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Book and movie different  ded99 8 4035 over a year ago
I WORK WITH KRISTEN STEWART, message her  WillBaldy 0 310 over a year ago
Twilight Q&A  Vamp_Fan_25 43 1097 over a year ago
Comparison between Twilight Series and The Host. Which do you think is better?  kuncuyug 2 745 over a year ago
ROLEPLAY!  MelzyGirl 0 279 over a year ago
Twilight Cast 20 in 20 Icon Challenge [Round 1 OPEN]  SelenaCantSing 63 1982 over a year ago
Twilight Promo Pics  Vamp_Fan_25 8 2976 over a year ago
Release party  Ragemonkey 0 370 over a year ago
I'm Spellbound  Ethansgirl 0 439 over a year ago
Something I noticed in New Moon  faithalia 2 182 over a year ago
Twilight Role Play  Rozey12 69 2327 over a year ago
TWILIGHT THEME BIRTHDAY  jalicefan15 25 3220 over a year ago
Kanye West & Jay-Z Remix(Off Topic)  GospelRapper 0 181 over a year ago
Guess the quote  tutorgirl95 110 2619 over a year ago
*Picture Hunt Contest*  Radvile 108 6995 over a year ago
A,B,C twilight style!  scene_muffin90 56 1400 over a year ago
my Best fan page for Robert pattinson on facebook  zozotwi2 0 1286 over a year ago
Robert Pattinson Naked!<3  95ashley59 3 756 over a year ago
Tag Your Facebook Friends To the Twilight Cast!<3  harrylove2 1 3541 over a year ago
twilight  Ranuuu 0 113 over a year ago
Favorite quote or quotes from Breaking Dawn?  layla_14 66 68116 over a year ago
Is The Vampire Diaries better than Twilight??????  gossipgirl025 7 697 over a year ago
Guess the character :)  cateyxtwilight 68 2823 over a year ago
♥ Tωιℓιgнт ICON Čσитєѕт ♥ CLOSED  Sakkara98 61 3949 over a year ago
Twilight Vending Machine Game  Ovybo 876 28762 over a year ago
Twilight Game- Quotes  CleoSertoriFan 45 2199 over a year ago
Twilight cast picture contest  zanhar1 11 2364 over a year ago
Picture Contest :) ♥♥  ellietwilight12 7 298 over a year ago
Twilight icon contest [Round 25 OPEN<3<3<3]  shannon9396 517 30988 over a year ago
Read twilight saga online!  mayra7632000 42 12231 over a year ago
A new book?  phaona 3 379 over a year ago
Icons to edit :) PLEASE x  ellietwilight12 1 586 over a year ago
Twilight Picture Contest  Bieberfan194 5 2435 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn Competition :)  XRobward_LoverX 12 1402 over a year ago
New Competiton! Best Song!  LovingLucy 5 545 over a year ago
*Open Ashley Greene * Twilight Cast Icon Competition!  cateyxtwilight 18 951 over a year ago
A song for a scene contest - Round 4 Open  DWLoverTBCEDT 26 1179 over a year ago
Your Top 5 Fave Characters!!!  Damon_Rocks 9 408 over a year ago
Hale & Salvatore Must Reads! The Site That Tells You What To Read After The Twilight Saga! Would You Be Interested In This!  akasha_hale 1 576 over a year ago
Searching RP  JaneJaney 3 566 over a year ago
my heart says Edward and my mind says Jacob  fatoshleo 2 628 over a year ago
breaking dawn movie predictions  vampfreak621 1 340 over a year ago
Best word to describe contest!  teamedward4evr 13 810 over a year ago
Urgent!!!!  fanpireslovers 1 441 over a year ago
Halloween Party!!  lovepop 1 309 over a year ago
Hi !!!!!  disneygood 1 263 over a year ago
latest pic from  lovepop 1 166 over a year ago
latest pic from  lovepop 1 250 over a year ago
***photo competition*** Gallery of Winning pictures  lauracullen66 42 1436 over a year ago
What do you think of Rosalie?  bigfool 4 614 over a year ago
Twilight Couple picture contest  zanhar1 15 3704 over a year ago
The Team Edward or Team Jacob Debate!  LifesGoodx3 5 607 over a year ago
Twilight dance -off  roxybalboa 1 434 over a year ago
Kristen's smile ...  dimsumdolly 1 462 over a year ago
Twilight addicts? ! XD  Fannyrockx0x 3 932 over a year ago
Active Twilight Series fans  Hellohoudini 19 817 over a year ago
Countdown to 90000 fans  elina1996 49 1465 over a year ago
New Moon Script:  mandapanda 100 4819 over a year ago
Jane as a Barbie  Idunn 4 779 over a year ago
Twilight FOTM: December Nominations!  shannon9396 36 1713 over a year ago
why twilight is amazing  mtamburrino14 9 3215 over a year ago
Twilight picture contest [Closed]  TheDream 498 59006 over a year ago
Gallery of winners in Twilight Picture contest  TheDream 37 4674 over a year ago
The Divided Mind and the Twilight Saga  Twimum7107 1 1001 over a year ago
Justin Bieber cameo...  barrylovesbieb 1 402 over a year ago
Ask a stupid Question, get a stupid Answer game  Drina 3 479 over a year ago
Twilight Fan Club  fyepanamacity 2 636 over a year ago
Kristen is nominated for WORST ACTRESS of 2010 award  GElikaki 2 349 over a year ago
Who would you have like Twilight to be told by? (Cullen people only)  ImBooOK 1 388 over a year ago
Whats so good about Twilight  PrinceRhaegar 1 301 over a year ago
Do you find this offensive in any way?  missing_99 7 461 over a year ago
Kristen's film "Welcome to the Rileys"  PadraigSamone 1 360 over a year ago
Picture contest <Closed>  haley_scott 46 3103 over a year ago
Twilight Roleplay Starting!  cateyxtwilight 221 4472 over a year ago
Why Stephanie Meyer?  vampireempire 3 271 over a year ago
Twilight Script:  mandapanda 392 35524 over a year ago
Eclipse Script:  mandapanda 253 14948 over a year ago
The Nerve of Some People  Ovybo 41 1174 over a year ago
Twilight plot Question Please...  TwilightTom 4 324 over a year ago
Craving More Vamps & Werewolves?  ForsakenMoon19 2 674 over a year ago
you know you're addicted to twilight when. . .  heroin 68 15057 over a year ago
Crazy Twilight Merchandise Game :D  Edward_Bella234 71 17526 over a year ago
How do people get that Edward and Bella's relationship is "abusive"?  missing_99 11 1560 over a year ago
i wanna read the books online  gilty30 2 665 over a year ago
Why do you like twilight?  tomfeltonfan44 1 390 over a year ago
The Truth About Twilight  EastendersRox 5 797 over a year ago
Sorry Everyone  mmourer 1 399 over a year ago
For Jacob Fans: If you were Jacob's "other half", what would be the best part about being with him?  Team-Jake 1 253 over a year ago
..."Twilight" sucks...  AdaLove 8 1492 over a year ago
Bella's preference---Louis Vuitton or Marc Jacobs?  VickiAu 1 557 over a year ago
Vote Kristen!  Robsten_Rock112 1 295 over a year ago
Countdown to 98000 fans!! :)  lois4 14 514 over a year ago
Stephenie Meyer  wbraithw 1 388 over a year ago
Favorite Character  vosjfpmgp 2 301 over a year ago
New moon movie  vosjfpmgp 1 411 over a year ago
BD script  lakersgirl24 2 742 over a year ago
Could this be them??  RealJustinBB 2 313 over a year ago
Toulouse vs Montpellier live stream Final  sayeed00014 1 498 over a year ago
info about twilight costumes ! edward...  stefant92 1 287 over a year ago
Twilight stars' beauty secrets!!! OMG!!  twihardfan93 1 184 over a year ago