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zanesaaomgfan posted on Sep 06, 2011 at 04:50AM
This game is simple. You say 2 things [Twilight related] and then you post it.

FireFly113: Jacob or Edward?
zanesaaomgfan: Edward

Then I say:

zanesaaomgfan: Esme or Carlisle?

And so on, so on.

RULES: If you do not make your statement Twilight related, it will be ignored.

You don't have to put characters! You can also say:

Get bit by Edward or Marry Jacob.

or even

Bella's truck or Edward's Volvo?

Stuff like that- Yes it can also be

Twilight Book Cover or Breaking Dawn book cover.

I will start.

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Rosalie or Emmett?
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over a year ago twilightilove14 said…
Fight Riley. (Jasper is too cute to fight)

Which quote? "Beautiful, Very visually dynamic. I chose my stage well." or "I borrowed this from your house, I hope you don't mind."
over a year ago nessie-eska said…
"I borrowed this from your house, I hope you don't mind."

Jacob in 'New Moon' or Jacob in 'Breaking dawn'
over a year ago AMonkeyGirl said…
Jacob in New Moon

Emmett with his humor or with out his humor?
over a year ago hettycool said…
with humor lol

Emmetts wedding speack or Charlies?
over a year ago twilightilove14 said…
Charlies, lol.

Edward in dream wedding in BD1 or in real wedding in BD1?
over a year ago nessie-eska said…
Edward in dream wedding in BD1

Alice's dress on the wedding or Rosalie's dress on the wedding
over a year ago ded99 said…
Alice's dress on the wedding

Aro or Caius?
over a year ago nessie-eska said…

Alec or Jane
over a year ago AMonkeyGirl said…

Be around a calm Jasper or around Emmett when he is sort of dirty...
over a year ago nessie-eska said…
around Emmett when he is sort of dirty lol :)

Jared or Paul
over a year ago AMonkeyGirl said…

Talk with Carlisle about his past or with Jasper about his past?
over a year ago nessie-eska said…
Talk with Carlisle about his past

Volturi were more powerful in : South Vampire war or War with the Romanians
over a year ago twilightilove14 said…
I don't really know...Uhm, War with the Romanians? (Just a guess, sorry.)

The kiss in Twilight at the ending when they're at Prom or the kiss in BD1 at the wedding?
over a year ago AMonkeyGirl said…
Hmm wedding kis...

A flashback scene from when Alice&Jasper first met or from when Rosalie&Emmett first met?
over a year ago twilightilove14 said…
When Alice&Jasper meet

Jacob with long hair before he turns all werewolf or Jacob without long hair when he turns werewolf?
over a year ago nessie-eska said…
Jacob without long hair when he turns werewolf. I liked him before he baceme a werewolft too, but I didn't like his long hair.

Jessica or Angela
over a year ago ded99 said…

Tyler or Eric?
over a year ago CullenSisters-X said…

Baby Henry or Baby Renesmee?
over a year ago twilightilove14 said…
Baby Renesmee

Which do you think is worse. (After Bella leaves the bookstore in Twilight and those creepy perverted freaks come after her) or (When Victoria starts coming after her trying to kill her)?
over a year ago nessie-eska said…
After Bella leaves the bookstore in Twilight and those creepy perverted freaks come after her - I knew Edward will defend her in Eclipse

Were you more excited about BDp1 or you are about BDp2?
over a year ago twilightilove14 said…
I was more excited about BDp1

Do you think SM should continue Twilight or finish Midnight Sun?
over a year ago nessie-eska said…
Finish Midnight sun.

Who have better love story: Japer and Alice or Emmett and Rosalie?
over a year ago AMonkeyGirl said…
Jasper & Alice

What would you most live in the same time as Carlisle or Alice and Edward´s time???
over a year ago twilightilove14 said…
same time as Carlisle

Team Bella or Team Renesmee?
over a year ago AMonkeyGirl said…
Team renesmee

Royce or Maria?