Chapter One - Little Miss Katrina

I looked out to the clouds. Renee-uh I mean Mom-stares at me. Phil, eh, dad, keeps his eyes on the road.
"Ughh! Why do you have to bring me to meet my new sister? She doesnt have to know about me, CAN WE PLEASE GO HOME?" I beg. Renee smiles.
"Kat, Bella will be glad to see you."
"Its not her I dont want to meet," I pout.
"Oh, Edward. Dont worry, he wont bite."
I scowl.
"Dear God, PLEASE LET ME LIVE!" I beg. Phil and Renee laugh.
"You will love Nessie," Phil assures me. Who names their daughter Renensmee? Who? My new sister, ughhh!
We get to a big house not to long after 7:oo. We park there and Renee helps me out of the big car they let us use. I almost fall but Phil catches me. I smile thankfully.
We enter the house a few minutes after. They are all beautiful, and I feel stupid. One of them, a blond haired girl, is glaring at me. I turn to Renee and ask her in my eyes, 'Can we please leave?'. She laughs. And the oldest male, who is not old at all, laughs along with a caramel colored haired girl. His wife I suppose.
"This must be Katrina. Nice to meet you. I am Dr. Carlisle Cullen," The blond haired man says. I start to quietly wimper and back up.
"Uh, Kat here has some unpleasant memories of doctors, dont worry Katty, he wont hurt you," Phil tells me. I can tell I am crying, so I back up more and hide behind Phil and Renee's backs. Renee pulls me back with a giggle. The rest of the people start to laugh except me. I am embarassed and want to leave. The glaring girl and a big man walk toward me, I step back and Renee looks embarassed. I am screaming in my head, and the tears roll down my eyes like a river. I run out of the house and hide behind the car, crying my eyes out. The door doesnt open and I am happy, but the happiness is hidden behind my tears. Someone opens the door and walks out. It is another blond haired man, the one with the short girl.
"Are you alright?" He asks. I wonder why he is talking to me, especailly him. He looked like he hated me when I walked in the door.
I turn away from him. He turns my head.
"Katrina its alright, they wont hurt you."
"Thats what they all say!" I yell and grab ahold of my arm in nervousness, just like I did when Renee and Phil came to see me.
"Whats wrong?" He asks. I can tell people are watching from the window. I shake my head furriously.
"Come on Katrina, tell me."
"My f-foster dad, h-he did bad things to m-me. I am scared of everyone now," I wimmper.
"What did he do?" He asks. He turned his head away from me, as if he smelt something repulsive.
"He beat me, he took me to a doctor, saying that I had an infected arm or leg and to cut open and take a look or something. I was only five years old then. Even at sixteen I am still scared of doctors. I freak out whenever Renee or Phil say something about taking me to the doctor," I cried. He sighed and patted my back. The rest come out and pat my back as well, they were listening. The caramel haired woman hugs me and Bella kisses the top of my head.
"Lets go to the hotel now," Renee says. Bella shakes her head.
"No, stay in our cottage for now mom. Me, Edward and Nessie can sleep in Edward's old room," Bella says, smiling at me.
"Bells you dont have to," Renee protested. I kept my mouth shut. I didnt want to say anything because I had nothing to say. They all stopped looking at me and I sighed with relief. I got up, brushed dust off my jeans and walked away. I started walking back to the hotel but Bella stopped me. She suprised me when I felt a(her) hand on my back. I screamed and turned around.
"Sorry Katrina, didnt mean to startle you," She apologizes. She is holding Renesmee who looks like a six year old more then she looks like a two year old. And how are they all so fast? I am so confused. I want to go home!
"Its alright, I was just going to the hotel," I replied.
"How far is that?"
"About ten miles from here, I think."
"Come on, you, mom, and Phil can stay in me and Edward's cottage, we will stay in his old room."
I wanted to protest but Bella had already brought me into the cottage. Phil and Renee were nowhere to be found.
"Wheres Phi-dad and mom?" I asked.
"Talking to Carlisle and Esme."
"Oh," I sighed, worried that I had embarassed them.
"Its alright, you will be safe here."