Twilight Series 30 day Twilight challenge

nessie-eska posted on Feb 10, 2012 at 12:25AM
Hey Twihards!
I saw this kind of challenge on 'Fanpop' and 'Harry Potter' club so I was thinking to make one here.
Rules are simple: You start from day 1 and every day you answer on one question.
You can start,stop or continue whenever you want.
If I see thay you like this challenge, I'll make another one.
Hope you'll enjoy. :)

Day 1: Favourite book?
Day 2: Favourite movie?
Day 3: Favourite female character?
Day 4: Favourite male character?
Day 5: Favourite Bella's quote?
Day 6: Favourite Jacob's quote?
Day 7: Favourite Edward's quote?
Day 8: Favourite quote from 'Twilight'?
Day 9: Favourite quote from 'New Moon'?
Day 10: Favourite quote from 'Eclipse'?
Day 11: Favourite quote from 'Breaking dawn'?
Day 12: Favourite Quileute member?
Day 13: Favourite Cullen member?
Day 14: Favourite Volturi member?
Day 15: Favourite couple?
Day 16: Favourite ship?
Day 17: What character would you say you are most like?
Day 18: Books or movies?
Day 19: Which book 's chapter/scene did you reread the most?
Day 20: Which movie's scene did you rewatch the most?
Day 21: Favourite vilians?
Day 22: Funniest scene?
Day 23: Saddest scene?
Day 24: Except Bella and Edward,which Cullen has better life story?
Day 25: Which vampire has the best power?
Day 26: Which color would you be if you were a werewolf?
Day 27: Except Olimpic coven, which coven is your favourite?
Day 28: Favourite non-vegetarian vampire?
Day 29: Favourite human?
Day 30: Which team are you(not just Edward and Jacob)? Here's list of some link
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