"So you're tellin' me that this girl kills vampires?" Paul said in astonishment.
"She isn't the only girl capable of doing it!" Leah growled.
"Take it easy Leah, Paul didn't mean any harm." Sam tried to calm his ex down.
"Sexist pig."Leah mutterd. Ignoring her, Edward spoke up.
"I told Bella and Esme what was going on, and Bella wants to know what she can do to help." he said with a certain desperation in his tone.
"Good, bring her over here Jake." Sam commanded his second-in-command. Jacob was almost as supportive as this plan as Edward was.
"Bella, come on." he said in such a sad voice.
"Jacob. You are just as bad as Edward." Bella said in a jokingly tone.
"I am not!" he defended.
"Just kidding around Jake." Bella promised him as they walked over to the others. Sam and Carlisle were argueing about what they should do.
"I'm telling you... Bella should just go in and act normal." Carlisle explained.
"Look, I think that Emmett, Edward, Paul, and Jake should go in with her. He wouldn't risk hurting is daughter." Sam said.
"We don't know that! Look at what he has done! What if he does hurt her? You want innocent blood on your hands?" Carlisle almost yelled back.
"I think paws would be more accurate Carlisle." Rosalie said as she walked up to them.
"Who said that her blood is innocent?" Leah muttered.
"What'd you say?!" Alice spat.
"You heard what I said leech!" Leah instigated.
"Leah. Knock it off!" Jacob, not Sam, ordered.
"Make me." Leah challenged.
"Stop talking Leah." Jacob said in a much more authoritive tone. When Leah went to say something, she cluched her throat and coughed.
"It be easier if you would stop trying to speak." Sam advised her. Leah just glared at Jake, then moved her stare towards Edward.
"Um, Leah would like me to tell you that... well I'm going to leave out the profanity, but she wants me to say "I can't belive you ordered me!""
"No big deal." Jacob said.
"So what are we going to do?" Sam and Carlisle said at the same time.