Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume One
We got into Tabra's truck, and started over to the headquarters of the Death Clan of the Fallen. I was nervous, and I felt like I was gonna' throw-up.
"Is it too late to back out?" I asked him and he laughed nervously.
"Right now, yes." He kept on driving, and I thought to myself how better life will be once this is over.
Alright Cyd, stop being nervous! Sure you can die, but think about how much ass you'll kick!? Think about how bad ass you'll be pointing and shooting a gun, especially at the guy who threw a knife at your head!! Man, this will be good for you and a lesson learned for them, am I right? Or is it, are you right? Either way, you are right. Just got in there, follow the plan, and make sure you dominate them! Otherwise, you are a failure.[i/]
"That's right," I said to myself. "I will dominate them. I [i]won't
be a failure, I will be great at this. No nervousness, no failure coming from me-I will kill the man who tried to kill me!"

--------------END OF VOLUME ONE-------------------