I literally am standing in my kitchen, multitasking between making curried chicken and writing haha.

I know it sounds very Breaking Dawn-ish, but don't worry. It's not that... (my trying not to spoil breaking dawn for anyone who hasn't read it)

“Bella?” I heard a muffled voice coming from downstairs. I slowly opened my eyes, not exactly ready to wake up yet and looked at the alarm clock. 6:45. Crap. I slept in.

“Shouldn't you already be showered by now” I heard Charlie as he made his way up the stairs. “You better get a move on or your gonna be late” He said as he knocked before opening the door. I sat up to face him but was hit with a wave of pain. My hands immediately flew to my stomach as I let out a soundless gasp.

“You alright?” Charlie asked, not moving from his spot by the door. He was never the comforting type, which reminds me, I'm not the complaining type.

“I'm fine” I said as I got out of bed slowly, grabbed my towel to head to the bathroom. Charlie watched as I walked towards him, never moving my hand from my stomach.

“Maybe you should stay home today, rest a bit.” He said, sounding worried. “You haven't really seemed yourself these past couple days”

I look up to meet his gaze. “hmm, maybe your right” I set my towel back down. “Probably just something I ate” I said as I climbed back into bed, trying to ignore the pain, but then again, welcoming to the pain. I didn't actually want to go to school, didn't want to see Edward.

“Alright then” was all he said as he closed the door. Definitely not the comforting type. I leaned my head back, trying not to move too much. Another wave of pain hit me which sent me to leaning forward, clutching my stomach. Which only caused more pain.

There was another knock at my door, and Charlie was back, holding a glass of water, and something for pain.

“Thought this would help.” He said as he handed me the glass of water.

“Thanks” I said taking the glass.

“So, uh, I haven't seen Edward around much this weekend, everything okay?” He asked as he sat on the end of my bed, handing me the bottle of pills.

“Um, yeah, it's fine, he went camping with his family this weekend.” I lied as I opened the bottle, avoiding eye contact.

“Alright” He reached out and squeezed my foot lightly. “Feel better soon. If you need me, you know where to find me” He said over his shoulder as he left my room, closing the door behind him.

I lay in bed, staring out the window at the cloudy sky, unable to fall back asleep. Minutes later I heard Charlie's cruiser start, and he was gone for the day.

I looked around the room, wishing I had asked Charlie to close the blinds. I definitely wasn't about to get out of bed, causing more pain to close them. Instead I decided to cause minimal pain and turn to my other side. I wrapped the blankets up around my neck, realizing how cold it had become.

Another wave of pain woke me from my sleep, this time causing me to sit straight up in bed. Ow, ow. I squeaked. I glanced at the time. At least I had gotten a couple hours of sleep. I reached for the glass of water and took some more pain medication. I reached up and rubbed my clammy forehead and laid back down, trying not to cause more pain. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was hit with a wave of nausea. My hand flew to my mouth as I kicked the blankets off me and raced for the bathroom, ignoring the intense pain which came with the fast movements. I made it to the toilet just in time and proceeded to throw up everything I had in my system, including the pain medication I just took. I could always take more. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and just sat there on the cool floor. My other hand holding my head up over the toilet. Stomach Flu, I decided and was hit with another wave of nausea, and proceeded to throw up again. By this time I was dry heaving. There was nothing left to throw up. After about an hour I got up off the cool floor and washed my hands and face before proceeding back to bed. I wrapped the covers up around me, once again, noticing how cold it had become again and drifted back to sleep.

“Bella? Bella!?” I heard someone shouting as they shook me awake. I opened my eyes and looked up to see Alice standing over me. “Come on, get up, we gotta go!” She said, sounding alarmed.

“Go where?” I struggled, throat dry. I didn't move an inch. The pain was waiting, sleeping, one move and it would wake up.

“We gotta get you to the hospital” She said as she flung the blankets off of me, as she moved around the bed I looked past her to see Edward standing by the window.

“Bella! Hospital!” She said louder, noticing I made no movement the first time.

I glanced back at her worried face. “What? Why?” Still not moving.

She pointed to my stomach. “That's why!” She glanced towards Edward. “Help her will ya” She said as she grabbed my bag. Edward took a couple steps towards me.

“I can help myself” I said as I struggled to sit up. He froze, just watching me. I swung my feet over the side of my bed and stood up slowly. I took two steps before the pain stirred.

“Edward!” Alice said, not impressed. I leaned forward, noticing how dizzy I was and took two steps forward. His cool hands were around me immediately. I kept my eyes closed as he took me in his arms, cradling me. As much as I didn't want this contact with him, I welcomed it. It got really hot all of a sudden and I pressed my forehead against his chest.

I couldn't exactly hear what they were saying, mostly because they spoke too fast, and so quiet, but also because the pain had become so loud that I couldn't concentrate on anything else. In a matter of seconds we were downstairs and on our way out the door.

“Wait....Charlie” I whispered still clouded by the pain.

They both stopped and whispered some more.

“Don't worry Bella” Alice said as we continued on our way out the door. The last thing I remember is the car door shutting behind me. I noticed the cool contact was still around me. Edward was in the back seat with me, still holding me, never letting go.