Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume One
"Okay, so I've had a knife thrown at my head, and now a poisonous sandwhich!? How am I suppossed to do anything around my house without any paranoia of everything being a death trap!?" I asked Tabra.
"I'm not sure. But you are right about that guy knowing where you live. The only other way I can think of a safe strategy is to come live with me in the spare bedroom." Tabra sat on the couch and I stayed standing.
"Yea, I don't mind. I would just leave now, you never know if this place is rigged with Death."
He's right. I need to leave this place now.
"Alright, I'll go." I said and we went straight to his truck, no hesitating.
"Do you remember what he looked like?" Tabra asked me.
"No," I said in disappointment. "He was too far away."
"Damn!" Tabra started towards his place in his truck.
"But I do remember one thing though," I said, now recalling the symbol.
"Yea? What was it?" He asked.
"He was wearing a T-shirt, and on his skin, his bare arm, was a symbol. It was just black, no color..." I closed my eyes, thinking hard.
Tabra handed me a pen and a napkin from his ashtray, and I thought some more, pen in hand. I then started sketching the symbol out for him. I sketched with my eyes closed, still thinking. I was pretty sure I sketched it correctly, and when I opened my eyes, I knew I was right.
The symbol on his arm looked exactly like this:

"Do you know what it means?" I asked Tabra after he looked at it.
"Yea." He looked or reallllly concerned.
"Well? What does it mean?"
"The symbol itself means Fallen Angel, but if it's worn properly on a clan, then it means Death Clan of the Fallen, once you've been targeted by them, there is no way of getting untargeted unless you kill them."
"Just like the Order of Taraka." I gasped.
"Just like the Order of Taraka." He drove off and as I thought to myself about this Death Clan of the Fallen, I was pretty damn sure that this wasn't the end of anything, or the climax in a good action movie.
This was serious life-or-death scenerios, and I was sure that I'd be seeing more of the Death Clan of the Fallen.