Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume One
"So, are we clear on what to do?" Tabra asked.
"Yes I am," I was pretty sure I was anyways.
"Alright, we infiltrate there facility grounds, and once we are inside we pretend I'm the bad guy. I'll have a gun in the back of my pants, hidden by the jacket, and so will you. Once they buy my fake statement of being one of them again, I whip out the gun, release you while you pull out your gun, and we start shooting them until they are dead. Make sure you, and only you, kill the man you saw in the store. Will you know him once you see him again?"
"Yes." I knew I would.
"Good. Don't be afraid to pull the trigger, if they hold me down and put a gun to my head, listen to me and only me, got it?" I didn't like what he just said, but seeing how we had no other option except for waiting for a dead me, I nodded in agreement.
"Alright, let's go." He put a gun into the back of his pants and flipped the jacket he slung on over it, and I did the same.
We walked out of his door, and headed for the headquarters of the Death Clan of the Fallen.