Twilight Series This Or That?

zanesaaomgfan posted on Sep 06, 2011 at 04:50AM
This game is simple. You say 2 things [Twilight related] and then you post it.

FireFly113: Jacob or Edward?
zanesaaomgfan: Edward

Then I say:

zanesaaomgfan: Esme or Carlisle?

And so on, so on.

RULES: If you do not make your statement Twilight related, it will be ignored.

You don't have to put characters! You can also say:

Get bit by Edward or Marry Jacob.

or even

Bella's truck or Edward's Volvo?

Stuff like that- Yes it can also be

Twilight Book Cover or Breaking Dawn book cover.

I will start.

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Rosalie or Emmett?
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over a year ago nessie-eska said…
Sister with Kristen :)

Which name is better: Renesmee or Carlie? (actually which combination of names)
over a year ago Smilebaby05 said…

Work In Twilight as bella's sister/brother OR Be a sister/brother of Robert (In real life)
over a year ago nessie-eska said…
Robert's sister

Which book is better: Breaking dawn or Forever dawn?
over a year ago CullenSisters-X said…
Breaking Dawn

Sam&Emily as parents or Rosalie&Emmett?
over a year ago nessie-eska said…

Leah or Emily?
over a year ago Smilebaby05 said…

At what year do you think Midnight Sun will release?
over a year ago nessie-eska said…
In 2013, after BD p2 and SM's announced book "The soul".

Which book are you looking foward more: Midnight sun ar The soul?
over a year ago 7bella3 said…
midnight sun though i hope they make a book with rensesmees point of view.I wished everyone got a point of view and what they thought.I would really want to see alices cos she would have visions and stuff like that.But i wouldnt want anyone else.Maybe Rosalie with Rensesmee Carlie Cullen

Marry jacob or edward?
over a year ago nessie-eska said…
Jacob <3

Who's more trustworthy: Edward or Carlisle?
over a year ago CullenSisters-X said…

Angela and Eric or Jess and Mike?
over a year ago ded99 said…
Angela and Eric

Killing by Aro or killing by Jane
over a year ago Natbr said…
Killing by Aro

Lauren Mallory or Jessica Stanley?
over a year ago Smilebaby05 said…
Jessica Stanley

Angela & Bella OR Angela & Jessica
over a year ago Natbr said…
Angela & Bella

Esme Cullen or Renée Dwyer?
over a year ago nessie-eska said…
Esme Cullen

Whos hairstyle you like more: Rosalie's or Alce's?
over a year ago Smilebaby05 said…

Edward & Carlisle OR Bella & Charlie...?
over a year ago nessie-eska said…
Edward & Carlisle

Isle Esme or Forks
over a year ago Natbr said…
Isle Esme

Jane Or Alec?
over a year ago nessie-eska said…

Vladimir or Stefan?
over a year ago zanesaaomgfan said…
^If that's Twilight related, I'll answer. Until then...
(Jane or Alec)

Twilight Books Or Movies?
over a year ago Smilebaby05 said…

Breaking Dawn 1 OR New Moon?
over a year ago ssamn said…
Breaking Dawn 1

Renesmee or Bella
over a year ago AMonkeyGirl said…

Bella's birthday party or Emmett's?
over a year ago marthatsal said…
(Actually Vladimir and Stefan are vampires in BD Part 2!)

Emmett's Bday!

Twilight teaser trailer OR Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser trailer?
over a year ago zanesaaomgfan said…
Breaking Dawn Part 2 TT

Kristen & Robert or Kristen & Taylor?