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Article by ohhannie posted over a year ago
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it's about bella's and edward's wedding night

My dream day was here
i was glad and excited
i felt like my life's meaning was clear
to walk down the isle with my sweet prince
i thank god for this gift

edward love of mine,
tonight i'm yours for the first time
just to think about it
sends shivers down my spine

put your cold hand in mine
so i can show you the way to a place you've never been
right there on my body
felling a way a woman should feel

when you touch me
when you kiss me
when you're deep inside me
the cold, the pain nothing matters
this night will not be in vain
Fan fiction by dinosteph posted over a year ago
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Hey there,
This is a story I started, it takes place after Bella's birthday in New Moon, I'm kinda sure of the direction I want to go in but feedback is always appreciated. This is my first fan fiction ever.

Neither one of us talked on the drive home. I kept my eyes focused on the trees as we sped down the highway. I glanced down at my throbbing hand noticing the red blood staining through the bandage. I reached into my bag and grabbed more of the gauze that Carlisle packed for me. I felt my whole body still trembling as I wrapped more gauze around, anything to not be able to see the blood soaking through.

Of all the stupid things I could have done, getting a paper cut was not something I would have imagined could end my life so quickly. I glanced over at Edward, feeling so many mixed emotions. I didn't know how to sort through them and figure out which one best suited how I should feel in this situation. Anger? Fear? Surprise? Calm? No, I definitely didn't feel calm. Edward glanced over, noticing I was staring, but to tell the truth, I wasn't staring at him, just the space between us.
Fan fiction by dinosteph posted over a year ago
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End of Chapter 5

[i]“Bella! Hospital!” She said louder, noticing I made no movement the first time.

I glanced back at her worried face. “What? Why?” Still not moving.

She pointed to my stomach. “That's why!” She glanced towards Edward. “Help her will ya” She said as she grabbed my bag. Edward took a couple steps towards me.

“I can help myself” I said as I struggled to sit up. He froze, just watching me. I swung my feet over the side of my bed and stood up slowly. I took two steps before the pain stirred.

“Edward!” Alice said, not impressed. I leaned forward, noticing how dizzy I was and took two steps forward. His cool hands were around me immediately. I kept my eyes closed as he took me in his arms, cradling me. As much as I didn't want this contact with him, I welcomed it. It got really hot all of a sudden and I pressed my forehead against his chest.

I couldn't exactly hear what they were saying, mostly because they spoke too fast, and so quiet, but also because the pain had become so loud that I couldn't concentrate on anything else. In a matter of seconds we were...