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SPOILERS ECLIPSE!! Did you like Eclipse? Why?  bagginsmyfrodo 12 6826 over a year ago
Best word to describe contest  XNaley_JamesX 210 6801 over a year ago
Nessie explanation ((SPOOF)) too funny not to post  pinkmafia27 42 6691 over a year ago
Winners List in Twilight Photo Contest  ded99 41 6575 over a year ago
Which Twilight Character Am I?  ebcullen4ever 187 6476 over a year ago
Similar Books  Dark_Silence 5 6435 over a year ago
ABC Of Twilight Casts.. [Round 12]  Smilebaby05 313 6382 over a year ago
Who is Nessie???  layla_14 3 6367 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn Official Poster/Cover  layla_14 23 6359 over a year ago
Twilight A-Z  martemora15 155 6122 over a year ago
- Rate the Twilight Saga Characters Above You -  KarinaCullen 44 6121 over a year ago
*Picture Hunt Contest*  Radvile 108 6080 over a year ago
total huge plot twist in breaking dawn  twilightlover13 32 6073 over a year ago
Are they going to make all four books into a movie?  JacobBlackRocks 10 6047 over a year ago
rate twilight picture above u  mr-cullen 71 5944 over a year ago
Different Name Game  Cullen-wannabe 121 5805 over a year ago
OMG! Bella's power!  sweetpea92 14 5762 over a year ago
When does Midnight Sun come out?  aanniiee_ 5 5670 over a year ago
Book 4 Sex Scenes  ilvejacob 6 5636 over a year ago
Twilight 20in20 Icon Contest [Round 3 - Deadline 1/13]  twilighter4evr 258 5580 over a year ago
ATTENTION!! ROBERT PATTINSON. ARRESTED!?  Bedward4lyf 11 5514 over a year ago
Role Playing Game  barbie91lala 217 5475 over a year ago
I HATE BELLA AND JACOB!!  Chlarkfan 84 5445 over a year ago
30 day Twilight challenge  nessie-eska 170 5415 over a year ago
Twilight Facebook covers for new Facebook layout!  95ashley59 1 5412 over a year ago
*Picture Hunt game*  Natalia94 21 5340 over a year ago
Couples Elimination Game  glossygirl125 67 5339 over a year ago
WHY DO YOU LIKE EDWARD??  iluvtheoc3000 108 5150 over a year ago
◘ Twilight Characters Picture Contest ◘ Round 5 ◘  Smilebaby05 41 5018 over a year ago
Please pretty please , i need edward , bella and jacobs official promos for twilight , new moon and eclipse i will give you 2 props and be your fan for every image you postt :)  ellietwilight12 30 4956 over a year ago
Jacob and Edward game!  shortynme 180 4947 over a year ago
you guys wanna role play?  teamjane99 6 4923 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn! The first chapter?  layla_14 6 4920 over a year ago
New Moon : Help with dialogues  vevett 14 4914 over a year ago
Twilight Picture Contest : *Round 4 OPEN*  LUNAFAN 54 4884 over a year ago
Billy Black  luvrofedward 9 4867 over a year ago
30 day twilight picture contest :)  hettycool 39 4866 over a year ago
Edward and Bella Picture Contest x  ellietwilight12 44 4762 over a year ago
jacobBlackFever Game  JacobBlackFever 84 4689 over a year ago
Mercedes Guardian is real!!  starry-eyed 1 4682 over a year ago
would u rather  rachel-rathbone 174 4657 over a year ago
Twilight Pic Contest  ebcullen4ever 28 4494 over a year ago
Guess the Twilight Actor/Actress  ebcullen4ever 51 4477 over a year ago
Twilight 'powers'  vampiress015 8 4428 over a year ago
PDF file of the first seven chapters  pinkmafia27 35 4427 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn- What did you think of it??? (SPOILERS)  layla_14 27 4331 over a year ago
The Twilight Quote Contest ~ Round 15 *Vote*  Vamp_Fan_25 99 4322 over a year ago
Movie mistakes  ded99 13 4273 over a year ago
I REALLY love Breaking Dawn! I the only one?  aanniiee_ 70 4269 over a year ago
favorite twilgiht series quotes and whyy??  surfen_cutie09 19 4259 over a year ago
Edward Cullen is an abuser.  belle_fille 52 4215 over a year ago
Fight Game  mcclare34 67 4189 over a year ago
DO you think these apply to you?  Gabitha 32 4172 over a year ago
Twilight Saga Poem Contest  ebcullen4ever 5 4087 over a year ago
The 13 things game  lollipopszx3 148 4072 over a year ago
New Moon Script:  mandapanda 100 4026 over a year ago
10 MILLION WAYS  rachel-rathbone 53 4021 over a year ago
Dan Bergstein's Twilight Blog  SimplyLaurel 4 3955 over a year ago
30 Day Twilight Challenge!  KateKicksAss 18 3945 over a year ago
Gallery of winners in Twilight Picture contest  TheDream 37 3942 over a year ago
Twilight Roleplay Starting!  cateyxtwilight 221 3923 over a year ago
twilightly random game  melcu 54 3918 over a year ago
LOL PARTS IN THE MOVIE!!!!!! OME SOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!  mrsblack_1089 43 3888 over a year ago
Stunned!  irreverent 28 3748 over a year ago
Predictions: Ending of Breaking Dawn  kctjohnson 30 3680 over a year ago
My real life Twilight. Tormented because I married "Jacob".  bellablack46 30 3644 over a year ago
Countdown to 300,000 Fans  rkebfan4ever 69 3637 over a year ago
Which songs describe the books the best??  -SarahRaRaRa- 19 3622 over a year ago
WHY DOES EVERYONE LIKE BELLA?!  Meg08 29 3545 over a year ago
kristen and rob are back together!!!!!!!!!! this ones is going to stick!!! hopfuly  cullenlover19 10 3540 over a year ago
♥ Tωιℓιgнт ICON Čσитєѕт ♥ CLOSED  Sakkara98 61 3518 over a year ago
What character are you?  BellaJane 88 3511 over a year ago
Locations for New Moon Shooting  mandapanda 3 3509 over a year ago
The Twilight merchandise game.  daphne_cullen 24 3500 over a year ago
Top Ten Characters  spikes_girl 75 3491 over a year ago
OME Theory about the Breaking Dawn Preface and Foreshadowing!!  aanniiee_ 31 3480 over a year ago
Ways to annoy Edward Cullen =)  thevampiregirl 69 3471 over a year ago
More Twilight Merchandise  mandapanda 2 3430 over a year ago
4 MINUTE TWILIGHT TRAILER!!!  officefan2010 11 3430 over a year ago
Book and movie different  ded99 8 3425 over a year ago
Watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 Online Free!!  XRobward_LoverX 0 3417 over a year ago
Twilight couples elimination game  ajhalecullen 61 3409 over a year ago
Scripts for Twilight movie FOUND!  Gabitha 5 3390 over a year ago
Best Song to Describe The Character  Andressa_Weld 26 3364 over a year ago
Trailer! Full Description.  neeki 27 3352 over a year ago
Twilight Banner Contest - *Round 9 OPEN*  Anichu90v2 44 3326 over a year ago
So... What do you think about the Wolf Pack Cast in New Moon? Let's see their bio/trivia...  rachaelwsz 5 3300 over a year ago
Twilight Couple picture contest  zanhar1 15 3277 over a year ago
The Name Game(:  twilight_23 148 3274 over a year ago
♥ Medals ♥  Smilebaby05 29 3233 over a year ago
OMG OMG NEW MOON SCRIPT LEAK  ebaumsfan 3 3174 over a year ago
Caption contest.  daphne_cullen 63 3168 over a year ago
Fav Quotes  Jane_Rox_09 14 3149 over a year ago
WWYDI (What would you do if) Game!  edwardcarlisle 56 3126 over a year ago
Decode by Paramore sheet music for piano 2  TotallyVamped 0 3126 over a year ago
Tag Your Facebook Friends To the Twilight Cast!<3  harrylove2 1 3114 over a year ago
Twilight saga book covers  baseball_babe86 3 3114 over a year ago
CONTEST CLOSED  Smilebaby05 42 3070 over a year ago
create a twilight vampire or werewolf  Rain12345 5 3062 over a year ago
The Twilight Saga Magazine  AliceRoxx 32 3036 over a year ago