to read my mind. Sorry, I can't help it that much. Edward do you really think that the Volturi will come 3 days after my birthday to check on me? "I don't know Edward said". Well we
can see if Alice can see them coming and if there not coming than I don't have to be a vampire! "Zoe, I know you dot want to become a
vampire but you are going to have to become one, Edward was saying as nicely as possible". I said said fine and walked off. This was not one
of the things to do when I came here. I saw Jake heading this way towards the house, so I thought it would be a good chance to talk to him in private. Jake we need to talk. "Umm okay let's go inside, Jake said". Nope we need to do were no one can here us. " okay he said very puzzled". We walked to the stream and I got on his back and he ran for a mile or two and than he sat me down. Jake, I don't know how to ask you this but I want you to say no about me becoming a vampire.
Jake said " I don't know if I can do that". Why not? I asked. " because I don't want you to die he said". That sweet but if Alice doesn't see them coming than I have no problem staying human. " I will have to talk about it with pack Jake said". Okay well call them, I want to be here when you talk to them! "I will have to call all of them, that is including Collin Jake said". He shouldn't have any say in being being human or not! I said. He is in the pack, I have to let
him decide. Fine Jake go ahead and and call him. Okay I'll be back in a minute. Oh Jake, Edward knows that I'm here and he know what i'm
saying. I have all ready talked to him about. He knodded his, told me to cover my ears, and walked off. I didn't think I needed to cover my
ears so I didn't until it started than I covered my ears. It was louder than I exspected, it sent a chill down my spine and gave me chill bumps. He came back, than we waited for them to show up. What did the howl mean, how do they know that's it not a howl for battle or whatever? I aksed. Well they sound different and when they morph they here my thoughts. Oh okay and then they all arrive in wolf form. Don't they need to morph?, I asked. Yes, but we are going to talk about it
in private first. Jake I need to hear every throught yall have. This is my life at hand here! "Your right, guys go morph into humans". Jake said. "Okay, Zoey go ahead and tell them what you want". I asked you to say no, your the one who wanted to talk to the pack about this
subject. "Well your the one who wanted here there oppion".- Jake said. Yes but I starte to say when Seth interupted-" guys quiet!". " Guys Zoe wants to hear your oppion about becoming a vampire". - Jake said. But Jake is the one who wanted to hear your opion and talk to you about it. I just wanted to here him say "no" and leave. Okay, who wants to go first, -I asked. Brandy spoke up first and said " I think she needs to become a vampire" amd then he muttered something under his breath like " as long as she doesn't kill Collin". I just glared at him, that was not what I wanting to here. I agree, but I don't mind if she kills Collin- Leah said. Leah thats a great idea, I like it through that veiw!- I said a with a grin on my face. Zoey, there will be non of that when you become a vampire- Jake snapped. Not even a little bit, - I said dissapointed. No! Okay gosh I was just kidding, a little bit. Jake glared at me. Okay I wasn't joking, sorry! Everyone agreed that I should become a vampire, but only one ruled over them.. Jaocb was my only hope. Thank you guys, yall may leave now. No one left accept Collin. I guess he was wanting to get back to his lover. Jake your my only hope, please don't agree with them! I was done with asking, I was begging. Zoey, I am sorry but you'll be better off as a vampire. But Jake. No buts Zoe, you heard me! Jacob Black you are the meanest person I have ever known! I hate you!!! I took off running. I didn't know where I was going, all I knew is that I was trying to get away. I knew one place to go and that was Bella and Edward's little feild. I had been there once but it was in the winter and everything was dead. I ran there it was 2 miles from were I was. I didn't care if everyone came looking for me. I hope they would never find me. It was dusk by the time I got to meadow. I laid down in the damp grass but what did I care if it was wet. I heard the bushes move, I thought it was just the wind but than a wolf came out of the bush! It was Collin and he came over to me and look straight and started showing his teeth. Ugh why of all wolves your the one who had to come find me - I said as I stoud up. A man came out of bushes. Miss don't move, I going to shoot this wolf! - the man said. No, you can't, he is a dog not a wolf! haha no Miss this is a wolf.- the mas Kept saying. Collin don't you dare do jump at this man, he doesn't understand. Collin started backing up, I stepped in front of him, hoping that the man would not shoot. Miss I need you not to move, he may attact you. I started laughing, he is not going to hurt me. I could tell he was starting to think I was nuts. Collin was at my side, looking at something right of me. He cocked his guna and then pointed it at Collin. Right as he hit the trigger I jumped in front of Collin and the bullett hit my calf, it hurt so bad. I feel to the ground and screamed. Sir please go away, never come back to this part of the woods, better never go hunting again! No go before I send the whole pack after you! I can make it home myself, now leave. I got u and started walking towards home. Collin nudge me, and then left. He came back a few minutes later, in his human form. Get on my back- Collin said. Me-No, I am fine walking back. No, he picked me up and started running. Collin stop your killing me. Your way to ruff with my leg, please just leave me alone and let me walk. He sat me down, I started walking but then all the sudden I started blacking out.