Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume One
So, if you forgot the last three things that have happened, here is exactly what did happen:
1.) A knife was thrown at my head.
2.) I almost consumed a poisonous chicken
and 3.) The Death Clan of the Fallen are after me.
Pretty scary right? If you think it isn't, well then leave right now, because it is. Not only do they know where I live, but they probably have been watching me for a while. Hopefully Tabra and I can get through this. We have to, right? Hero triumphs over the Villain!?
I sure hope so...
We finally got to Tabra's hotel room since he is only staying until I figure out what to do with this Death Clan of the Fallen, and once we got into his room, I felt safer already.
"Thanks so much for taking me here, Tabra." I said once we got into his hotel room.
"No problem." He shut the door and locked it, when a horrible thought struck me: What if Tabra becomes a target too?
"What if you become a target too?" I asked him and he laughed.
"Trust me, I won't be."
"Why not?" I asked him, and he turned to me, took off his shirt, and I gasped.
Right there, on his stomach, was the same symbol for the Death Clan of the Fallen.