Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume One
Okay, so around a half hour later, my friend Tabra finally got here. I'm feeling a little bit more at ease, but I'm still holding the gun when he entered.
"Are you okay, Cydnee?" He asked me, sitting down on the couch by my feet.
"Yea, I'm fine. Just feeling the aftershock of almost getting a knife impaled to my face." I said and looked at him. "How are you?"
"I'm doing good actually. But, I'm really worried for you, Cyd." He saw the gun and his eyes widened. "What are you gonna do with that gun?"
"Use it."
"Use it on who!?" He took the gun while I explained my theory of if he knew where to find me that day in the grocery store, then he must know where I lived.
"If anyone points a gun, let alone fires one, that will be me."
"Okay," I went to the kitchen. "Want anything to drink or eat?" The aftershock was wearing off, and I was feeling a bit hungry.
"What do ya' got?" He asked, and followed me into the kitchen and sat at my dinning table.
"I have chicken sandwhiches my mom made me from yesterday while she visited. I have like seven left, you know my mother, she over cooks."
"Always over-estimating the stomach, haha. Yea, I remember." He got a glass and started filling it with SunnyD from the fridge.
"Exactly." I put the sandwhich on his plate and put one on mine. "Want anything with your sandwhich?"
"Ketchup, please." He said and I got the ketchup out and squirted some off to the side so he could dip his chicken into it.
We sat down at the table and started talking, never eating. We didn't take a bite of it.
"We should eat," He said, looking down at our un-touched food.
"Haha, yea." He started eating his, and I almost put my mouth to mine, but I saw something neon green with a tint of silver oozing from the chicken. "What the hell?"
I put my sandwhich back down, took off the top piece of bread, and saw poison was lathered all over my sandwhich.
"Oh my god!" Tabra said and spit his chicken out.
We looked at his sandwhich, and saw it spotless.
Just my luck huh, I have a killer trying to kill me by knives, and poison. Whats next, a poisonous dart gun? Two hits in one day, and if the first hit didn't happen, this one would have. *sigh* I guess that's the consequences of provoking the man in the first place.