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FAQs (Does this change your mind?)  sweetmonkeytoes 6 644 over a year ago
The Midnight Sun Clip  mandapanda 6 642 over a year ago
jacob or edward who got da best bod  punktwilightfan 7 641 over a year ago
Twilight Survey  italiangirl976 13 640 over a year ago
Song that remind you of the Twilight series. . .  i_luv_twilight 8 638 over a year ago
2nd Teaser Trailer with The Dark Knight  layla_14 2 638 over a year ago
Jacob Black or Edward Cullen?  DanielleT095 2 637 over a year ago
What team are you on?  mstwlight 19 637 over a year ago
Twilight the movie.  CleoSertoriFan 27 637 over a year ago
Is The Vampire Diaries better than Twilight??????  gossipgirl025 7 636 over a year ago
Robert Pattinson Naked!<3  95ashley59 3 634 over a year ago
sign here if you are team edward!  darkfairy97 14 634 over a year ago
Active Twilight Series fans  Hellohoudini 19 633 over a year ago
Eclipse Cast Announced  SwarlsBarkley 9 631 over a year ago
Best word to describe contest!  teamedward4evr 13 627 over a year ago
Twilight addicts? ! XD  Fannyrockx0x 3 627 over a year ago
The Twilight Movie SUCKED!!!!!!  cullenluva17 21 627 over a year ago
Kristen and Robert=love?  Bedward4lyf 16 625 over a year ago
SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  dqwert 0 624 over a year ago
mix and match pocket love  rachel-rathbone 10 623 over a year ago
petition for breaking dawn movie!!!!!!!!  KatiiCullen94 19 622 over a year ago
I'M GOING TO FORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  mrsblack_1089 5 622 over a year ago
my reasons 4 my dislike and sympathy 4 Jacob Black (please discuss!)  starry-eyed 13 621 over a year ago
BD script  lakersgirl24 2 620 over a year ago
i got my  thevampiregirl 3 618 over a year ago
New Moon People's Choice Bullshit.  pirate-vampire 4 617 over a year ago
Eclipse: New Victoria???  BellaJane 3 616 over a year ago
Some great facts on Robert Pattison.  katierr 1 616 over a year ago
Books in Edward's POV  mandapanda 2 616 over a year ago
Kiss, Hug, Slap - the game  MrsCharliePace 10 615 over a year ago
Shark Boy and Lava Girl on UK TV tomorrow!!!  emma-jeff 8 615 over a year ago
OMG! i've heard the full song of the New Moon Sountrack  Elena2597 0 614 over a year ago
IF YOU COULD GET STUCK ON AN ISLAND WHO WOULD IT BE FROM TWILIGHT?????????  ccverma 20 606 over a year ago
Best quote contest!  PePs95 14 606 over a year ago
why I hate Twilight. (Read the whole thing)  Allison_16 15 604 over a year ago
Fridayy......trailer  surfen_cutie09 6 600 over a year ago
Time/Color Game  queen-seli 22 599 over a year ago
Best video and music  Janmiri 1 599 over a year ago
why is all the twilight saga films diff to book  bunniegirlbabe 1 596 over a year ago
The new icon on this spot  shortynme 17 596 over a year ago
Help, in need of clarification!  sx7 9 595 over a year ago
Forever Dawn  Kelcy-Cullen 9 595 over a year ago
If you won the lottery and got $100,000.00 whag are the first 6 rhings you would do with it.  naelovesrayray 0 594 over a year ago
who else thinks...?  officefan2010 6 593 over a year ago
Twilight Fanfiction Challenge  Book-Freak 1 589 over a year ago
U Know UR A Twilight Addict If . . .  AdaLove 22 589 over a year ago
publishing midnight sun  Bedward4lyf 13 587 over a year ago
For those who are interested in scrapbooking  Asalechka 0 586 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn Facebook Cover  Bill0291 0 585 over a year ago
Okay seriously what is the deal...  JoseVanders 25 585 over a year ago
I found a mistake in Twilight  Alice_President 3 584 over a year ago
Rate the Icon Above You  ebcullen4ever 8 582 over a year ago
A favor to ask from the camera operator of New Moon and Eclipse  Close-to-me 0 582 over a year ago
The Soundtrack in the Movie  mrsblack_1089 9 582 over a year ago
Aus. Twilight Convention 2008; tickets.  Moneik 4 581 over a year ago
New Eclipse Poster!  celinefanning 4 580 over a year ago
Twilight Tee's  pamelakm 0 578 over a year ago
Twilight MySpace Trailer Info  mandapanda 1 577 over a year ago
Edward or Jasper? Who do you like better?  LOVE-TWILIGHT 16 570 over a year ago
edward and jacob, truly what do you think? come back, ill reply to you  surfen_cutie09 16 570 over a year ago
TWILIGHT/ HOUSE OF NIGHT FANS!!!!!!!!!!!  divergirl5396 1 569 over a year ago
~Funny Icon Contest~  moolah 8 567 over a year ago
Who do YOU think Bella should have ended up with?  twiheart 4 567 over a year ago
PSA: BOYCOTT ROBSESSED DVD!!!  chimaera2009 0 566 over a year ago
Perfect song of the scene when Edward leaves Bella in the forest.  jmcrosk 4 566 over a year ago
All my Nikki Reed fans from the movie Twilight  bank 0 565 over a year ago
Character Theme Song Game <3  675 11 562 over a year ago
Twilight on ET : Sept. 3, 2008!!  mandapanda 12 562 over a year ago
Holy F*&%#!!!! New Moon(the movie)  BuBbLyMaKiNgXD 0 559 over a year ago
twilight poem  star_bella 23 559 over a year ago
Countdown to 25000 fans  Addicted2TV 17 558 over a year ago
<3 MOVIE DISCUSSION!!! <3  mrsblack_1089 19 558 over a year ago
Twilight or New Moon Better?  SBCharles 1 556 over a year ago
Should We Have a Twilight Series FOTM Award?  sapherequeen 12 555 over a year ago
you gotta see it!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDD oh my god!!!!  MoneeR-N-R- 1 555 over a year ago
Twilight Series - New Moon  jennyrules1504 0 555 over a year ago
do you really think that kristen stewart IS bella?  ichooseice017 15 555 over a year ago
The Truth About Twilight  EastendersRox 5 553 over a year ago
complete.....  myrockdreams 4 549 over a year ago
From wich book is the line?  Cristina12 13 549 over a year ago
countdown  lottielovejacob 45 547 over a year ago
edward vs. jacob  edwardzayas 12 547 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn The Movie Fanclub  sapherequeen 0 547 over a year ago
the Twilight Fonts....  mandapanda 1 545 over a year ago
Does anyone know any active ning sites?  glitterbells128 0 544 over a year ago
Best thing EVER  footface 2 543 over a year ago
Why do you talk about this garbage?  ILUVMYEDWARDOMG 2 542 over a year ago
cute musician hamda  hsugerbaby 2 540 over a year ago
Twilight Fan Fiction Update  Summer_Leanne 12 538 over a year ago
ATTENTION Twilight fans!!!  ForsakenMoon19 0 538 over a year ago
If you were Bella, would you wait to be changed into a vampire?  chocolate-bear 15 538 over a year ago
This is kinda random...  Cullen-wannabe 5 537 over a year ago
What do you think of the New Moon Poster?  JoseVanders 22 537 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn  LaurieW365 1 536 over a year ago
Describe =]  LinaJC 25 536 over a year ago
romance to the heart(RP)  kourage18 1 535 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn a movie ?? How  EdwardJ 11 535 over a year ago
Sister or Mother?  LovingLucy 21 534 over a year ago