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Whitefish Blastula  Lyssypoo 0 504 over a year ago
O..M..G....ROB WITH LONG HAIR!!!!  starry-eyed 14 504 over a year ago
Watch TV Shows Online right now!  goodhdtv 0 501 over a year ago
CUT, PRINT reality horror movie  traviscloyd 1 500 over a year ago
Major EW Spoiler *******Squeel!  ninapolitan 8 499 over a year ago
Haha this is Funny  cheergeek 13 498 over a year ago
we love edward but.......  9stardust 0 497 over a year ago
twilight last trailer!!!  vianessvondrak 1 497 over a year ago
I don't think Robert Pattinson is very attractive.  Mcmadness 8 496 over a year ago
The Couple-Name-Game  queen-seli 14 495 over a year ago
Twilight Costumes!!  jerentwilighte 2 494 over a year ago
anyone who loves reading edward and bella  angiehomas 2 494 over a year ago
Next Book Series!  katieonline 2 493 over a year ago
*MAKE IT HAPPEN* (GAME) -by Rolie1  rolie1 0 493 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn- Jasper is a Hale?  TheRealRoseOfLS 7 493 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn The Movie Fanclub  sapherequeen 0 491 over a year ago
Twilight Saga Songs  oxblondiexo 0 491 over a year ago
PLZ ENTER CONTEST!!  Saritaswims 15 490 over a year ago
Roaslie  fanpire39 0 489 over a year ago
twilight saga pdf  rilebombase 0 488 over a year ago
anything about everything in the Twilight series  luvrofedward 2 488 over a year ago
Twilight: Whitch book do you like better:  mstwlight 2 487 over a year ago
WORTH CECKING OUT Twilight fans!!!  ForsakenMoon19 0 487 over a year ago
just stuff to do  xonisigo 6 487 over a year ago
Vampire Wedding: The Movie  vampirewedding 1 486 over a year ago
Fan flair. do you like em?  wiferichie 9 486 over a year ago
The Team Edward or Team Jacob Debate!  LifesGoodx3 5 483 over a year ago
Twilight Music  samlover316 1 481 over a year ago
twilight surveyyyy  mcclare34 13 481 over a year ago
Exclusive 'Twilight' Footage from Scream Awards  kandyluv 4 480 over a year ago
Worst Picture Contest !  ellietwilight12 9 479 over a year ago
Twilight Proposal <3  mcclare34 20 478 over a year ago
Was it that bad ?  Kaidi 11 477 over a year ago
The question on if guys should read twilight more...  lamesims 3 476 over a year ago
Join this! :D  superkawaii2222 1 475 over a year ago
Twilight Saga Trailer Music!  Silverain 0 474 over a year ago
Please join...  Aliceismytwin 1 474 over a year ago
Twilight A-Z new version  lauracullen66 8 473 over a year ago
New and excited  sexy_vamp 2 472 over a year ago
Taylor fans?  tlautnerfan 0 471 over a year ago
Versus Game  uRie_RosS 8 471 over a year ago
Jasper  JasperNAlice 6 471 over a year ago
LET'S RUN - can someone help me?  callejahLUVSed 0 469 over a year ago
My Spot  divergirl5396 0 468 over a year ago
Haven't seen the french trailer before Bandslam?  sasie_katje88 0 468 over a year ago
Twihards Need to See THIS!!  lauriestrode84 6 467 over a year ago
Biting your girlfriend or boyfriend  pauerbach 2 466 over a year ago
alice and jasper(in the movie  lizisme 6 465 over a year ago
Question about Edward :D *SPOILERS*  emma-jeff 13 465 over a year ago
is Jacob jelous  Dolphin-lover 0 464 over a year ago
How is Edward able to engage in intercourse???  moho_elmo 4 462 over a year ago
i was bitten by edward!  heart-kandii 13 462 over a year ago
Twilight TV  ladolcevita 0 461 over a year ago
did you know that the person who plays jacob played shark boy  Sethsgirl 8 460 over a year ago
(Vampire Story) Murmers Preface/Chap.1: Don't Go  twilight_1_1 0 459 over a year ago
Spot Trolling  Fanpop 5 459 over a year ago
is tonight the heroes exclusive twilight clip?  Michic25 5 459 over a year ago
Who am I? Game  New_Moon_Master 6 458 over a year ago
watch this twilight spoof [(LMAO)]  nicole041895 1 458 over a year ago
Twilight X Transformers Micron Legends Chapter 1  TFLP 3 457 over a year ago
NEED TWILIGHT PROMO (HQ) Photos..Please HELP!  mare989 1 456 over a year ago
Whats welcome to the Rileys about?  LLaauurraa 1 456 over a year ago
Rate Dis  dawrn_awaits 4 455 over a year ago
Thought of the Twilight Rome Footage??  mandapanda 11 455 over a year ago
another book?  tubby2002 21 455 over a year ago
Twilight Fan Club  fyepanamacity 2 453 over a year ago
Countdown to 98000 fans!! :)  lois4 14 453 over a year ago
Is Steven Strait Gonna be in the twilight movies? I hope so  TwilightLover91 3 453 over a year ago
Twilight/Vampire Parody video  vampires1969 0 452 over a year ago
Funny Captions!  LionLamb1918 1 451 over a year ago
Robert to host BAFTA show!!!  Isabellaashley 2 451 over a year ago
For people who read Another Story  surfergal 0 451 over a year ago
edward and bella  haleycullen 0 450 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn- spoiler  CleoSertoriFan 17 449 over a year ago
People burning the greatest book in history!  cuteinblack6 4 448 over a year ago
Twilight Trailer!!! It's here  layla_14 20 448 over a year ago
Twilight guys.  twilight102 5 447 over a year ago
My views on the Movie (Just saw it!!!)  layla_14 21 447 over a year ago
New Moon Movie Comfirmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  mrsblack_1089 5 447 over a year ago
Penelope sneak peak!!!  emma-jeff 9 447 over a year ago
the next breaking dawn composer..what do u think..  twilight-gal21 3 445 over a year ago
what is truly the dif between edward and jacob besides ones a vamp and the others a wolf.  iluvemmett1408 0 445 over a year ago
Another Twilight Picture  mandapanda 8 445 over a year ago
TWILIGHT STORYTIME (MY VERSION)!! :D (THIS IS A REALLY FUN GAME)  rolie1 1 444 over a year ago
twilight saga: new moon on blu ray  davampireLOVER 3 443 over a year ago
Would You Date...  twilightrox43 0 441 over a year ago
Official UK release date  thevampiregirl 6 441 over a year ago
Comparison between Twilight Series and The Host. Which do you think is better?  kuncuyug 2 440 over a year ago
FAN FICTION- sunset heaven  kellykin 7 440 over a year ago
Twilight Topics game  shanxxx 4 440 over a year ago
Who wants Midnight Sun to be published?  _Becci_ 12 438 over a year ago
countdown twilight fans  rachel-rathbone 1 438 over a year ago
Who do you think Bella would be best with?  ccrulez 18 438 over a year ago
Sorry if this is Crude  buffyfan 8 438 over a year ago
Toulouse vs Montpellier live stream Final  sayeed00014 1 437 over a year ago
The best books!  Janmiri 0 437 over a year ago
whos hotter jake or ed  lovenewmoon1342 2 437 over a year ago
So we all know how people feel about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, but what about the chemistry?  chocolate-bear 4 436 over a year ago