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FOTM [Fan Of The Month] [September]  Smilebaby05 11 426 over a year ago
WORTH CECKING OUT Twilight fans!!!  ForsakenMoon19 0 426 over a year ago
Most dedicated Twilighter?  j1edwardcullen7 15 426 over a year ago
Fan flair. do you like em?  wiferichie 9 425 over a year ago
New Moon DVD  tmb04 0 424 over a year ago
Midnight Sun  LinaJC 11 424 over a year ago
MIDNIGHT SUN!!!  jackie5starr 17 424 over a year ago
Icon Competition!  emmett 5 422 over a year ago
Descripe them!!!  fanpire39 1 421 over a year ago
Exclusive 'Twilight' Footage from Scream Awards  kandyluv 4 419 over a year ago  erinlovesavatar 0 418 over a year ago
Favorite Pics  dazzlers 8 417 over a year ago
Twilight Proposal <3  mcclare34 20 417 over a year ago
Midnight Sun!!!!  lapushgirl101 10 416 over a year ago
Was it that bad ?  Kaidi 11 416 over a year ago
Has anyone found any errors or problems in this series?  candicunningham 14 416 over a year ago
Guess who...  myau 8 415 over a year ago
Do u dislike how bella has a child when she was teen?  caitlincookie22 22 415 over a year ago
romance to the heart(RP)  kourage18 1 413 over a year ago
Jane as a Barbie  Idunn 4 413 over a year ago
Twilight A-Z new version  lauracullen66 8 412 over a year ago
Ltd Edition Edward Photo Canvas £40  photocanvaspro 0 412 over a year ago
Twenty-Something Twilight Fans  DanieEdge 0 412 over a year ago
Why do you like Edward/Jocob?  Mcmadness 6 411 over a year ago
Whats´s Wrong Here?  queen-seli 0 410 over a year ago
Versus Game  uRie_RosS 8 410 over a year ago
Beyond Breaking Dawn  Immortaleyes 1 408 over a year ago
Sleepwalker actor?  VOIDcollective 1 408 over a year ago
Cast so far!  Gabitha 6 408 over a year ago
My Spot  divergirl5396 0 407 over a year ago
Remember Me  victoryfanclub 0 405 over a year ago
Contest to win Alice Cullen's necklace  Sunjae 0 405 over a year ago
twilight saga quotes  patrisha727 12 404 over a year ago
New Cover Theory *spoilers for BD*  funnyshawna 16 404 over a year ago
NO ONE HATE ME!  callejahLUVSed 3 402 over a year ago
MERCHANDISE:TWILIGHT SAGA  Saritaswims 0 401 over a year ago
I HATE BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cinnamen99 3 401 over a year ago
i was bitten by edward!  heart-kandii 13 401 over a year ago
Kristen Stewart  lauda_08 2 401 over a year ago
If Bella had Control/Charlie  edwrdluvr717 7 401 over a year ago
did you know that the person who plays jacob played shark boy  Sethsgirl 8 399 over a year ago
Where was it?  Saritaswims 1 398 over a year ago
is tonight the heroes exclusive twilight clip?  Michic25 5 398 over a year ago
Eclipse - Jacob ending  luvutoo 2 397 over a year ago
Which Song? (game)  RenesmeeFan 1 397 over a year ago
What is so good about Edward!!!  oboelover123 19 395 over a year ago
Thought of the Twilight Rome Footage??  mandapanda 11 394 over a year ago
Countdown to 98000 fans!! :)  lois4 14 392 over a year ago
Is Steven Strait Gonna be in the twilight movies? I hope so  TwilightLover91 3 392 over a year ago
Edward or Jacob? Why?  renesmee131 1 391 over a year ago
Funny Captions!  LionLamb1918 1 390 over a year ago
Why are you like Bella?  sweetmonkeytoes 6 389 over a year ago
Would You Date...  twilightrox43 0 388 over a year ago
who made this spot?  itachifan1 0 388 over a year ago
Stephenie Meyer  wbraithw 1 387 over a year ago
Twilight guys.  twilight102 5 386 over a year ago
If Edward really wanted to kill himself…  Hollygirl757 4 385 over a year ago
LINK! (game)  KATYrebekah 12 385 over a year ago
Heyya from TwiCrazyJade  TwiCrazyJade 0 385 over a year ago
Zoey Cullen fans please read!  Sk8bordNewMoon 0 385 over a year ago
the next breaking dawn composer..what do u think..  twilight-gal21 3 384 over a year ago
So over Jacob  proedward 16 384 over a year ago
Whitefish Blastula  Lyssypoo 0 382 over a year ago
Justin Pierre From Motion City Soundtrack reviews New Moon!  trustthedust 0 380 over a year ago
First thing you'll do after you get your copy of BD  pinkmafia27 15 378 over a year ago
fav quotes from twilight  punktwilightfan 9 377 over a year ago
twilight last trailer!!!  vianessvondrak 1 375 over a year ago
Bella's preference---Louis Vuitton or Marc Jacobs?  VickiAu 1 374 over a year ago
Jacob & Bella theory(tell me what you think)  XpsychotickissX 9 374 over a year ago
Best Fanart - Contast (Round 1 open)  queen-seli 3 372 over a year ago
Twilight Costumes!!  jerentwilighte 2 372 over a year ago
WIN Twilight Breaking Dawn Moive Tickets  TysonSchubert1 1 372 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn- Jasper is a Hale?  TheRealRoseOfLS 7 371 over a year ago
Twilight Pics Contest** OPEN***  marrasydney 3 370 over a year ago
one movie or two for breaking dawn?.  jay_teamRenesme 1 370 over a year ago
~*contest*~  Saritaswims 2 370 over a year ago
How did you get into Twilight?  chocolate-bear 22 370 over a year ago
who is the person bella will choose?  jacobisahotty 6 370 over a year ago
How did everyone feel about breaking dawn in jacob's point of view?  laureng114 6 369 over a year ago
Ruined my dream  JacobBlackFever 0 368 over a year ago
AVADA KEDAVRA!!!!!!!  ChrisAG 1 368 over a year ago
Movies  gurunduce 0 368 over a year ago
Have you read Midnight Sun?  patriautism 10 366 over a year ago
The second movie  mandapanda 9 366 over a year ago
anything about everything in the Twilight series  luvrofedward 2 366 over a year ago
Bella has been cast!!!  sweetmonkeytoes 5 366 over a year ago
Twilight: Whitch book do you like better:  mstwlight 2 365 over a year ago
just stuff to do  xonisigo 6 365 over a year ago
favorite quote from the Twilight series  luvrofedward 6 365 over a year ago
Twilight Alphabet Game!!  Cullen-wannabe 5 364 over a year ago
How many are you are Harry Potter fans?  lilylunalion 2 363 over a year ago
i know this doesnt really have anything to do with twilight....but it will later on...  luvrofedward 3 363 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn Robert Pattinson  NIKKI95T 1 362 over a year ago
Does anyone know any active ning sites?  glitterbells128 0 361 over a year ago
Twilight Shop Sale!  elishamarie28 0 361 over a year ago
twi-song(help!!)  lolipopgrl113 8 361 over a year ago
i wanna read the books online  gilty30 2 360 over a year ago
Peter Facinelli: Add #BeatCancer to all your tweets today!  chimaera2009 0 360 over a year ago
breaking dawn is apparently going to be made into a film  yellowstars 6 360 over a year ago