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Anyone starting to hate bella yet ?  the_queen 18 637 over a year ago
Is The Vampire Diaries better than Twilight??????  gossipgirl025 7 636 over a year ago
Edwards Birthday :D  emma-jeff 9 632 over a year ago
I'm on the Twilight DVD!!!  emma-jeff 15 631 over a year ago
If Edward really wanted to kill himself…  Hollygirl757 4 629 over a year ago
my heart says Edward and my mind says Jacob  fatoshleo 2 628 over a year ago
the next breaking dawn composer..what do u think..  twilight-gal21 3 628 over a year ago
PSA: BOYCOTT ROBSESSED DVD!!!  chimaera2009 0 627 over a year ago
O..M..G....ROB WITH LONG HAIR!!!!  starry-eyed 14 627 over a year ago
why is jasper,s surname hale??  hhgg22 3 626 over a year ago
who am I?  KatiiCullen94 4 626 over a year ago
i win because............. ( game)  cuteipie 13 625 over a year ago
Watch TV Shows Online right now!  goodhdtv 0 623 over a year ago
Character Theme Song Game <3  675 11 623 over a year ago
Storytime Game (My Version)  rolie1 6 619 over a year ago
So Stupid  Ovybo 13 618 over a year ago
DO YOU THINK ROB WAS HOTT AND PERFECT FOR EDWARD!!!!!  shan-ban 4 617 over a year ago
WIN Twilight Breaking Dawn Moive Tickets  TysonSchubert1 1 616 over a year ago
Should We Have a Twilight Series FOTM Award?  sapherequeen 12 616 over a year ago
you gotta see it!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDD oh my god!!!!  MoneeR-N-R- 1 616 over a year ago
Next Book Series!  katieonline 2 615 over a year ago
Shark Boy and Lava Girl on UK TV tomorrow!!!  emma-jeff 8 615 over a year ago
What do you think of Rosalie?  bigfool 4 614 over a year ago
Twilight Pics Contest** OPEN***  marrasydney 3 614 over a year ago
one movie or two for breaking dawn?.  jay_teamRenesme 1 614 over a year ago
The series.!  Ilovejacob77 0 613 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn The Movie Fanclub  sapherequeen 0 613 over a year ago
PLZ ENTER CONTEST!!  Saritaswims 15 612 over a year ago
New Moon chair  djb2010 11 611 over a year ago
Bella as a pregnat human...  alexandra1991 5 611 over a year ago
Twilight: Whitch book do you like better:  mstwlight 2 609 over a year ago
edward vs. jacob  edwardzayas 12 608 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn The Movie Fanclub  sapherequeen 0 608 over a year ago
Fan flair. do you like em?  wiferichie 9 608 over a year ago
urmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.................  Twilighter3242 16 607 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn Robert Pattinson  NIKKI95T 1 606 over a year ago
Twilight Shop Sale!  elishamarie28 0 606 over a year ago
Best thing EVER  footface 2 604 over a year ago
Twilight Music  samlover316 1 603 over a year ago
Someone answer me please...  lauda_08 3 603 over a year ago
Worst Picture Contest !  ellietwilight12 9 601 over a year ago
would all the other couples in twilight get married  Robyn_erexx 0 601 over a year ago
Midnight Sun!!!!  lapushgirl101 10 599 over a year ago
This is kinda random...  Cullen-wannabe 5 598 over a year ago
What do you think of the New Moon Poster?  JoseVanders 22 598 over a year ago
dating site  kandykane 0 597 over a year ago
why is all the twilight saga films diff to book  bunniegirlbabe 1 596 over a year ago
The new icon on this spot  shortynme 17 596 over a year ago
Twilight A-Z new version  lauracullen66 8 595 over a year ago
Why do you like Edward/Jocob?  Mcmadness 6 595 over a year ago
TWILIGHT FUN  sladkoto_anna 1 595 over a year ago
Help, in need of clarification!  sx7 9 595 over a year ago
Sick of It!!  cullencrazay9 10 595 over a year ago
movie date  ahkenzie 2 594 over a year ago
Help Needed!  teamjacob5 1 593 over a year ago
who else thinks...?  officefan2010 6 593 over a year ago
Can anyone verify that Colton Haynes has been cast for Edward?  luvrofedward 1 592 over a year ago
Sleepwalker actor?  VOIDcollective 1 591 over a year ago
Fans obsession of Rob and Kristen  luvrofedward 3 591 over a year ago
blog covers!  fanpireslovers 0 588 over a year ago
publishing midnight sun  Bedward4lyf 13 587 over a year ago
alice and jasper(in the movie  lizisme 6 587 over a year ago
Icons to edit :) PLEASE x  ellietwilight12 1 586 over a year ago
Original Costume DISPLAY!  JasperisaHUNK 1 586 over a year ago
I HATE BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cinnamen99 3 584 over a year ago
Twilight TV  ladolcevita 0 583 over a year ago
Spot Trolling  Fanpop 5 582 over a year ago
did you know that the person who plays jacob played shark boy  Sethsgirl 8 582 over a year ago
The Movie  vampogirl 1 581 over a year ago
Has anyone read any other good vampire romance novels recently?  emma-jeff 9 581 over a year ago
Twilight X Transformers Micron Legends Chapter 1  TFLP 3 579 over a year ago
Rate Dis  dawrn_awaits 4 577 over a year ago
Twilight MySpace Trailer Info  mandapanda 1 577 over a year ago
Hale & Salvatore Must Reads! The Site That Tells You What To Read After The Twilight Saga! Would You Be Interested In This!  akasha_hale 1 576 over a year ago
How to download hulu video?  morgenmars 0 576 over a year ago
Who's ur fave actor/actress ?  Elena2597 7 576 over a year ago
Okay, can you guys tell me why you hate Jacob so much?!  twilovers 10 576 over a year ago
Twilight Fan Club  fyepanamacity 2 575 over a year ago
Funny Captions!  LionLamb1918 1 573 over a year ago
Robert to host BAFTA show!!!  Isabellaashley 2 573 over a year ago
edward and bella  haleycullen 0 572 over a year ago
cute couples  bellavampire21 1 572 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn- spoiler  CleoSertoriFan 17 571 over a year ago
People burning the greatest book in history!  cuteinblack6 4 570 over a year ago
Penelope sneak peak!!!  emma-jeff 9 569 over a year ago
Breaking Dawn Sex Scenes  TysonSchubert1 1 567 over a year ago
TWILIGHT STORYTIME (MY VERSION)!! :D (THIS IS A REALLY FUN GAME)  rolie1 1 566 over a year ago
NEW UK RELEASE DATE  thevampiregirl 7 566 over a year ago
Perfect song of the scene when Edward leaves Bella in the forest.  jmcrosk 4 566 over a year ago
All my Nikki Reed fans from the movie Twilight  bank 0 565 over a year ago
Cool Twilight Merchandise for Aussies  cullenzgirl 3 565 over a year ago
Twilight Cast Icon Contest *win props*  vera_love 1 564 over a year ago
Would You Date...  twilightrox43 0 564 over a year ago
Would You Date...  twilightrox43 0 563 over a year ago
Justin Pierre From Motion City Soundtrack reviews New Moon!  trustthedust 0 563 over a year ago
FAN FICTION- sunset heaven  kellykin 7 562 over a year ago
Twilight on ET : Sept. 3, 2008!!  mandapanda 12 562 over a year ago
CUT, PRINT reality horror movie  traviscloyd 1 561 over a year ago
twilight  Isabella199913 0 561 over a year ago