Robert Pattinson has a hair cut
I really don't think anything is wrong with it. I think he looks great both ways. I hope people don't get mad at him or anything because after all it is his hair. haha :) He also did a great job in Twilight considering how much pressure fans can put on actors. Team Edward!!! Not to betray what i just said but I also think that they should keep Jacob for the part in New Moon Taylor did a good job in the movie as well and i think that it is really unfair to just cut him out of the series like that. I also think that the actor considering the part is very arrogant on how he is more buff than Taylor. Yes in the book Jacob could be very "confident in himself" but I just don't like how this actor, Michael Copon, just knows that he will get the part. I think that that is very rude and he shouldn't be rewarded for that kind of attitude. I think if he simply said he would like the part then that may be different. Sorry by the way for writting about more than just Robert Pattinson's new hairstyle haha :)