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who is twilight fan  rosseleroxy 2 834 over a year ago
What is your favorite part of eclipse.?  Ilovejacob77 2 832 over a year ago
twilight saga quotes  patrisha727 12 831 over a year ago
Do you think they picked the right characters for the Twilight movies?  LinaJC 5 829 over a year ago
Okay seriously what is the deal...  JoseVanders 25 829 over a year ago
The Soundtrack in the Movie  mrsblack_1089 9 826 over a year ago
Aus. Twilight Convention 2008; tickets.  Moneik 4 825 over a year ago
Twilight and New Moon cast members on Twitter.  AliceHaleCullen 6 824 over a year ago
songs that remind me of twilight..  cl0v3r 13 823 over a year ago
Exclusive !!! Twilight Braking Down Clip 1 ! NEW  mare989 5 819 over a year ago
~*contest*~  Saritaswims 7 818 over a year ago
Edward or Jasper? Who do you like better?  LOVE-TWILIGHT 16 814 over a year ago
Taylor Lautner Myspace Blog Update  neeki 0 811 over a year ago
The Twilight Movie SUCKED!!!!!!  cullenluva17 21 810 over a year ago
Jake and Renesme  divergirl5396 20 808 over a year ago
Will there be a 5th book??? I hope so!  HeatherMA3 13 807 over a year ago
New Moon Soundtrack  filipa_cullen 3 806 over a year ago
petition for breaking dawn movie!!!!!!!!  KatiiCullen94 19 805 over a year ago
I'M GOING TO FORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  mrsblack_1089 5 805 over a year ago
Twilight Boom  Sinner21 21 804 over a year ago
Twilight favorite things.  JimmyManceLuvr 1 803 over a year ago
UK and Australian midnight release party for Breaking Dawn  emma-jeff 5 803 over a year ago
......WOW.......  starry-eyed 4 802 over a year ago
Twilight Bubbles  maja3322 0 800 over a year ago
how amazing is the music from the volterra scene ?  megantee 2 799 over a year ago
Burkman Bros Plaid Jacket --- Bella  bellajacket 0 798 over a year ago
So you've read the Twilight Series....  blcknwhtenred 14 798 over a year ago
~*contest*~  Saritaswims 2 797 over a year ago
Continuing the story  Newander 4 796 over a year ago
Ruined my dream  JacobBlackFever 0 795 over a year ago
HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? IT'S 2017!!  cuggle 0 793 11 months ago
complete.....  myrockdreams 4 793 over a year ago
Did anyone eles hear this rumor?  kitkat211 21 790 over a year ago
New Moon UK Premiere Goodie Bag - check this out...  hcl256 1 789 over a year ago
Car Crash Scenes  luvrofedward 12 783 over a year ago
Fridayy......trailer  surfen_cutie09 6 783 over a year ago
Describe =]  LinaJC 25 780 over a year ago
Does anyone no any other good books worth reading??  stephxxx1992 14 779 over a year ago
If you won the lottery and got $100,000.00 whag are the first 6 rhings you would do with it.  naelovesrayray 0 777 over a year ago
Rami Malek as Benjamin!! (:  Emmalie1935 3 776 over a year ago
cute or not  coollaney1 6 774 over a year ago
Edward in one word  ceo07 21 773 over a year ago
Twihards Need to See THIS!!  lauriestrode84 6 772 over a year ago
~*contest*~  Saritaswims 0 771 over a year ago
is Jacob jelous  Dolphin-lover 0 769 over a year ago
For those who are interested in scrapbooking  Asalechka 0 769 over a year ago
Eclipse/breaking dawn songs?  lauracullen66 0 767 over a year ago
A favor to ask from the camera operator of New Moon and Eclipse  Close-to-me 0 765 over a year ago
Twilight Survey  DarkSarcasm 10 765 over a year ago
The Midnight Sun Clip  mandapanda 6 764 over a year ago
Twilight Tee's  pamelakm 0 761 over a year ago
TWILIGHT ROCKS  1515 3 760 over a year ago
Who is your New Moon Cast?  mandapanda 5 759 over a year ago
Robert Pattinson Naked!<3  95ashley59 3 756 over a year ago
Active Twilight Series fans  Hellohoudini 19 755 over a year ago
Twilight Pic Editing Contest  ebcullen4ever 12 754 over a year ago
Robert Pattinson is U.K. GQ Best Dressed Man  Hellohoudini 2 753 over a year ago
faviorte twilight couples  Paramore-CSI 4 752 over a year ago
TWILIGHT/ HOUSE OF NIGHT FANS!!!!!!!!!!!  divergirl5396 1 752 over a year ago
LINK! (game)  KATYrebekah 12 751 over a year ago
will breaking dawn the movie be a failure or success?  omglol 3 750 over a year ago
~Funny Icon Contest~  moolah 8 750 over a year ago
Best word to describe contest!  teamedward4evr 13 749 over a year ago
Twilight Prom  Vamppirate 8 748 over a year ago
Kristen and Robert=love?  Bedward4lyf 16 747 over a year ago
my reasons 4 my dislike and sympathy 4 Jacob Black (please discuss!)  starry-eyed 13 743 over a year ago
Team Everyone....  JulietAtHeart 3 742 over a year ago
The best books!  Janmiri 0 742 over a year ago
Holy F*&%#!!!! New Moon(the movie)  BuBbLyMaKiNgXD 0 742 over a year ago
Haha this is Funny  cheergeek 13 742 over a year ago
<3 MOVIE DISCUSSION!!! <3  mrsblack_1089 19 742 over a year ago
Countdown to 25000 fans  Addicted2TV 17 741 over a year ago
i got my  thevampiregirl 3 740 over a year ago
twilight  vampiregirl27 0 739 over a year ago
Chapters 8-14  vickiee_93 12 739 over a year ago
Eclipse: New Victoria???  BellaJane 3 738 over a year ago
Best Fanart - Contast (Round 1 open)  queen-seli 3 738 over a year ago
Twilight Role Play  Rozey12 5 738 over a year ago
Some great facts on Robert Pattison.  katierr 1 738 over a year ago
The Truth About Twilight  EastendersRox 5 736 over a year ago
OMG! i've heard the full song of the New Moon Sountrack  Elena2597 0 736 over a year ago
Join the Channy (Sonny and Chad) club!!!!!  CREDDIECHANNY 0 735 over a year ago
FOTM [Fan Of The Month] [September]  Smilebaby05 11 731 over a year ago
The Part Of Twilight You Never Knew About - Moonlight Online, The Game!  MoonlightUnicor 1 730 over a year ago
Vampire Wedding: The Movie  vampirewedding 1 730 over a year ago
Twilight Alphabet Game!!  Cullen-wannabe 5 730 over a year ago
New Moon DVD  tmb04 0 729 over a year ago
Best quote contest!  PePs95 14 728 over a year ago
What would bella's power be if she became a vampire?  twilightlover13 24 726 over a year ago
Why do you talk about this garbage?  ILUVMYEDWARDOMG 2 725 over a year ago
PLZ CHECK THIS OUT  dqwert 0 724 over a year ago
Time/Color Game  queen-seli 22 722 over a year ago
Best video and music  Janmiri 1 721 over a year ago
what happend  jacobblack4l 0 720 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn  LaurieW365 1 719 over a year ago
Jane as a Barbie  Idunn 4 718 over a year ago
If they could have babeis...  sladkoto_anna 2 717 over a year ago
Match the scene with the chapter  zeimed8 13 714 over a year ago
A topic about the fans of Twilight and their agressive rude behavior towards each other.  shortynme 22 713 over a year ago
U Know UR A Twilight Addict If . . .  AdaLove 22 711 over a year ago