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Article by vampiress015 posted over a year ago
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Okay so here's a little game that I found. Just like the real bingo, but for when you say one of the comments -and you've probably said one of the comments more then once lol.
Okay so some of the boxes are a little mean, for example '*ignores Jacobs existence*'. Please don't take offence, I didn't make this. And there are some spelling mistakes too, but I'm sure you can read it.
I just glanced over it then, and I would say I fill about 10 (how come it's so popular if it's so cr*appy being one I use often-my friends just don't understand lol). How many do you think you can fill, comment below :)
I just thought it was something funny; tell me what you think please.

How many have you filled?
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I have said or thought of only 4 of these, including the free space.
No bingo. =(
posted over a year ago.
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i filled about:11 including the free space...i had all the good ones!...i rlly say these things =)
posted over a year ago.
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2 Bingo's! Out of 25 spaces I filled all but 7 (including the free space, of course. Lol
posted over a year ago.
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i filled 12 (including the free space)!!!!
wow haha i laughted a lot!!!
the one of : you only hate it cos you donĀ“t understand it!!! i say that many many times!!!!!

thnxs it was really funny!!!!!!!!
posted over a year ago.