OK i told my friends about how i posted my story on fanpop and she was writing one 2 so she wanted me to post her story 2. Her story is about vampires but different stroy so here it is........

Chapter 1:
I’m dancing in a big mansion with lots of light everywhere and I feel somebody’s hands around my waste while I’m dancing, but I can’t see anything since the light is blinding me. I can only touch, my hand is on his shoulder, he has some lend and muscular shoulders, I know he can’t be fat, so all I know he is skinny and muscular. His touch sends an ice cold feeling down my spine, his hands were also cold, I can’t explain why though.
“I love you Ada.” He says.
“Ada!!!!!!” yells Shiver.
My head pops up and I hit something really hard!
“OW!!!!!!!” I whine.
I start to rub my head and I see I’m in math class with everybody watching me. I stare and look around. Okay two things must of happened either I was called on to answer a question while I was asleep or I had some drool or something on my face because they were all chuckling and stuff. Then I take another look around and I see the teacher right there with the principle.
“Oh shit!” I mumble so quiet that they don’t hear me.
“This is the 10th time you had slept in my class room Miss. Ponoeski, I got Mr. Fanny here to take you to I.S.S.” says my math teacher, I never did remember his name.
“Come with me Miss. Ponoeski.” Mr. Fanny says.
Everybody in the class is whispering and some are like “OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”, but the teacher hushed them. I’m walking with Mr. Fanny or I like to call him Mr. Buttocks to his office and we did all the boring stuff lecture, talk, talk, blah, blah and so forth. Now, I’m in the I.S.S room with these other people. I have to say it’s pretty boring, nothing to do here.
Oh! I forgot to mention who I was duh! Blonde moment!!! Yeah, I get that a lot, I have to say that’s my specialty. Name’s Ada, yeah unusual name right, but hey it’s awsumo! Like my new word for awesome?! I’m 16 years-old, still can’t drive, sucks for me! I have a sister named Shiver, yeah she is the one that woke me up in math class, next time I see her I need to yell at her, we are twins, but we don’t look the same, I forgot that big word that’s use for that, anyways! I have a mom no dad, he died before I got to really know him, but whatever. My mom is what would I say um a drug-holic well not really drug more like getting drunk and stuff, oh that reminds me! My math teacher went out with her it was horrible having your math teacher dating your mom, EW!! That is not right in so many ways! I pretty much have a messed up life, mom’s always drunk, we could barely live in my house, and I have to work! Yeah, being me is hard work I swear!
A few hours later I wake up because of the bell, well you know because it’s boring and everything how can you not expect me to sleep? It’s the end of school and I walk out of the detention room and guess what I see.
“Hi Ada!!” says Paul
“Oh..Hi Paul…” I replied unenthusiastic as he is.
I start walking and he follows as usual. Paul and I known each other for 3 years and apparently he’s been crushing on me since then, great isn’t it? I just don’t feel the same way as him sorry he is not my type! I finally get to the door and just when I do the door flies open.
“OWW!!! Not again!” I yelp.
“Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to Ada!” Shiver apologizes.
“Ow! Oh that reminds me! HOW COME YOU DIDN’T WAKE ME UP IN MATH CLASS SOONER MOM IS GOING TO KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I practically screamed out while holding her by the shoulders.
“I’m..ow…sorry..ow please..ow..let go!” pleaded Shiver.
“Fine, I’m going to let you off this time, but you owe me woman!” I warned her.
“Okay..I think.” She says unsure.
We start to walk to Wendy’s because I’m hungry as hell man! We go over there and we started to eat, well mostly me. Shiver and I talked like for a long ass time that we didn’t know what time it was. I finally look outside and I see it’s really dark.
“OMG! Shiver we gotta get home before mom is going to you-know-what.” I said in a panic voice.
We started to head home and hey I got to say I do NOT like walking in the dark alone at this time of day. I mean you never know there might be molesters, gangsters, and stuff like that you know what I mean. Shiver was with me and we started to talk and talk on the way home, but we hear these sudden foot steps behind us. I turn around I saw nothing, I kept walking and then Shiver turns around.
“Ada, I’m scared I hear something.” Shiver whispers.
“I know I hear it too just walk faster. I whispered back.
So, we walk a little faster and we still hear the foot step going faster too, so we start to panic and we started to run. The person behind us started to run to and caught up so fast and grabbed Shiver.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” Shiver screamed.
I ran back to help her and you know went kung fu style on him, by the way I took kung fu class 101. First kick his balls, second run for your life, and third curse. I did exactly what the rules said I kicked him in the balls, but um 1 problem he grabbed my ankle before I could run.
“Damn it let go of me you bastard!” I cursed and kicked my legs
I then feel my leg get loose then I got up and wanted to know what happened. Did I kick him so hard that he couldn’t move no more? I saw a guy and not just any guy a finnneee guy. He put the guy up, punched him in the gut, and threw him on the ground. He started to come towards me.
“Are you okay?” he asked in a gently voice and held his hand out.
I nodded quickly and took his hand. I fell back down on the floor because of how cold his hand was! He chuckled a bit at least that’s what I heard.
“Did you loose you balance?” he asked politely.
“Um yeah let’s go with that.” I replied
He lifted me up so fast I didn’t see it coming. Next thing I know I’m so close there’s no gaps between us. I looked down so I don’t have to see his face while I’m blushing. I quickly remembered something, I kind of pushed him off.
“Shiver?!” I said looking around
Next thing you know, I see her in that one molester dude’s hands. He had one hand on her mouth and his other hand has a gun pointed to her head. I trembled at the thought of what is going to do next.
“Shiver!! You umfbahs!!! I screamed, but not to loud.
“What???” the molester asked confused.
“Nothing you need to know, now let my sister go before I have to beat your ass up!” I threatened.
“Ha! I don’t thinks that’s going to happen hot-stuff, you see one move the girl dies.” He said pleased.
I thought to myself that it’s over one move and she’s dead, but I can’t let him threaten me! WAIT ONE MINUTE!! Did he just call me hot-stuff?? Before you know it he’s knocked out unconsciously! I blinked once, blinked twice, and another time. Well, I really didn’t think about it because I ran to my sister. She was crying in fear. I hugged her while patting her back.
“It’s okay Shiver.” I said comforting her.
I looked over her shoulder at the molester. I let go of Shiver and walked towards him. I looked around to find a big large stick. I found one! I grabbed and stand over the molester. I went wild on him, I hit him and hit him until he had so much injuries, oh that’s what he gets for trying to kill my sister. Oh did I mention I kind of you know damage the thing down there, yeah, that’s gonna leave a mark for the rest of his life. Ha Ha! I see Shiver cracking up behind me, I couldn’t help it so I cracked up with her. I couldn’t help, but realized after I was done laughing my ass off that the strange man disappeared. I remember what he looked like though. Light brown hair, icy blue eyes, and he wasn’t that old he look like my age maybe a year older, but still nice a young. While I was looking for him Shiver begged me to hurry up so we could go home before anything else bad happens.
We got home like at 10:00pm and oh yeah our mom was pissed! I can see it in her eyes, it’s burning with rage!
“Where…the hell have you two been?!” she yells while she is still drunk. “Do you know these bills can’t pay themselves you know..”
God I wanted to sock her upside the face and curse at her!
“Sorry mom we got held up at school and we were hungry.” Shiver said in a quiet tone.
“So the hell what I’ve been starving my ass off here, while you two were supposedly “held up at school”. “she quoted.
That’s it I couldn’t take it no more I had to tell her straight up and now because when you hold it for like 10 years, hey, you gotta let it burst sometime!
“Argh! Mom look at yourself!! Can’t you see how wasted you are?! You’re drinking and smoking! You think that could get rid of the pain for the last 10 years?! Come on, mom! Look passed that you got 2 daughters in high school and this is what you become?! Get yourself a damn card and get a hint! It’s time to get over the fact that dad’s gone and start new!” I yelled at her.
There was a whole lot more of stuff I wanted to say, but when I talked about dad that’s when she would go loco!
“Oh so you think this is my fault huh?! I’m a single fuckin’ mother with 2 children! I got no job and I can’t do whatever I want because you guys around?! Maybe I should just ship you off to Costa Rica or Brazil or China for all I care!” she said like it was nothing
I wanted to punch her so bad for what she said. Ohhh god she makes me wanna shove that bottle upside her butt and making come outta her mouth!
“Hey, we’re the ones making the money mom I wouldn’t be talking! We could of left you a long time ago if we wanted to! I mean seriously you got no job like you said, so if we leave then you go nothing.” I said coldly.
That’s when I hit her so bad.
“Oh oh okay I see! I’ll just get rid of you now so I don’t have to worry about you guys no more.” She said while grabbing the knife from the drawer. She’s smacking it against her palm and walking crippled over to us.
Lucky for me she was drunk. She fell on the ground moaning like she’s going to throw up. The knife is away from her, thank god!
“Shiver, get your stuff and my stuff we are moving.” I said unwilling to.
“What? We can’t just move! Where would we live, how are we going to..” I cut her off before she could finish her sentence.
“Just go! I got it all under control! Just go get what’s necessary and get the emergency money.” I said quickly, but I bluffed in the first sentence.
I watched silently at my mother on the floor unconscious, thinking if this is the right thing to do. I didn’t have a choice, I put up with this for freakin’ 10 years I don’t think I could take it no more! I hear Shiver tumbling over things in our rooms. I take one good look at her and the place that use to be called my home. Shiver finally came downstairs a few minutes later.
“Okay I got everything that is necessary and I got the emergency money too, but I’m kind of wondering, what will we do with mom?” Shiver asked
I sighed “Nothing she’ll be fine on her own. I know it’s not right, but she already messed up her life. She is drunk too much for last 10 years already, so it’s too late for her to stop. Anyways, let’s go.” I said to Shiver.
I started to head for the door with Shiver walking behind me. We go out the door and it’s dark out I totally forgot that it was night time, but oh well. I think for a moment where would we sleep for the night. Nothing came into mind.
“Ada, I’m scared what happens if another molester comes?” Shiver says
“Don’t worry, I know what to do trust me.” I said unsurely
We keep walking in the same direction, which it’s straight, and I still couldn’t come up with anything.
“Hmm, maybe we could go to Liana’s house and Rocio’s!” I thought.
I turned around.
“I got it! Let’s go to Liana’s and Rocio’s house!” I suggested.
“Oh! But would they let us stay there?” Shiver asked.
“Of course! They are stinking rich people and they are our best friends! Why wouldn’t they let us stay there?” I said happily.
Shiver agreed, so we walked all the way to Liana’s and Rocio’s house. The live all the way in the east side, we lived on the west side, so we had to walk a long way. We get to their house and we see lights on and noises. Thank lord she owns her own private place or the neighborhood would be awake. I knock on the door as hard as I could, no one answers, this time I tried the door bell, someone opened the door.
“Oh good evening Miss Ponoeski.” The man said
“Must be her butler or something.” I thought
“Hi is Liana—“ I get cut off
“Wow hi Rocio.” I said not as loud.
“Come on in!” she said
We walk in the house and there’s like a party going on, people are drinking, people are dancing, people are making out, oh snap okay don’t near those people. We walk up stairs to Rocio’s room where it’s less noisy.
“So what you guys doing here?” asked Rocio
“Well it’s a long story.” Shiver said
“I got time to spare.” Rocio replied
“Okay so this is what happens—“ I get cut off again.
“Hey Ada, Hey Shiver!! Rocio how come you never told me they came?!” Liana said.
“Hey I didn’t know where you were so I decide to you know do the old fashion thing, wait until you come!” Rocio told Liana.
“Well lucky for you I saw them come in!” She said
“Do you want to hear why me and Shiver are doing here?” I interrupted.
They nodded and I told them the whole story from where the molester came to where we are right now. They both looked at us in shock and their eyes filled with sadness. Shiver looked like she was going to cry, but I’m not going to cry, I have to stay strong.
“Oh my god! That’s so sad and horrible!” Liana exclaims.
“Yeah, I can’t believe that! Who was the cute guy??” Rocio asks.
“How could you be thinking about the boy at this minute when they’ve been through so much?!” Liana tells Rocio.
“Gosh! I was just joking, trying to make the matter you know laughable, but I guess you can’t enjoy my humor!” Rocio stated.
I kind of chuckled at the thought that Rocio and Liana were fighting I mean come on, if someone should be on a comedy show it should be these two! They heard me laughing well chuckling and they started to laugh at themselves. Shiver and I couldn’t help it so we all started to burst into laughter.
“Hey how about we make this better! Suggested Rocio.
She always knows how to party, I’ll tell you that much! Maybe, we could forget the past and start a new life.
“So what we going to do?” Shiver asked.
“Hehe!” Rocio said evilly. Roico gave a look to Liana and Liana smiled and nodded.
Me and Shiver look at each other like I don’t like how they are smiling like that. We both like cuddled next to each other and we pretended to look scared. Rocio and Liana laughed when we did that.
“Follow us, I know how we are going to make you feel better.” Liana said enthusiastically.
So we followed them into the hallway, downstairs, and into the kitchen. I’m wondering why are we in the kitchen. There was like tons of food on the counters, on the stoves, and on the table. Then I see Rocio and Liana grab tons of food in their hands, one thought came into mind.
“ Me and Liana wanted to save this at the end of the party, but oh well!” Rocio said. “FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
I duck for cover, but for Shiver, she got hit first.
“EW! Why did it have to be sauce first?!” Whined Shiver.
I laughed at her when she said that and didn’t pay attention to Liana when she threw a pie in my face. When I got hit, I use my hand to whip off the pie and you know me I’m how you say you know kind of competitive.
“Oh you are going to wish you never did that.” I warned Liana
I grab some eggs from the egg carton and threw it up in the air and caught it again, I repeated it several times then threw it at Liana. I didn’t use full strength because you know if I do I could do some serious damage. Now, we were all just having fun throwing food at each other and laughing while doing it. Until some dude came in and we all aimed for him because I mean we were having fun!
“What the hell?” the guy questioned.
We all look at him and then we all dropped the food and froze for a minute. He stared at us like we were crazy then smiled. He grabbed food and threw it too! We all screamed and we all started the food fight again. Apparently, Shiver mostly only aimed for the guy. I’m thinking she likes him or something. I don’t see what she sees in him, he’s kind of ugly no offence to him seriously!
“Okay, Peace!!!” Liana said.
We all drop the food and started to laugh like crazy because of how we all looked, Rocio looks the most funniest because in the middle of food fight she rolled in the food on the floor, it was hilarious! Liana was like me we didn’t roll in the floor, but we threw stuff at each other most of the time, Shiver she isn’t as much cover because she doesn’t like to get dirty, and the other guy he is like fully cover from head to toe.
“Phew, that was so much fun!” I shouted.
“Yeah! Did it make you happy?” Said Liana.
“Well, if I had fun of course it made me happy! Duh!” I stated.
“Hell yeah, we are so good!” said Rocio giving a high five to Liana.
“What no high five for me?” I said with a puppy pout.
“AW! You get one too! This time two-handed!” Roico yelled.
She slapped hands and apparently too hard.
“OW!” Rocio and I yelped in pain, but in a good way.
“I had fun too.” Stated the guy.
One of us was about to speak until Rocio’s sister comes in.
“Holy! You guys started the food fight already?!” asked Lucia.
“He He, yep because—“ Liana gets cut off by Rocio.
“We’ll tell you later not the best time.” Said Rocio respectively.
Lucia nods and walks out. We all just stand there looking at each other in totally silence. Then, we decided to go and change because of the food stains on our clothes. Liana tells the guy to take the bathroom down stairs to the left then a right on the 2nd door. I don’t know if you had trouble understanding that, but I kind of did. He nodded and left, we meaning me, Rocio, Shiver, and Liana went up stairs and went into separate bathrooms. We washed our hairs, changed into new clothes and we had to meet up at the main room. Which um, yeah she never told us, well me, where that was, so I’m here walking through hallway to hallway, around and around, and yeah I can’t find it! I look at my watch and I’ve been searching for more than 30 minutes. I turned at the corner and I see the boy! The guy that saved my life, the one with brown hair and icy blue eyes! He’s right there looking at his phone and I guess he notice me and looked my way. My heart started to beat fast! Fast enough that it might pop out of my chest. I see this big smile on his face, I feel like I’m melting! He gets up and walk towards me, I’m thinking to myself
“Okay Ada, stay calm its just a guy, but a hot one! Wait! Stop it just remain calm, just speak casually.”
“Hi, it’s a pleasure to see you again.” He says so gently while picking up my hand and kissed it. Wow what a gentleman!
“H-hi.” I stuttered
He chuckled a bit and I began to blush.
“I quite didn’t catch your name, my name is David by the way.” He says.
“Oh, my name is um Ada.” I replied
“Ada. What a lovely name.”
“Um yeah, I guess, I like you name too.”
“Why thank you, Ada.”
“Your welcomes” I smiled
He smiles back
“Are you lost?”
“Um yeah, I can’t find the main room.”
“Ah, I know where that is, I’ll show you.” He took my hand and began to lead the way.
“So why are you here?” I tried to start a conversation.
“Hm, no reason I just passed a long here so I decide to check it out.”
“I see..”
“Why are you here?”
“Well, it’s a long complicated story.”
“I have time.” He smiles
I look at him and god! He’s smile is like so cute! I couldn’t help, but stare at him while we were walking.
“Here we are.”
“ADA! There you are! We’ve been waiting forever for you!” exclaimed Rocio.
“WELL! If someone gave me directions I wouldn’t be lost now would I?!” I mocked back.
“Well—Oh who’s that?” Rocio said distractedly
Shiver, Liana, Rocio, and the guy stared at him. Mostly Shiver because we have kind of the same taste in guys.
“Hello, my name is David, pleasure to meet all of you.” He introduced.
“Hi David!” they all say in unison.
I look at them like they must of rehearsed it or something. I guessed all of them were interested in him because how they reacted and they started to chat with him and I’m here just like bored out of my mind, but I can’t help, but wonder he looks so familiar, the way his body is shaped, his hand was ice cold, and he looks pale too. I’m wondering if he’s the guy from my dream. I don’t know, but I guess I have to keep my eye open. The party ended at 4 o’clock in the morning and everybody left. David also left, but he gave me his number so I could call him. Everybody was tired including me. We all fell asleep down stairs in the game room. Shiver was on the couch, Rocio was on the floor, Liana was on the bean bag chair, and I don’t know why, but I was sleeping on the table with a pillow.

Chapter 2 : New life

I wake up the next morning somehow on the ground. I get up a groaned because my back hurt! I look around and see that everybody was gone except Shiver and me, so I’m wondering what happened. It’s 1:15pm and I’m hungry. I decided to leave Shiver here while I get something to eat, I’m starving! I walk up stairs and see food! There’s chocolate-chip pancakes and milk!! YUM! My favorite, well one of my favorites. I start to chow down, and about 5 minutes later Shiver comes up scratching her eyes.
“Hmm, where is everybody?” Shiver asks.
“I don’t know, I’m too busy eating.” I said with a stuff load of pancakes in my mouth and syrup dripping down.
“Oh pancakes! They look good!” she says while grabbing some for herself.
“We both chow down, stuffing ourselves until we can’t eat no more. Then I notice a note on the fridge, I get up, walk towards it, and read it, it says,
“Hey! Good morning sleepy heads! Did you guys have a nice nap? Well me and Rocio are at private school right now and we are trying to get you guys to enroll too! It’s that great! Well, I made some pancakes for you guys so you won’t be starving while we are gone. For now just do whatever you want, we are coming home at 4 o’clock okays?
Liana & Rocio”
Well, that was nice of Liana to give us a note. Can do whatever we want huh? I got something on mind. Since she is getting us into private school might as well go to our old school and tell them that we are going to a new school. Then, leave Mr. Buttocks and my math teacher a present. I smiled evilly at the plan.
“Hey Shiver wanna help me with a little project I’m about to do?” I ask Shiver.
“Depends what it is, what do you have in mind?” She replied
“Oh don’t worry it will be fun!”
She nodded finished up her pancakes. We get dressed and started to walk to our school. About an hour later we get there. I walk in the school and told the Vice principal that Shiver and I were going to a different school. After I got that done, I walk outside and walked to Shiver. We go in the parking lot where all the teacher’s cars were and looked for my math teacher’s car. Found it! It was a black Ford. Hm, that’s a shame that it has to go to waste. I pick locked the car, I used a bobby pin, yes I can pick lock, as soon as I got it open the alarm didn’t go off, thank lord! Shiver gets in the front seat and says,
“We can’t drive this thing without keys!”
“That’s where you are wrong!” I make her get out of the front seat and open this compartment under the steering wheel and connected these two wires and WALA! It starts up!
“Holy crap! How did you—“ I cut her off.
“I learned it from T.V. now lets get this into that ditch over there!” I said with excitement.
I get in the front seat, put it in drive, and slowly drove my way to the ditch over near the road. Once I got near the ditch I looked for any money or any pens, markers, anything that I could write with. I see there’s a marker in his cup holder, so I take that, put it in park, then I wrote in big letters “BIG MEANIE, YOU NEVER GIVE US A BREAK! PLUS YOU’RE A GAY-PUSSY!” then I grabbed a napkin and rubbed off all the evidence on the car of finger prints so I don’t get thrown in jail for this, once I did that I put the gear on drive and let is smoothly drive away into the ditch. I start running before it hit the ditch, so did Shiver. We made it to the other side of the school and as a little going away present for Mr. Buttocks, I wrote on the window “Mr. Fanny = Mr. Ass-Hole”, Shiver laughed when I wrote that I chuckled a bit and we started to run the opposite direction of the school. Once we got far enough we decided to walk home and tell Rocio and Liana about what we did. I have to say it is kind of fun doing that, but I just hope I won’t be put in jail for it.
“Oh snap, I we don’t get caught for that.” Shiver said.
“Yeah, I hope I got rid of all the evidence.” I said unsure of.
We get home and it’s 3:30pm, we decided to just lay down, watch some T.V., listen to music until Liana and Rocio gets home. I watch the clock and felt tired so I fell asleep. About 2 hours later I hear the door shut, I wake up and shouted
“Welcome home!”
“Oh thanks I feel welcomed.” A stranger’s voice said.
I popped my head up to see what’s going on and I see this strange boy, not anyone I know.
“Who are you?” I question, “You’re not Rocio or Liana!”
“Well, pardon me! Rocio and Liana are outside fighting.” He said in a deep tone.
I rushed to the door and he was right they were fighting not fist fighting more like arguing.
“What the heck you like him?!” Rocio shouted.
“What?! I told you that I liked him first!” Liana replied the shout.
“Whatever, you knew I liked him since the first day we meant and that was like 1 hour!”
“Roico, I’ve been crushing on him ever since 7th grade! I introduced him to you!”
“Don’t use that excuse with me!”
“You can’t except the fact that I’m right and you’re wrong!”
Then I see a fist come up, well not a fist just the hand and I come between them, I tried to separate them far enough so they don’t get into a cat fight.
“Enough! You two are fighting over a boy! You shouldn’t do that it will ruin your guys friendship!” I lecture.
They stop for a moment and started to argue with me, I argued back of course trying to make things better. They finally calmed down and made a peace treaty.
“So who’s the guy you guys liked?” I said curious.
“Oh it’s the guy that went inside.” Rocio replied.
We walk inside the house and we see Shiver and him talking and laughing. That really made Rocio and Liana pissed. I could see it in their eyes, just waiting to pounce! I reminded them softly about the treaty so they you know wouldn’t blow! The relaxed a bit and took a deep breath.
“Oh hey girls. You done fighting?” He said.
“Yeah just a little argument is all.” Said Liana.
Rocio nodded in agreement. They took a seat on the couch and began to chat.
“So! Didn’t you say you were going to enroll us in you school?” questioned Shiver
“Oh! We got you guys in!” Rocio said.
“No way!” I said
“Yeah way!” said Liana.
“Like oh my god!” the guy said like he was gay.
We all started to crack up and just talk about how the school is going to be like. Apparently I notice that Rocio’s and Liana’s backpacks were full just by looking at it. I guessed they had homework.
“Um guys—“ I get cut off.
“Oh yeah they are going to love it!” Liana said.
“Guys—“ get cut off again.
“Seriously!!” Rocio said.
“GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed.
“WHAT?!” they all yelled together.
“Do you have homework to do” I pointed to the backpacks and it’s like 8 o’clock already.
They look at the backpacks and started to go crazy! The were like little ants when you step on a party of them. It was hilarious!
“Ah! The essay!” Yelled the guy.
He grabs a random backpack and opens it.
“That’s not your backpack retard!” Rocio corrects.
She tries to grab it, but falls over another backpack.
“Ah!” she screams then lands on top of him, you can see her face get all pinkish-red. She gets up so quick you can’t even sit it. “Sorry”
“Argh! That’s my backpack you have!” Liana shouts.
She grabs it and then trips on her own two feet.
“Ow!” she yelped.
“Ah! Dudes where is my backpack?!” he cried
“Dude you’re sitting on it.” Shiver and I pointed out.
He looks down,
“Ohh! Ha Ha!” he says stupidly.
Me and Shiver watched as they rapidly do their homework it was funny! Well, while that passed that guy had to go and we stayed there like tired well I was bored most of the time. So, we all decided to sleep. The next morning was earlier! All I hear BEEP BEEP BEEP!! Repeating and repeating! I get up and start to smash it with my bare hands!
“What the hell Ada?” Shiver says
“What? It woke me up!” I said tired
“Well, hurry and get dressed we go school.” She told me.
“WHAT?! WHEN DO WE LEAVE?!” I yelled.
“AH! It’s 8! Damn why didn’t you wake me up earlier!?”
“I did! But you had to be stubborn!”
I get up and started to look through the closest and just find what ever goes good, I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, take a quick shower, blow dry my hair, and get my hair done! I got 5 minutes to spare, but they drag me out of the house so we could get going. The good thing is that we don’t have to walk, the bad thing is that I was hungry!!
“I can’t wait until you see our school!” Liana says with excitement.
“Hey! What’s the school like?” asked Shiver.
While they talk about school, I’m here tired as hell and I’m not interested in school. I mean only for friends and fun yeah, but learning yeah right like I will enjoy that! I look outside the window and I look up. The clouds looks so pretty! When I decide to stop because of the sun I look out my window and I see this one dude stare at me right in the eye when the stop light turn green. I think it was my imagination, I hope. We finally get to school and the bell rings.
“Ah shit! Hurry run we don’t wanna be late!” Liana and Shiver shout.
Rocio and I don’t really care if we are late, been there done that and still there! Ha! Well, we are running in the school, we get to our lockers, and the announcements come on,
“Everyone please come to the auditorium to meet our new students, dismiss from 9th grade first, then 10th, then so on.”
When the announcements were done, Shiver and I looked at each other in horror.
“What?! Wait you guys announce your new students?!” I shouted.
“Yeah, what about it—oh shit! I forgot you guys don’t like speech.” Liana says
“Ops, we forgot to tell you that, I guess it slipped. I’m sorry guys really sorry!” Rocio apologizes.
“AHHHHHHH! I don’t wanna make a speech!” Shiver whines.
“We have no choice unless he introduces us and then we don’t have to say anything. Please god don’t make us do speeches!” I pleaded.
We started to head for the auditorium with Liana and Rocio, even though they’re not suppose to come yet, but oh well! We pass went in the back of the stage and the principal comes to greet us.
“It’s a pleasure to meet both of you! I’m Mr. Bieocho.” He said.
“It’s nice to meet you to Mr. Bieocho.” I tried to say kindly without laughing.
“Please step this way and introduce yourselves.” He said smiling.
“Well, what if you’re um say shy do you have to do it?” Shiver asked.
“Oh, if you guys are shy I’ll introduce you guys for you.”
“Really!! Oh please do we are not speech people and thanks!”
“Not at all, but in return if I do introduce you, you must do something in return for me.”
“Depends what the deal is.” I said
“Well, you have to—“ he gets cut off by the curtains.
“It’s show time! Now, just play along.” He whispers to us.
Shiver and I don’t like the idea of what he has in stored for us. We walk out into the stage, scared to the bone, I feel like fainting already. I don’t like to make speeches, presentations, or performances, well as long as I’m not alone of course.
“Hello and welcome students, I would like you to meet our two new students at East Hawaii high school!” he announces.
We both just stand there looking at all the people out there, and trust me I feel like fainting, if I faint though, I’ll be the laughing stalk of the year! No way I’m going to faint now! Everybody is clapping and whistling, even one said “Hey babe what’s you doing tonight!”, wow I was hoping he wasn’t mentioning me cause if he was then he’s in for a whole lot of pain. Mr. Bieocho raised his hand and the noise calmed down.
“This is Ada Ponoeski.” He pointed to me, “And this is Shiver Ponoeski.” He pointed to Shiver. “And they’re going to perform something for us! I hear from their friends they are great singers!
“What!!!!” Shiver and I yelled out.
“Please give them all your attention! Ada, Shiver, good luck! Tell our pianist what song to play!” he told us.
“Aw shit, Shiver what we gonna do?!” I whispered to her while walking to the pianist.
“I don’t know! I know a few songs, but I don’t wanna sing!” she whispered back intensely.
“Yeah and I really want to do this.” I said sarcastically.
We reach the pianist and stood there for a moment.
“So girls what do you want me to play I can play anything!” she says happily.
“Um, well, ya see we really don’t wanna do this. We don’t like to perform.” I informed her.
“Ah, that’s too bad I was looking forward to hearing you guys sing. I’ll tell them that you guys don’t know any songs to sing to.” She told us.
“That would be very helpful, please and thank you!” I told her.
She walks in front of the stage and takes the microphone.
“Everyone, apparently these girls weren’t prepared so we won’t be singing anything. I am sorry.” The pianist says sadly.
My heart felt relief that it was cancelled because I would not be happy if I had to sing in public like that! I wanted to die after hearing from the principal we had to sing! We walked behind the curtains of the stage. The students were saying “Aww.” and “Dang!”, I could care less man I didn’t want to anyways!
“Phew! That was close!” said Shiver.
“Too close in fact!” I said.
“You guys are lucky usually the pianist isn’t that nice to people I guess something happened to her.” Rocio said.
“Well, I really don’t care as long as I’m not singing in front of them I’m fine!” I insured her.
“Well now we have to go to class now.” Liana says disappointed.
So, we start to head to first hour. I had first hour with Rocio, Liana had first hour with Shiver. This is my schedule :
First Hour- American History
Second Hour- Math
Third Hour- Science
Fourth Hour- Lunch
Fifth Hour- English
Yep that’s my schedule I don’t know what Shiver and the rest have, but oh well! I arrive to American History with Rocio. And next thing you know eyes are all on me! I stare back at them just moving my eyes left and right.
“Ah! You must be Ada Ponoeski, I’m Mrs. Bung. You will be seating right there.” She said while pointing to my seat.
“Nice to meet you too.” I said and headed to my seat.
Great! I’m seating next to a guy. Ew and it’s a nerd too! I took my seat and hanged off the edge of my seat away from him as possible!
“Hey. My name is Ken!” he says.
“Um hi..” I said trying not to sound like I’m mean.
The class started, talking about history, I’m bored so I start to doodle in my notebook. I started the drawing and it looked like a head so I start to make a face on it. I guess I was thinking of David after all because of his hair. Oh my god! His hair is ohhh…! I start to daze in space a little.
“Miss. Ponoeski!” Mrs. Bung interrupted.
I popped my head up.
“What?” I asked.
“Would you like to read the next paragraph?” she asked like she purposely wanted me to read it.
“Um..” I said unsure.
“The second paragraph..” Ken whispered.
“Thanks” I whispered back.
I started to read the second paragraph and I finish it. Good thing it was short too. That nerd really got me out of trouble. First hour went by so slow! I watched the clock most of the hour. Finally, the bell ring and I practically sprint out to the door.
“HA! I can tell you wanted out of that class!” Rocio said with laughter.
“Duh! I’m sitting next to a nerd and the teacher is boring what else do you expect?” I said. “Damn! I got math next! Do you got math next?” I asked Rocio.
“No I got science next, well good luck!” Rocio said running off.
“Damn, I got to find the next class!” I thought
“Need help?” a familiar voice rang.
I turn around and I see David!
“Holy crap David you go to this school?!?!” I said with lots of enthusiasm.
“Wow, you seem happy to see me.” David says with a smile across his face.
I start to blush.
“Well…” I said unsure.
He laughed.
“It’s okay don’t have to answer, so I heard that you can’t find you next class.”
I nodded. He starts to take my hand and lead me to my class. I kept staring at him on the way there, he’s face structure, his hair, and his very cold hands! I don’t know why they’re always cold, must be from the temperature, don’t know. We made it to math class ugh! He needed to go to his next class, so I’m all alone here! That’s what I thought until I saw Liana.
“Liana!!” I yelled across the room.
Everybody stares at me.
“Shit” I cursed.
“Hey Ada!” Liana finally replies.
“Hey.” I said softly, I don’t wanna make myself look like a fool again.
I walked to her than sat in the seat right next to her. We start to chat about random stuff and girl stuff. Then this one boy comes up to us.
“Um, you’re sitting in my seat Ada.” He says
“Oh sorry, I’ll talk to you later Liana.” I said politely.
I start to look for an empty seat, but the whole room is full, so I waited until the teacher comes and tells me where to sit. But apparently, he never came it’s been 15 minutes since the bell rang and everybody is going crazy! Throwing crumpled paper across the room, chasing, cursing at each other, and other things. And here I am just laughing my ass off, until I get pulled out of the class room by Liana.
“Phew!” Liana says.
“Why are we out in the hallway?” I asked.
“Because, when the teacher comes we won’t get in trouble for doing something and besides the teacher here is very strict especially math teachers! When they get mad oh dang you are sent right to the principal’s office!”
“Wait?! I thought private schools are goody-goody two shoes people.” I replied acting like a good student.
“Ha! That’s funny, that’s what the principal spreads around to the other schools, but in reality we are just crazy, fun, and breaking rules. Just like old any other school is.”
“Well, then I love this school already!”
We hear footsteps down the hallway and I see this old dude. He’s bald, his pants are all the way to his belly, and he has thick glasses on.
“Who’s that?” I whispered to Liana.
“Now that’s our math teacher, he is so you know old, and when he’s sleeping his tongue sticks out and goes back in really fast, its so hilarious! I started to crack up when I saw that!” Liana told me.
“Wow, I bet he was having a very interesting dream.” I said half laughing.
We started to crack up, until the teacher came.
“What are you two doing outside of class?” he asked
“We were waiting for you Mr. Pipe, the class is going crazy again.” Liana said trying to act innocent
“I see, thanks you Miss. Muenos.” Mr. Pipe said.
He opens the door and walks into the class room and boy was it messy! Liana and I started to walk behind Mr. Pipe and see what was going to happen the naughty students.
All of the students scattered all across the room and into their seats. I was just surprised at Mr. Pipe. I mean he looks like a freaking nerd for peat sakes! He’s voice sounded so, I don’t know how to explain it, but it kind of freaked me out. Liana went to her seat quickly. I just stood there besides Mr. Pipe because hey! I didn’t know where my seat was.
Mr. Pipe looked at each and every student with a look in his eye, he walks up to each one of them as well giving them a glare, like he is saying “Did you do it?” It was a weird glare though.
“Okay one of you started this massacre, who is it? If none of you confesses I’m going to send all of you to lunch detention or maybe even I.S.S.” he threatened
Nobody answered at first, I was surprised that they had I.S.S here. Still, the class stayed silent until one person confessed.
“I did it.” A boy says and it was the boy that was sitting next to Liana.
Liana looked at him in surprised. And the teacher walks to him.
“Was it you or you’re just saying that?” Mr. Pipe eyed him.
“Mr. Pipe if I was just saying that wouldn’t I be saying it in a sarcastic tone and not a serious one?” he said with confidence.
“Hm.” Mr. Piped said to himself.
“And besides no one else is going to confess anyways. They all knew it was me, they just don’t want to get in trouble for telling on me.” The boy explained.
“Very well, go to lunch detention Mike.” He said pointing to the door.
He just smiled and put his head down in shame then left the class. The bell rang after Mike left the class, we just all ran out the door ha! No math homework today! Now I got science next.
“Liana do you have science next hour?” I asked
“No I don’t I have American History next.” Liana tells me.
“Damn, well okay I’ll try to find my way there.” I said waving goodbye to Liana.
All a sudden I run into someone. I was about to fall backwards, but I felt someone catch me before I could hit the ground. I was squinting my eyes then I let them open slowly.
“You okay?” David asked concerned.
I nodded and blushed because of how close his face was to mine, it was straight up nose to nose! Then he backs away to pull me up.
“I thought you were going to fall there.” He said.
“Me too and sorry about that I wasn’t paying attention.” I apologized.
“It’s okay.” He said with a smile on his face.
“Um, if you don’t mind can you show me where um my science class is?” I asked shyly.
He grew an even bigger smile.
“Sure, besides I have sciences next too.” He said.
My face lit up as I stared at him. He grabbed my hand a dragged me to my class. Man, I have a cute guy taking to me to class! Scratch that I mean fine guy taking me to class! We arrived to science class and we see every single girl in the class room is surrounding the teacher with big wide eyes, they looked like it was going to pop out any minute.
“Why are all the girls ganging up on the teacher?” I questioned myself.
“Not again.” David sighed.
I looked at him and crooked my head to the side.
“Well—“ he gets cut off.
“Well, well, I guess we have ourselves a very beautiful young lady joining our class today gentlemen.” This guy says, who I am guessing is the teacher.
He had blonde hair and he wasn’t old for sure, he looked like he was in his 20’s, it was weird and he was cute I have to say, but no way I’m hooking up with a teacher!
“Um, hi?” I said quite unsure.
“Aw, don’t be shy my lady.” He says and pulling me into his arms. “There, there no need to be shy.” He started to pat my back and going lower at each pat.
“Okay let go of me please!” I said wanting to punch him in the face.
“Aw so soon?” he said.
I just pushed myself off and ran behind David for protection.
“Is that teacher a pervert or something?” I whispered in David’s ear.
“Yeah, I was about to tell you, but he cut me off, so yeah.” He whispered back.
“EW!” I screeched, everybody looked my way, “Ops! That wasn’t suppose to come out!” I said.
David laughed at what I said and started to walk to his seat. I started to follow cause there is no way I am going to stand next to his perverted teacher!
“Ah, ah , ah, we got to find you a seat my lady.” The teacher said trying to say it in a sexy voice, but it isn’t working out for him! Unlike me all the girls started to do the fainting act.
I tugged away from the perverted teacher and waited for where my seat was. Hm, I should call him pervy sage, and yes the perverted sage from Naruto.
“Let’s see, where should I put my love at?” the pervy sage said.
“Oh my god! Let this hour end SOON!” I thought in my head.
“I will put you right there next to my desk.” He said
“What? Um, can I sit anywhere besides there, I mean there’s a lot of more empty seats over there” I said while pointing near David.
“Hm. You got a point there,” he said. I sighed in relief, “but I want you to sit next to me.” He said while smiling at me.
I just broke down, not literally, but mentally yes! I put my head down and walked to the seat where he wanted me at. I got to the seat and just pounded my head to the desk.
“Can this day get any worse!” I mumbled to myself.
I heard someone laughing so I look up and I see David is chuckling at his seat then turned around and gave me an apologizing look. I gave a look that I accepted the apology and smiled at him, but my smile soon fated away when I saw pervy sage staring at me. This class went by so slow! I wanted to run out of the class just to get away from that perverted teacher, hey he’s a teacher and if he tries anything it’s sexual harassment then he could go to jail! Oh yeah! About 2 hours later the bell rings (finally!), I just start running out the door, until I felt someone grabbed me so I swing my arm around and smacked whoever grabbed me, I thought it was the pervy sage, but when I saw who it was it was David!
“Oh my god, I am so sorry!!” I quickly apologized and put my hand on his face where I accidentally hit him. It looked like it didn’t even hurt to him he just looks the same.
“Its okay, I understand when you’re in this class.” He said laughing.
I looked at him in concern I really didn’t mean it, is he okay? He sees me not laughing and he stares right into my eyes.
“It’s okay, I’m fine.” He says more gently.
“Okay if you say so..” I replied
He nodes his head and walks out of the classroom while grabbing my hand then took me to lunch, of course he let me put my stuff away first! David and I started to talk on our way to lunch and we meant everybody else on the way!
“Hey guys!” I shouted out to Liana, Shiver, Rocio, Lucia, and that one dude from the food fight. Surprisingly the dude from the food fight goes here.
“Hey!” they all said in unison.
“Hey guys.” David says.
“What up David.” The one guy said, but he really sounded like he was gay or something.
“Eh, David I didn’t know you go to this school!” Lucia says.
“Well, yeah it’s just you guys don’t see me around here.” David replies.
“Oh!” Rocio says.
Well, forgetting that it was lunch time so we all raced to the lunch room. We bought our lunches and sat down at a random table. A few minutes later these girls come out of no where and started to flirt with David.
“Hi there David do you mind if you know I could have you know have like your phone number so I can like call you?” one of the preppy girls say twirling her hair in her finger.
What’s up with the likes? Like oh my god shoes! Seriously it makes her sound even dumber than what she is right now, yeah I kind of judged her already, but hey she a preppy I don’t like them. David opened his mouth about to say something, but then closed it again.
“Um, Rachel, I don’t think he wants you to call him because you already have a boyfriend already right?” Liana says.
“I wasn’t talking to you Liana!” she spits when she says Liana and it gets on my face.
I wiped the spit off my face.
“Yeah, Rachel, that’s your name right? Well, can you say don’t spray it? Seriously that was just rude and nasty!” I told her off.
“Well, aren’t you going to have to deal with that aren’t you Miss. SayItDon’tSpayIt.” She says giving me a dirty look.
I was about to get up and stuff my food down her shirt then push her in the trash can and say “Ops, my bad my hands slipped.”
“I’m sorry I won’t put up with a girl that tries to hit on me or make fun of my friends.” David says eating his hamburger.
She gives him this puppy pout look and then all of a sudden she sits on his lap and wraps her hands around his neck, trying to seduce him.
“Aw, come on I didn’t mean it, they started it come on lets get out of here and go to a different table so we can chat.” She says.
Oh, she’s pushing it for me right then and now I wanted to shove this pizza up her ass then make her eat it. David unwraps her arms and the pushes her off his lap and I mean not just a little push, a push saying “Get away from me.” The preppy girl falls to the floor.
“Ah! I broke a nail!” she whines.
“Then go get your mom and maybe she will do something about it.” David says mocking her.
I wanted to laugh so bad, but I held it in until she went away. She starts to squeal and walks off with her preppy group, when she left I was laughing like crazy and so was the rest of my friends! Liana, Rocio, Lucia, Shiver, the one dude, and David started to laugh too. I started to fall on the floor laughing, it was that funny! Roico started to cry for laughing so much, Shiver was pounding on the table, Lucia just kept laughing, Liana was trying to keep her milk from coming out of her mouth, and the one other dude laughed so loud. David he was laughing, not as hard as us, but kind of like it. Once we calmed down we just talked and eat the whole way through the lunch hour.