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~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Paying the Price
The battle continued to rage on before Summer’s eyes. She forced herself not to concentrate on her draining energy. Her family and friends needed her strength in order to live. She regretted not being able to use the offensive part of her shield, for fear of wasting her vigor. They were obviously outnumbered by the terrorizing Volturi. There were at least forty brute guards, twice the amount compared to the Cullens’ side. The sight made Summer’s desire for vengeance boil. Some guards were throwing kicks and powerful fist blows at the wolves, others were at the heels of her family, attempting to rip off any of their stone limbs. Caius challenged Carlisle, while Marcus fought off Esme. It was beautiful to see Carlisle and Esme fighting together as husband and wife, but also extremely terrifying. The battle between Aro and Jake looked as if it was going to end soon, though. The two were aggressively clamping and tugging at each other every second, yet even that was an understatement.

For a moment, Summer truly believed Aro had won. He grasped Jake by the throat and plunged him to the ground with immense power, creating a large crack through the field. Jake shook off the daze and clawed out of Aro’s hold, jumping onto his back. Aro swung Jake against a tree, but Jake simply lunged at him once more. Summer then spotted Alice in major trouble. Three guards were ganging up on her. Summer couldn’t stand to watch this unfair fighting continue in the Volturi’s favor. Summer focused some of her energy onto her offensive shield and stunned the three guards. She erased their memory of the world around them and compelled them to think they were in Volterra again. Alice understood that Summer was playing with the guards’ minds, so she seized the opportunity. Swiftly, she ripped off their limbs and threw them aside. Summer’s skills began striking fear within the Volturi’s hearts. They tried to quicken their attacking. Summer felt the hope shedding light in her eyes, giving her a boost of strength. Through her thoughts, she told the Cullens that she was going to stun every guard on the east side of the field. They all agreed to the plan, and it worked like a charm. Summer stunned the guards, holding off the others who tried to save them. Within moments, every guard caught on the eastern side was ripped to pieces and thrown into an increasing pile. Pleasant cheers filled her family’s minds. Only twenty Volturi protectors remained. Summer beamed happily. This was a miracle she never saw coming. However, her miracle was Aro’s curse. He knew his clan was in dangerous waters now. If he was going to get his wife back, he would need to take unexpected measures. Before Jake nearly pawed him to the ground, Aro flipped backwards and grabbed Summer into his arms, taking less than half a second. It was the fastest he had pursued after anything. This alarmed the Cullens and the wolves. Sam, Jake, and Carlisle were the first to dash after Aro. Aro sprinted through the forest’s southern region, attempting to divert his chasers by using an alternate escape route. Summer writhed uncontrollably, “Put me down, Aro!” She screamed. His grip was strong enough to cause her pain, “You’re hurting me!” He didn’t look down to her, “This is for your own good, my darling.” “What about Chloe?” Summer begged. Despite leaving her loved ones unprotected, her daughter was not with her. Aro’s red eyes widened in confusion, “She wasn’t with you?” Summer shook her head sadly.

Finally, Aro looked at her, and instantly caught sight of Summer’s rounded stomach, the very thing she was hiding. His face lit up with joy, “You’re pregnant.” She turned away from his gaze, “You’re only its biological father, Aro. You mean nothing to my children beyond that point. Jacob will forever be their real father.” “Oh contraire,” his voice was infused with happiness, “they are mine. But the Cullens may have Chloe if they wish. The one you’re carrying will be the one I raise, and the one YOU will not interfere with.” Summer’s jaw dropped, “You stubborn, hard-hearted—“ “Shhh,” Aro silenced her gently, “don’t desecrate your energy, love.” Summer let out a frustrated sigh. She internally prayed for Jake and the Cullens to rescue her. Then, surprisingly, the baby began to vehemently kick Summer as it did when she reunited with the Cullens. Summer yelped in pain. Its blows seemed worse than ever before. Aro glanced at her, his expression mildly worried, “Are you alright, dear?” Summer knew he was only worried about the baby, not her. “The baby’s kicking too harshly.” She muttered, sounding out of breath. The pain was intense, driving Summer into unconsciousness.
Hours later, she finally awoke, finding herself on a moist and reeking pavement. Her eyes opened to the beautiful night sky that hung above, adorned with stars and a full moon. Darkness surrounded her as she slowly sat up. She blinked a few times. She was surrounded by darkness. The only light she detected hung on a red brick wall about fifty feet away from her. She noticed she was in an alley, walls on every side of her, three dumpsters on both sides, and graffiti on the surrounding walls. She stood to her feet. Something was oddly familiar about this place. Abruptly, she remembered the awful recurring nightmare she often had about Jake and Aro. Her petite frame started trembling in fear. She detected fleeting movements in the darkness. Aro suddenly revealed himself, standing a few feet away to the left of Summer, “I see you have awakened, darling.” She stared at him in pure fear. He continued, “How I’ve missed you while you were gone.” Summer took a step back every time he stepped toward her. She urgently wanted to speak, but her fear overwhelmed her. Promptly, someone from behind caught her at the waist. She already knew who it was. “Jake!” Summer bubbled. He wrapped his arms across her back, “I’m here, babe.” He stroked her messy curls, “You’re safe now.” “And the Cullens and wolves?” She inquired anxiously. Jake glowered at mischievously smiling Aro, “Everyone is out of harm’s way.” Everyone except for you, Summer thought to herself. She pulled him closer, “We need to get out of here.” Jake disagreed, “Not until that fool’s head is ripped off.” “Don’t become too comfortable, Jacob,” Aro cautioned, “She’s married.” Jake snarled, “Ha, you ignorant leech. She’s not married. She’s MY fiancée. Think you can get that through your thick skull?” Aro laughed, “You silly boy.” Jake could no longer stand this nonsense. He dived after Aro, effortlessly changing into a werewolf. He seized Aro’s forearm in his sharpened teeth. Aro flung him toward the brick wall to the right. His back hit the wall with a massive thump, knocking a few bricks to the ground, exactly as Summer had always dreamed. She was about to run to her fiancée’s side, but Aro caught her by the shoulder, “No, you are mine, my dear.” His glare burned with spite. Summer returned his harshness, “Stop this!” “No.” Aro replied firmly.

He made an attempt to kiss her, but before his harsh lips met her soft, pink ones, Jake pushed him to the ground. Summer recalled this to be the most horrible part of her nightmare. She wasn’t about to let Jake die in this. She spun around on her heels to face the battling men. They were rolling around on the wet ground, Aro cruelly gripping onto Jake’s paws. Summer’s eyes burst into ferocity; the rage she locked up for years. She ran over to Aro and pulled him off Jake, throwing him far down the alley. Aro pinned her to the wall, “Stay out of this!” He yelled. Summer kicked him against the opposite wall with violent momentum. He grunted and growled, but it didn’t stop. Jake attacked Aro from the side, tugging on his neck. He almost dislodged it, until Aro punched Jake into oblivion. “Jake…” Summer whispered under her breath in shock. This time, he was hurt. He wasn’t moving an inch. Aro raced to finish off Jake’s life, but Summer reached him first. She sheltered Jake’s body with hers a second before Aro reached him. Unexpectedly, Aro’s retracted fangs skimmed Summer’s cool skin instead of Jake. His teeth instantly bored holes in her neck, unleashing a jet of venom through her veins. She clasped her hand above the two holes and rolled onto her back. She could feel the blazing venom coursing through her, overtaking every living blood cell inside her. She could also feel her heart racing, making the powerful sting more ruthless. She no longer had the energy to hold on. This was not normal for a half-vampire. There was a fifty percent chance Aro’s venom was killing her, and it certainly felt that way. She sensed Aro approaching Jake, about to take his life. Jake was still unconscious; Summer had to do something. She concentrated the last ounce of her energy on releasing her shield over Jake. She thanked God when it worked. The shield created a force over Jake, so Aro could not step near him without being blown backwards. “Jake,” Summer choked out of her burning mouth, “Jake…wake up. Please.” Her beautiful voice faltered and faded away. She sealed her eyes shut, convinced it was the last moment for them both. Her shield finally collapsed. But, to her amazement, something knocked Aro to the ground and ripped his head off immediately. It was Jacob. Despite the horrid pain, Summer rejoiced internally. Jake was strong enough to defeat her inconsiderate and gory husband. She smelled flames of smoke ten minutes later, then frantic footsteps walked up to her. Jake bent down next to her, stroking back her hair, “Summer, can you hear me?” Anxiety stressed in his tone. Her face was paling, and she was abnormally shaking. Summer heard him, but the venom was razing through her throat. Jake lovingly lifted her into his arms and ran off to find Carlisle. They, too, came along with him to Volterra. They were staying in a small estate Carlisle owned inside the main city. Jake kissed Summer’s forehead compassionately. She took the pain he should have endured just so he could be saved. There was no way he could ever repay her. He would be eternally indebted to her, and frankly, he thought that completely fair. She was in dreadful pain; her disposition easily gave that away. Jake amplified his speed, sincerely embracing his lovely princess. Carlisle was the only hope of saving Summer now, but even he would probably not have the power to save her from death.
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