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Twilight 5in5 Icon Contest - CLOSED  orkneymatrix 412 23677 over a year ago
STORYTIME!!! =D (this is a really fun game!)  twi-hardsrule 1065 23623 over a year ago
This Or That?  zanesaaomgfan 1181 22337 over a year ago
Twilight 10in10 Icon Challenge [Round 19: Closed]  twilighter4evr 1024 22230 over a year ago
Kristen Stewart Can't Act!!!!  Bella_Smells 249 22132 over a year ago
lets have a debate! Team Edward vs. Team Jacob  gileygirl 205 21611 over a year ago
Twilight Movie Length is....  mandapanda 13 21459 over a year ago
- CLOSED- Twilight Series Favorite Character Game  chels05 1260 21295 over a year ago
ALMOST THERE!!!!!!!!! 3  fanpire101 1282 21136 over a year ago
Twilight picture game  ded99 580 21109 over a year ago
Twilight Vending Machine Game  Ovybo 876 20219 over a year ago
Quote of the day  tubby2002 41 20187 over a year ago
***photo competition***  lauracullen66 309 20166 over a year ago
Taylor Lautner naked!<3  95ashley59 30 19727 over a year ago
*~ Last Letter Game~*  queen-seli 996 19065 over a year ago
Quote contest CLOSED!  ded99 409 18180 over a year ago
Picture contest all characters-benjamin open!  JacobBlackFever 616 16619 over a year ago
If they had babies...(game)  SimplyLaurel 704 16527 over a year ago
A - Z Picture Game Y - Y Chromosome for Male  queen-seli 247 16187 over a year ago
Photo competion  hettycool 517 16160 over a year ago