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TWILIGHT ULTIMATE ** FANSO FANSITE!!!  18marra 0 353 over a year ago
How do you get people to stop bashing Twilight??????  mrsblack_1089 19 1317 over a year ago
YOU CAN GET ECLIPSE PERFUME!!! :D  jawjee_gurl 4 1953 over a year ago
In Eclipse Edward & Bella talk about there 10 best nights what do you think they are?  teamedward4evr 1 542 over a year ago
Why We Love Twilight  harrypotterbest 2 519 over a year ago
New Moon Movie Quote A-Z game  lauracullen66 5 401 over a year ago
Your Top 5 Fave Characters!!! :)  Damon_Rocks 17 1799 over a year ago
finish the story  mymomhatesme 36 3087 over a year ago
Character info contest!!!  alice1fan 1 331 over a year ago
Best Song to Describe The Couples Round Six:Eric&Angela(Thanks gossipgirl95)  moolah 44 2114 over a year ago
Hmm. All those vampires, who to play them?  scarxtardis 0 379 over a year ago
Twilight Shop Sale!  elishamarie28 0 667 over a year ago
~Funny Icon Contest~  moolah 8 811 over a year ago
My Blog  fanpireslovers 0 549 over a year ago
Celebrity Beehive went to the Eclipse junket!! Guess what they asked Rob!  GossipObsessive 4 457 over a year ago
Twilight Trivia Challenge!!  GossipObsessive 0 349 over a year ago
Robert Pattinson - Official My Space page - link  angeljayne 30 32319 over a year ago
I'm a little confused on a pop quiz question & need some help figuring it out  teamedward4evr 4 383 over a year ago
why is twilight good?  luv_warriorcatz 0 297 over a year ago
LINK! (game)  KATYrebekah 12 873 over a year ago
a-z playing game and fun  mikethecat 25 1068 over a year ago
Have you seen the trailer for Vampires Suck?  Silverain 4 489 over a year ago
Character Elimination Game  BitterLovely 685 16284 over a year ago
HELP!!!!!  forksandspoons 0 389 over a year ago
Different Name Game  Cullen-wannabe 121 6312 over a year ago
Book. With twlight parts.. plz look and comment  VoultriServent 2 505 over a year ago
i win because............. ( game)  cuteipie 13 747 over a year ago
Calling for Twi-Fans help!!  twiresearcher 7 559 over a year ago
Best Song to Describe The Character  Andressa_Weld 26 4289 over a year ago
My blog  fanpireslovers 0 413 over a year ago
Twilight Lullabies:D  susanwoolworth 3 492 over a year ago
Chat!  shellycane 0 485 over a year ago
why is jasper,s surname hale??  hhgg22 3 748 over a year ago
TWLIGHT ECLIPSE INTERVIEWS  stefitalia 0 378 over a year ago
role play  barbie91lala 0 506 over a year ago
I JUST GOT KRISTEN STEWARTS AUTOGRAPH!  kstewrox 5 1901 over a year ago
Twilight Saga Trailer Music!  Silverain 0 718 over a year ago
hi bella  TeenCasanova 0 550 over a year ago
Please pretty please , i need edward , bella and jacobs official promos for twilight , new moon and eclipse i will give you 2 props and be your fan for every image you postt :)  ellietwilight12 30 6237 over a year ago
Whose Relationship is the best?(Cometition game)  moolah 0 471 over a year ago
The Twillight saga eclipse dvdrip working perfect no fake  math29 0 437 over a year ago
Twilight Movie Length is....  mandapanda 13 22010 over a year ago
Edward or Jacob? Why?  renesmee131 1 574 over a year ago
Twilight Twitter Roleplay site  AliceCullen00 0 415 over a year ago
I AM NUMBER FOUR!! (may become the next "Twilight"))  ForsakenMoon19 0 486 over a year ago
12:01!!!!!!!!  Act2liv 2 602 over a year ago
Biting your girlfriend or boyfriend  pauerbach 2 893 over a year ago
Twilight & Eclipse Shirt Sale!!  elishamarie28 0 576 over a year ago
The 13 things game  lollipopszx3 148 5414 over a year ago
Bella or Bree?  Sonicishot 10 653 over a year ago
Best Fanfic contest  KatiiCullen94 0 263 over a year ago
Best Fanfic contest  KatiiCullen94 0 364 over a year ago
funny twilight video/parody  partychicac 1 491 over a year ago
Eclipse - Jacob ending  luvutoo 2 580 over a year ago
Need your thoughts - End of Eclipse movie  luvutoo 1 1006 over a year ago
Quote Competition :) ♥ (Different)  ellietwilight12 0 256 over a year ago
A poem that reminds me of New Moon  NeeNee14 0 230 over a year ago
Author of Sunbreak here has a question..  mrsblack_1089 0 522 over a year ago
Amazing Twilight Music :D  susanwoolworth 0 380 over a year ago
jasper  sabrinacullen 7 580 over a year ago
Can someone find me a picture please  kim_n_twilight 3 1040 over a year ago
Help please!! :(  rachel-rathbone 2 457 over a year ago
Three Way Heartbreak  18marras 1 374 over a year ago
Eclipse review written by a massive fan!  GossipObsessive 1 501 over a year ago
thank you mayra  shell13 0 241 over a year ago
Zac efron is cuter than any vampire :)  zacattack4400 0 321 over a year ago
bd  boardtodeath 2 420 over a year ago
TWILIGHT NIGHT with an appearance by ALEX MERAZ from the cast of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE  kira702 1 242 over a year ago
JACKSON RATHBONE IN PHILLY THIS WEEKEND!!  summitphilly 1 171 over a year ago
the next breaking dawn composer..what do u think..  twilight-gal21 3 628 over a year ago
Fo readers of A Life Of Death  a-jforever 0 160 over a year ago
Halloween in Forks!  Silverain 3 246 over a year ago
Participants Needed for Performance in NYC  lineperformance 0 2018 over a year ago
guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cuteipie 7 241 over a year ago
For all Twilight saga fans!  krattos 1 483 over a year ago
TWILIGHT IS AWESOME!!  ihatej-bieber 5 481 over a year ago
photo competition  krattos 0 205 over a year ago
Best word to describe contest  XNaley_JamesX 210 8268 over a year ago
Twilight Saga colection 4 ebooks  krattos 0 292 over a year ago
*Best Word To Describe: Couples Edition*  mdigs73 2 802 over a year ago
TWILIGHT ROCKS  1515 3 1004 over a year ago
I HATE BELLA AND JACOB!!  Chlarkfan 84 6177 over a year ago
why I hate Twilight. (Read the whole thing)  Allison_16 15 726 over a year ago
Are you the biggest Twilight fan??? Well prove it!!!  GossipObsessive 2 528 over a year ago
Alice Cullen Rocks!  GossipObsessive 2 522 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn Final Bow  Silverain 1 417 over a year ago
sick of the haters!! comments welcome  scene_muffin90 13 438 over a year ago
Fill out the "Twilight" survey!  jtswade 1 556 over a year ago
Funny Twilight Videos  cecilia937 0 313 over a year ago
The Twilight Saga Faves Game! :)  Damon_Rocks 1 290 over a year ago
proof that the Breaking Dawn Epilogue leak is fake???  pinkmafia27 50 14367 over a year ago
Riley in Breaking Dawn??  twilightluver4 7 1889 over a year ago
Eclipse Question  luvutoo 0 342 over a year ago
The Twilight Saga Magazine  AliceRoxx 32 3403 over a year ago
I would kill to be Renesmee  Team_TaylorL 2 484 over a year ago
Open Casting Call in CT!  SRICO 0 151 over a year ago
Bella Jacket  bellajacket 0 468 over a year ago
New Twilight Role Playing site!  Mary-Cullen 0 384 over a year ago
Vampire app!  Blackie086 0 334 over a year ago
What do you think of the Eclipse trailer? Will you go watch it at the theater?  eclipsefans 2 494 over a year ago