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MIDNIGHT SUN!!!  jackie5starr 17 668 over a year ago
IF YOU COULD GET STUCK ON AN ISLAND WHO WOULD IT BE FROM TWILIGHT?????????  ccverma 20 667 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn Robert Pattinson  NIKKI95T 1 667 over a year ago
Twilight Shop Sale!  elishamarie28 0 667 over a year ago
the Twilight Fonts....  mandapanda 1 667 over a year ago
MY SPOT  divergirl5396 0 666 over a year ago
i wanna read the books online  gilty30 2 665 over a year ago
Best thing EVER  footface 2 665 over a year ago
Someone answer me please...  lauda_08 3 664 over a year ago
would all the other couples in twilight get married  Robyn_erexx 0 662 over a year ago
cute musician hamda  hsugerbaby 2 662 over a year ago
bella's position  twilightlover13 9 661 over a year ago
Favorite Pics  dazzlers 8 661 over a year ago
Twilight RP!  LetsDuel2012 6 659 over a year ago
The question on if guys should read twilight more...  lamesims 3 659 over a year ago
Join this! :D  superkawaii2222 1 658 over a year ago
Missing Scene?  heyther0689 6 657 over a year ago
Twilight A-Z new version  lauracullen66 8 656 over a year ago
Help Needed!  teamjacob5 1 654 over a year ago
Jasper  JasperNAlice 6 654 over a year ago
Bella or Bree?  Sonicishot 10 653 over a year ago
Are some people too obsessed?  italiangirl976 10 653 over a year ago
Cast so far!  Gabitha 6 652 over a year ago
My Spot  divergirl5396 0 651 over a year ago
Haven't seen the french trailer before Bandslam?  sasie_katje88 0 651 over a year ago
Twilight Fanfiction Challenge  Book-Freak 1 650 over a year ago
Contest to win Alice Cullen's necklace  Sunjae 0 649 over a year ago
publishing midnight sun  Bedward4lyf 13 648 over a year ago
alice and jasper(in the movie  lizisme 6 648 over a year ago
New Cover Theory *spoilers for BD*  funnyshawna 16 648 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn Facebook Cover  Bill0291 0 646 over a year ago
NO ONE HATE ME!  callejahLUVSed 3 646 over a year ago
Crappiest Books ever  poppy26 22 646 over a year ago
TWILIGHT THEATRICAL TRAILER!!!  deans_gurl 7 646 over a year ago
I HATE BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cinnamen99 3 645 over a year ago
FAQs (Does this change your mind?)  sweetmonkeytoes 6 644 over a year ago
more story ideas?  sasie_katje88 1 643 over a year ago
(Vampire Story) Murmers Preface/Chap.1: Don't Go  twilight_1_1 0 642 over a year ago
New Eclipse Poster!  celinefanning 4 641 over a year ago
Twilight X Transformers Micron Legends Chapter 1  TFLP 3 640 over a year ago
do u ever wonder wat it would b like if jacob and bella had babies and got married ?  RpattzGrl 0 638 over a year ago
How to download hulu video?  morgenmars 0 637 over a year ago
Jacob Black or Edward Cullen?  DanielleT095 2 637 over a year ago
Who's ur fave actor/actress ?  Elena2597 7 637 over a year ago
Twilight Fan Club  fyepanamacity 2 636 over a year ago
New Twilight song from Christina Perri???  tipper 0 632 over a year ago
I'm on the Twilight DVD!!!  emma-jeff 15 631 over a year ago
Penelope sneak peak!!!  emma-jeff 9 630 over a year ago
my heart says Edward and my mind says Jacob  fatoshleo 2 628 over a year ago
the next breaking dawn composer..what do u think..  twilight-gal21 3 628 over a year ago
PSA: BOYCOTT ROBSESSED DVD!!!  chimaera2009 0 627 over a year ago
NEW UK RELEASE DATE  thevampiregirl 7 627 over a year ago
O..M..G....ROB WITH LONG HAIR!!!!  starry-eyed 14 627 over a year ago
twilight  MyHeart8Love 0 626 over a year ago
who am I?  KatiiCullen94 4 626 over a year ago
Would You Date...  twilightrox43 0 625 over a year ago
Watch TV Shows Online right now!  goodhdtv 0 623 over a year ago
Character Theme Song Game <3  675 11 623 over a year ago
countdown twilight fans  rachel-rathbone 1 621 over a year ago
twilight poem  star_bella 23 620 over a year ago
Storytime Game (My Version)  rolie1 6 619 over a year ago
Update Forum about Twilight Script:  mandapanda 2 619 over a year ago
So Stupid  Ovybo 13 618 over a year ago
WIN Twilight Breaking Dawn Moive Tickets  TysonSchubert1 1 616 over a year ago
Should We Have a Twilight Series FOTM Award?  sapherequeen 12 616 over a year ago
you gotta see it!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDD oh my god!!!!  MoneeR-N-R- 1 616 over a year ago
Twilight Series - New Moon  jennyrules1504 0 616 over a year ago
Next Book Series!  katieonline 2 615 over a year ago
the movie companion?  officefan2010 7 615 over a year ago
What do you think of Rosalie?  bigfool 4 614 over a year ago
Twilight Pics Contest** OPEN***  marrasydney 3 614 over a year ago
one movie or two for breaking dawn?.  jay_teamRenesme 1 614 over a year ago
Looking for twilight fans to do a twilight site!  beccahalocullen 16 614 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn Part 1  Vamp_Fan_25 7 613 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn The Movie Fanclub  sapherequeen 0 613 over a year ago
New Moon chair  djb2010 11 611 over a year ago
Bella as a pregnat human...  alexandra1991 5 611 over a year ago
anything about everything in the Twilight series  luvrofedward 2 610 over a year ago
Would You Date...  twilightrox43 0 609 over a year ago
VS game!  KaterinoulaLove 6 609 over a year ago
edward vs. jacob  edwardzayas 12 608 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn The Movie Fanclub  sapherequeen 0 608 over a year ago
Fan flair. do you like em?  wiferichie 9 608 over a year ago
I love all u people out there!!!!  wei0004 0 604 over a year ago
Really random question...  unusualxyou 2 603 over a year ago
Twilight Music  samlover316 1 603 over a year ago
Free LA-Area Screening of "Twilight" on July 25th  CommCinema 1 603 over a year ago
twilight surveyyyy  mcclare34 13 603 over a year ago
12:01!!!!!!!!  Act2liv 2 602 over a year ago
Worst Picture Contest !  ellietwilight12 9 601 over a year ago
Are the new released Twilgiht scenes offical or just ones that have been put online?  JustMe7 0 601 over a year ago
Midnight Sun!!!!  lapushgirl101 10 599 over a year ago
This is kinda random...  Cullen-wannabe 5 598 over a year ago
making of eclipse preview!!!  jay_teamRenesme 0 597 over a year ago
dating site  kandykane 0 597 over a year ago
why is all the twilight saga films diff to book  bunniegirlbabe 1 596 over a year ago
The new icon on this spot  shortynme 17 596 over a year ago
Why do you like Edward/Jocob?  Mcmadness 6 595 over a year ago
TWILIGHT FUN  sladkoto_anna 1 595 over a year ago
how do you feel about the C.A.T(aka critical analysis of twilight)spot?  CULLEN-HALE 0 595 over a year ago