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Question: what do you think about kristen and taylor?  BellaJane 7 189 over a year ago
hahahhahaa  mcclare34 6 165 over a year ago
MIDNIGHTSUN IS BEING PUBLISHED  Bedward4lyf 9 1853 over a year ago
kristen stewart HATED???!  jenb824 8 224 over a year ago
PLEASE stop the Jacob vs Edward picks!  snoznoodle 5 307 over a year ago
50 fun facts about Robert Pattinson!  oOoitslili 3 1046 over a year ago
did you know that the person who plays jacob played shark boy  Sethsgirl 8 582 over a year ago
Twilight is over-rated  r-pattz 7 896 over a year ago
Does anyone want to know how to be in New Moon?  BellaJane 5 140 over a year ago
Mike Newton- New Moon Hair  laureng114 3 2997 over a year ago
Twilight game  BellaJane 2 155 over a year ago
countdown!!!!!  jackie5starr 2 210 over a year ago
i thought this was hilarious  pixie09 0 409 over a year ago
twilight song  tiddles 1 301 over a year ago
Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen  LinaJC 3 289 over a year ago
did you know that the person who plays jacob played shark boy  Sethsgirl 4 2371 over a year ago
Who knew blood could kill you?  LauraNC 0 443 over a year ago
Twilight Stuff  LauraNC 0 309 over a year ago
Becoming a Vampire  noodles3378 8 416 over a year ago
MIDNIGHT SUN!!!  jackie5starr 17 668 over a year ago
ALMOST THERE ~ picks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Alice_President 7 325 over a year ago
TEAM CULLEN!!  Yama 1 380 over a year ago
Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed  breadstick 2 307 over a year ago
PLEASEEE  mcclare34 3 402 over a year ago
WOLF PACK!  jackie5starr 1 285 over a year ago
join this group if u have bebo and love twilight :D  vicki_90210 0 292 over a year ago
Midnight Sun!!!!  lapushgirl101 10 599 over a year ago
How _____ is ______? Twilight Version!!  LinaJC 0 205 over a year ago
caius -- volturie leader cast!  superfangirl 1 909 over a year ago
Awesome new twilight album on iTunes!!!  xxxeyesonfire 0 436 over a year ago
why change everything  bonnieboo 6 359 over a year ago
A-Z  callejahLUVSed 5 550 over a year ago
Twilight Shirts  TwilightTees 1 191 over a year ago
Team Twilight  BellaCullen96 0 246 over a year ago
Read..."Unexpected" Chapter 1. Baby One More Time  aexis123 2 238 over a year ago
Keep the CHAT alive :D  shellycane 2 395 over a year ago
Guess what I jsut saw!!!!! (FUNNY)  Team_Edward77 5 236 over a year ago
what team are you?  bonnieboo 5 211 over a year ago
11 twilight confessions  7_steph_7 26 1156 over a year ago
Sick of It!!  cullencrazay9 10 595 over a year ago
Looking for teamedward2009  warewolf913 7 235 over a year ago
edward fans game only  star_bella 9 282 over a year ago
twi-song(help!!)  lolipopgrl113 8 361 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn- spoiler  CleoSertoriFan 17 571 over a year ago
love and hate...  Yannixtah 8 296 over a year ago
So... What do you think about the Wolf Pack Cast in New Moon? Let's see their bio/trivia...  rachaelwsz 5 3544 over a year ago
STORYTIME 2  tiddles 1 155 over a year ago
bella's bracelet?  A1Cullen 2 244 over a year ago
What Book Rocks!!!!!  egrhorario 4 297 over a year ago
What do you think of Twilight spoofs?  Weirdisnewcool 0 150 over a year ago
twilight...ON DVD  iloveallshows 5 338 over a year ago
Songs For Twilight Movies!  hermoine 14 939 over a year ago
poeple stop hating jacub  robpattisono9 10 424 over a year ago
How long  Jameson 7 270 over a year ago
OMT! TWILIGHT GAME NOW FORSALE! =]  7_steph_7 5 378 over a year ago
Creative - Make your own merchandise  HerMelody 0 236 over a year ago
will twilight still be popular 15 years from today  zaray 10 294 over a year ago
Haha this is Funny  cheergeek 13 742 over a year ago
Twilight Movie! :)  BellaCullen96 1 143 over a year ago
New Book Forum... Twilight Movie Giveaway!  Ivyqueen 2 228 over a year ago
What's your take on Twilight?  limebee 0 243 over a year ago
spoofs of movies  7_steph_7 4 177 over a year ago
The Horror of Our Love  funnyshawna 5 99 over a year ago
Twilight Opinion Game  Ovybo 7 283 over a year ago
one question  7_steph_7 1 100 over a year ago
Taylor Lautner countdown to 18 website!  rvarmette 8 396 over a year ago
The twilight quiz!  kelseyrox97 5 218 over a year ago
Reminds me of...  maja3322 10 380 over a year ago
one question  7_steph_7 3 145 over a year ago
why do they all smoke?  breadstick 6 400 over a year ago
they are wasting their time..  Yannixtah 1 349 over a year ago
how creative are you with twilight?  Twilizzy 7 234 over a year ago
Would Fairies belong in the Twilight universe ?  Evanescencefan 2 242 over a year ago
Moonphase preface  iluvtwilight123 6 246 over a year ago
age??  MetallicaMad 57 2537 over a year ago
Book Suggestions  Tmr6289 9 2711 over a year ago
Taylor Lautner Interview on BlogTalkRadio 3-9-09 @ 9PM EST  btramy 0 351 over a year ago
Was Billy driving?  MorMor 9 254 over a year ago
Twilight Movie Links  Danielle_x 3 214 over a year ago
Help!  BellaCullen96 3 217 over a year ago
hey guys!!  barbie91lala 2 341 over a year ago
cast for the rest of the movies.  breadstick 6 359 over a year ago
after breaking dawn  star_bella 5 326 over a year ago
HELLO TWILIGHT FANS  twilightvamp09 11 511 over a year ago
Twilight quote game:D this is funnn  oecd 9 1030 over a year ago
Stephenie's publishing "Midnight Sun"  CharmedVamp101 1 574 over a year ago
Who would you have cast to play...  j1edwardcullen7 1 340 over a year ago
What Are YOU Doing????  Team_Edward77 1 374 over a year ago
Advice Needed! Twilight DVD.  laureng114 5 328 over a year ago
Do you think that there should have been more modern music in Twilight?  j1edwardcullen7 1 428 over a year ago
Crappiest Books ever  poppy26 22 646 over a year ago
check out twilight funny video  star_bella 0 29 over a year ago
Twilight Soundtrack: Join the Spot!  laureng114 2 247 over a year ago
Twilight Game- Obessers.  CleoSertoriFan 40 1852 over a year ago
favorite twilgiht series quotes and whyy??  surfen_cutie09 19 4503 over a year ago
nothing  alicecullenx95 28 992 over a year ago
Team Edward why.......  kiki15 7 158 over a year ago
Does anyone no any other good books worth reading??  stephxxx1992 14 840 over a year ago
Twilight Movie Giveaway  luvie 0 115 over a year ago